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  1. (430-62(a)) If dual-element fuses are used to protect a three-wire 110/230 volt feeder conductor for twenty two ½ horsepower single phase 115 volt motors, the fuse size selected should not be greater than ______.
  2. (525-18(A)) GFCI protection is required for all ____ ampere 125 volt receptacle outlets used by personnel at carnivals, circuses and fairs (not used for cooking or refrigeration equipment). The GFCI protection can be by circuit breaker, receptacle, an integral part of the attachment plug, or a listed cord set incorporating GFCI protection.
  3. (410-136(B)) Surface mounted lighting fixtures with ballast must have a minimum clearance of _____ inches from combustible low density fiberboard, unless the fixture is marked "suitable for surface mounting on Combustible low-density cellulose fiberboard."
  4. (545-2) The plans specifications and other building details for construction of manufactured buildings are included in the ______ details.
  5. (Figure 430-1)Which parts of Article 430 contain the requirements for motor overcurrent protection?
  6. (430-32(c)) The maximum overload protective device relay for a 2 horsepower 115 volt motor with a nameplate rating of 22 ampere is _____ The service factor is 1.2.
  7. (Table 430-22(e) ) The branch circuit conductors of a 5 horsepower 230 volt motor with a nameplate rating of 25 ampere shall have an ampacity of not less than _____. Note: the motor is used for intermittent duty and cannot run for more than 5 minutes at any one tie due to the nature of the apparatus it drives.
  8. (430-52(C)(1) When selecting the feeder conductors and short circuit ground-fault protection device, the highest rated motor shall be the highest rated ______.
  9. (410-151(C)(2)) Track lighting shall not be installed within the zone measured 3 feet horizontally and ____ vertically from the top of the bathtub rim.
  10. (Table 430-52)(Table 430-248-250)The branch-circuit short-circuit protection (non-time delay fuse) for a 3 horsepower 115 volt motor shall not exceed _____ ampere.
  11. (406-9(E)) Grounding type attachment plugs shall be used only where an _____ ground is provided.
  12. (422-46) Electrically heated smoothing irons shall be equipped with an identified _____ means.
  13. (366-2) An auxiliary gutter is permitted to contain conductors or busways.(True/False)
  14. (Table 430-248-250) Which is the highest rated motor for the following? Motor 1) 10 horsepower, 3 phase 208 volts; 2) 5 horsepower, single-phase, 208 volts; 3) 3 horsepower, single phase, 120 volts.
  15. (424-13) Fixed electric space heating equipment shall be installed to provide the _____ spacing between the equipment and adjacent combustible material, unless it has been found to be acceptable where installed in direct contact with combustible material.
  16. (210-5(C)) All panelboard circuit breaker _____ shall be legibly identified as to purpose or use on a circuit directory located on the face or inside of the panel doors.
  17. When sizing conductors and overcurrent protection for motors, we must comply with Article _____.
  18. (404-17) A fused switch shall not have fuses _____.
  19. (402-10) Fixture wires shall be permitted (1) for installation in lighting fixtures and in similar equipment where enclosed or protected and not subject to _____ in use, or (2) for connecting lighting fixtures to the branch circuit conductors supplying the lighting fixtures.
  20. (430-24 )One branch circuit serves 3 15 HP 208 Volt 3-phase motors, 3 3 horsepower 208 volts 1 phase motors, and 3 1 horsepower 120 volt single phase motors. This requires a No. _____ THHN for the feeder, if the motor terminals are rated for 75 C.
  21. (430-32(1))If a dual element fuse is used for overload protection, what size fuse is required for a 50 horsepower 460 volt, 3 phase motor, temperature rise 39 C motor nameplate current rating of 60 ampere (FLA?)
  22. (366-22(A)) If an auxiliary gutter contains more than ______ current carrying conductors at any cross-section, adujustment factors outlined in 310-15(B)(3)(a) apply.
  23. (517-2) The patient care area is any portion of a health care facility such as business offices corridors, lounges, day rooms or similar area.(True/False)
  24. (410-56(D)) No _____ splices or taps shall be made within or on a fixture.
  25. (430-24) When selecting the conductors according to Section 430-24, the motor with the highest _____ shall be the highest-rated motor.
  26. (620-11(A)) The conductors to the hoistway door interlocks from the hoistway riser shall be suitable for a temperature of hot less than _____ C and shall be type SF or equivalent.
  27. (430-62(a)) The feeder protection for a 25 horsepower 208 volt 3 phase and thre 3 horsepower 120-volt motors would be _____, after balancing. Note: Use Inverse time breakers (ITB)
  28. (Table 430-248, 430-22)What size THHN conductor is required for a 2 horsepower 230-volt, single phase motor?
  29. (430-32(1))For a 1 horsepower 120-volt motor, nameplate current rating of 14 amperes, Overload protection is from _____ampere.
  30. (600-8(C)) Sign and outline lighting enclosures for live parts other than lamps and neon tubing shall _____.
  31. (430-44) If ____ shutdown is necessary to reduce hazards to persons, the overload sensing devises shall be permitted to be connected to a supervised alarm instead of causing the motors to shut down.
  32. (Table 430-52)(Table 430-248-250)The branch-circuit short-circuit protection (inverse time breaker) for a 25 horsepower synchronous 460 volt motor, 3-phase, shall not exceed ____ ampere.
  33. (366-100(a)) Auxiliary gutters shall be constructed and installed to maintain mechanical and _____ continuity.
  34. (430-22)Branch circuit conductors to a single motor must have an ampacity of not less than _____ percent of the motors full load current as listed in Tables ______ .
  35. (430-51)Branch short-circuit and ground-fault protection is intended to protect the motor, the motor control apparatus, and the conductors against short circuit or ground faults, but are not intended to protect against _____.
