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  1. increase surface areastraight short and heavy protection


  2. liquid food concernconcentrate food in a filter chamber


  3. liquid food difficultiesenzyme substrate encounter more difficult.


  4. push food into mouthmaxillae


  5. cellulosemicrobes in alimentary canal digest


  6. major enzyme secretionforegut, midgut, hindgut


  7. foregut and hindgut liningintegument


  8. adult stagestraight short and heavy protection


  9. 3 sectionsforegut, midgut, hindgut


  10. midgut originendodermal


  11. protects midgutperitrophic membrane


  12. symbiontsforegut, midgut, hindgut


  13. food moved to esophagusperistalsis


  14. complete tubelong narrow and convoluted for contact


  15. origin of muscles of three sectionsmidgut epithelial cells


  16. grindingpreoral cavity


  17. regulate food passage to midgutproventriculus


  18. salivapharynx


  19. carnivorestorage of nutrient rich food


  20. midgutfood broken down by enzymes


  21. foregut and hindgut originectodermal


  22. liquid food modificationnarrowing of tube to increase flow


  23. herbivorestorage of nutrient rich food


  24. foregutfood taken in


  25. hindgutfood broken down by enzymes


  26. larval stagestraight short and heavy protection


  27. digestive section shed during moltmaxillae


  28. integumentrestricts molecule movement


  29. liquid food Hemipteraconcentrate food in a filter chamber


  30. swallowfrom labial glands into hypopharnyx


  31. relaxes allowing matter to pass to hindgutproventriculus


  32. resorption of water, salts, sugars, and amino acidsmesoderm