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  1. Varies in shape
  2. cerci are long, multi-segmented, and have sensory setae
  3. to place and position egg
  4. dorsal tergum
    ventral sternum
  5. appendicular: primative, scleratized
    substitutional: advanced, musculature
  6. carry heart, viscera, and reproductive organs
  7. abdominal appendages in immature insects
    lost with metamorphosis to adult
  8. Male reproductive organ
    Often sclerotized
  9. locomotion
  10. 6-10
  11. for defence in some insects
  12. found on anterior 7 segments
    used for air exchange
  13. claspers to maintain position of female
  14. 11
  15. ninth
  16. determines location of deposition
  17. embryonic abdominal appendages