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  1. Forward jaw position, carnivores and burrowers
  2. Cutting-sponging
  3. Piercing-sucking
  4. mandibles and maxillae elongated and pointed to pierce
    labium sponge
    anticoagulant in saliva
  5. chemosensory
  6. proboscis speciallized
    sucking pump
    mandibles and maxillae lost
  7. Mandibles (4th seg) heavily sclerotized
    Maxilla (5th seg)
    Labium (6th seg)
    hypopharynx (salivary)
  8. 3 types: elongated, shorts, retracted
    stylets move up and down to pierce
  9. labrum, mandibles, maxilla, and labium
  10. maxillo-labial complex forms tube
    sucking pump
    no use of mandibles
  11. Mandible, Maxilla, Labium
  12. chewing lapping
  13. Under jaw position, early condition, common in herbivores
  14. Sponging
  15. least specialized
  16. proboscis-labium sponge
    mandibles and maxillae lost
    labral-hypopharyngeal tube to suck
  17. Behind jaw position, piercers and suckers
  18. Siphoning