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  1. stemmata
  2. types of receptors
  3. apposition
  4. ocelli function
  5. number of receptors
  6. superposition
  7. individual receptors
  8. more receptors
  9. location
  10. compound eyes
  11. Ocelli number
  1. a larvae photoreceptors
    location on gena
  2. b consists of many individual receptors
  3. c apposition and superposition
  4. d common in day fliers
    corneal lens and crystalline cone gather light onto rhabdom
    light focused onto each rhabdom by its own lens
  5. e Maximum 3 per individual
  6. f can retract pigment to switch between daytime or night time
    light of many lenses focused on single rhabdom in dim light
  7. g more resolution and depth perception for predators and fliers
  8. h ommatidia
  9. i usually anterior
  10. j integrate light over large visual field but with low resolution
    perception of photoperiod which affects circadian rhythm
  11. k 1-3000