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  1. reproductive potential with the fertility data
  2. added
  3. reproductive potential - environmental resistance
  4. uniform
  5. convenient means of compiling information
  6. insect, disease, and weed
  7. by humans
  8. by human effor
  9. net reproductive rate
  10. single generation in a year
  11. low fecundity and long developmental time
  12. proportion of individuals in different age groups at any given time
  13. temperature at which 0 development occurs
  14. may lack temporal continuity
  15. immigration into an area or emigration area
  16. high fecundity and short developmental time
  17. no of females/total population
  18. abundant
  19. reduced usually to 1
  20. resistance, pest resurgence, secondary outbreaks
  21. time to complete one generation
  22. introduced during WWII
  23. egg production by the female
  24. mortality is caused by numerous factors
  25. non-intensive
  26. living at age
  27. age interval
  28. rate of mortality
  29. no of individual/unit of measure
  30. factors responsible for mortality
  31. death at age
  32. number of individuals fecundity sex factor * number of generations
  33. spatial arrangement of the insects
  34. two or more generations in a year
  35. predators, parasites, disease, competition
  36. proportion of males to females
  37. Studies of ecological phenomena within a crop field
  38. insecticide resistance
    secondary outbreaks
    resurgence of pests
    increased legislation
    public pressure
  39. reduce inputs
    maximize efficiency
    sustainable production
  40. temperature, moisture, weather, climate
  41. unit of ecological studies in agriculture