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Ball joint


femur to ball joint


thigh bone


under knee


lower than tibia


multiple end joint


pad between claws


Acquisiton of wings

independent of legs *rare

Entire leg movement

by muscle from tergum or sternum

Individual leg segments movement

by muscles within each leg segment

walking mechanism

move on tripod of legs at the same time

modified fore legs walking

move each leg at a time

Cusorial Legs

basic type
elongate: more distance, less effort
slim: less environmental friction


located on metathorax
enlarged femur to accomadate larger muscle that extends tibia


grasping prey
located on prothorax
large depressor muscle pull tibia against femur


middle and hind legs flattened for increased SA
row of setae on tarsus


forelegs modified
projections to rake soil
tarsi reduced

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