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  1. develop as larva single in single host
    eggs laid close to host
    consume most of host
    frequently pupate in host
    free living stage emerges from pupa
  2. most transmission occurs by spores and entry occurs by entry through the integument
  3. parasite other parasites
  4. parasite other arthropod
  5. sterile insect release
  6. obligate intracellular parastites
  7. many individuals of the same species utilise a single host,
  8. species which lives on or in a another species, the host, feeding upon it, but
    usually not killing it.
  9. require several to many prey
    adults deposit eggs near prey
    immature active
    adults frequently predatory
    kill prey fast
  10. cuticle, peritrophic membrane, immune sysems
  11. dead insects, diseased insects, parasitoids transmit to healthy, vertical tramission
  12. may or may not require insect host
    may require ingestion
    requires several weeks for death
    younger insects more susceptible
  13. mode of action is different more than the natural system
  14. resource doesnt change but interactions of population change
  15. multiple parasite species same host
  16. causes mortality independent of the population density
  17. biorational pesticide
  18. more resistant plants
  19. live on surface of vertebrate host
  20. crop rotation
  21. specific cause of a diseaso
  22. pesticides analogous to insect hormones
  23. parasite only when other parasites are present
  24. immature forms are parasites of invertebrates
  25. bacteria common component of the insect environment.