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  1. move each leg at a time
  2. by muscle from tergum or sternum
  3. tarsus
  4. grasping prey
    located on prothorax
    large depressor muscle pull tibia against femur
  5. independent of legs *rare
  6. Swimming
    middle and hind legs flattened for increased SA
    row of setae on tarsus
  7. trochanter
  8. move on tripod of legs at the same time
  9. coxa
  10. tarsomere
  11. femur
  12. Digging
    forelegs modified
    projections to rake soil
    tarsi reduced
  13. arolium/pulvilli
  14. tibia
  15. Jumping
    located on metathorax
    enlarged femur to accomadate larger muscle that extends tibia
  16. by muscles within each leg segment
  17. Running
    basic type
    elongate: more distance, less effort
    slim: less environmental friction