  36. (404-9(C)) A faceplate for a flush-mounted snap switch shall not be less than _____ inches thick when made of a nonferrous metal.
  37. (Table 430-248-250) What is the VA input of a dual voltage 5 horsepower 3-phase motor rated 460/230 volts?
  38. (480-10(A)) Each vented cell of a battery shall be equipped with _____.
  39. (480-2) The nominal battery voltage of a cell is _____ volts for the lead acid type and _____ volts for the alkaline type.
  40. (455-8(A)) The phase converter disconnecting means shall be _____ and located in sight from the phase converter.
  41. (430-62(a)) There are three motors: one 5 horsepower 230-volt motor with service factor of 1.2 and two 1 ½ horsepower 120-volt motors. The three motors are fed with a 3-wire cable. Using an inverse time breaker, the feeder conductor protection device after balancing all three motors would be _____.
  42. (430-22 ) (Table 310-15(B)(16) What is the size THHN conductor required for a 5 horsepower 230-volt, single phase motor? Terminals are rated 75 C.
  43. (430-32(C)) Where an overload relay selected by Section 430-32(a)(1) and (c)(1) is not sufficient to start the motor or carry the load, the next higher size overload relay is permitted. Provided the trip current does not exceed ____ percent of the motor full-load current rating if the motor is marked with a service factor of 1.12.
  44. (430-480) The attachment plug and receptacle shall not exceed _____ amperes at 250 volts for a cord-and-plug connected air-conditioning motor compressor.
  45. (Table 430-52)(Table 430-248-250)(430-53(C)(4))What size feeder protection (inverse time breaker) is required for a 5 horsepower, 230 volt, single phase motor and a 3 horsepower, 230 volt, single phase motor?
  46. (430-22 430-32 430-52) Conductors are sized at _____ percent of the motor full-load currents [Section 430-6 and 430-22], overloads from _____ percent, and the motor short-circuit ground-fault protection device (inverse time circuit breaker) is sized up to _____. (There is no relationship between the branch circuit conductor ampacity and the short-circuit ground-fault protection device!)
  47. (516-3(F)) The authority having jurisdiction may judge a location utilized for _____ as a "non-hazardous location" providing the conditions of the code are met.
  48. (410-36 314-27(A)(2)) Where the outlet box provides adequate support, a fixture weighting up to _____ pounds may be supported by the outlet box.
  49. (430-52)Short circuit and ground fault protection (except torque motors) must be sized no greater than the percentages listed in Table ________
  50. (314-16(B)(1) Equipment grounding conductors and not more than ____ fixture wires (smaller than No. 14 shall be permitted to be omitted from the calculations where they enter the box from a domed fixture or similar canopy.
  51. (430-52(C)(1) Motor feeder conductors (sized according to 430-24) must have a feeder protection device to protect against short-circuits and ground-faults (not overloads) sized greater than the ____ branch circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protection device [Section 430-52] of any motor of the group plus the sum of full load currents of the other motors on the same______.
  52. (314-17) Metal plugs or plates used with nonmetallic boxes shall be recessed _____ inch.
  53. (400-8) Flexible cords shall not be used as a substitute for _____ wiring.
  54. (430-32(A)(1)) Motors that have a service factor of 1.10 must have the overload protection device sized at not more than ____ percent of the motor nameplate ampere rating.
  55. (430-52(C)(1) Which is the highest rated motor of the following? A) 25 horsepower synchronous 3-phase 460 volts; b) 20 horsepower 3-phase 460 volts; c) 15 horsepower, 3-phase, 460 volts; or d)3 horsepower 120 volts?
  56. (Table 400-4) Type HPD cord is permitted for _____ usage.
  57. (404-2(b)(ex)) Switches or circuit breakers shall not disconnect the grounded conductor of a circuit unless the switch or circuit breaker _____.
  58. (366-23) The continuous current-carrying capacity of 1 square inch copper busbar mounted in an unventilated enclosure is _____ amperes.
  59. (400-22) One conductor of flexible cords intended to be used as a _____ circuit conductor shall have a continuous marker readily distinguishing it from the other conductor or conductors.
  60. (430-52(1) For general motor application, the motor branch circuit short-circuit ground-fault protection device must be sized based on the _____ amperes
  61. (430)Article 430 Part ____ contains the requirements for motor overload protection, and Article 430 Part ____ contains the requirements for short-circuit and ground-fault protection.
  62. (520-42) On fixed stage equipment, portable or strip light fixtures and connector strips shall be wired with conductors having insulation rated _____ C or suitable for the conditions.
  63. (314-22(ex) Only a _____ wiring method can be used for a surface extension from a cover, and the wiring method must include an equipment grounding conductor.
  64. (550-2) A _____ is a factory-assembled transportable structure that bears a label identifying it as a manufactured home built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation.
  65. (410-103) A 1000 watt incandescent lamp requires a _____ base.
  66. (406-5(A) Receptacles mounted in boxes that are set back of the wall surface shall be installed so that the mounting _____ of the receptacle is held rigidly at the surface of the wall.
  67. (410-115(A)) Lighting fixtures shall be so constructed that adjacent combustible material will not be subjected to temperature in excess of _____ C.
  68. (513-3) In what Class and Division are the following areas of an aircraft hangar classified? Any pit or depression below the level of the hangar floor; areas adjacent to and not suitably cut off from the hangar; and areas within the vicinity of the aircraft?
  69. (408-20) Switchboards that have any exposed live parts shall be located in permanently _____ locations and then only where under competent supervision and accessible only to qualified persons.
  70. (430-24)Feeder conductor size: Conductors that supply several motors must have an ampacity of not less than _____ percent of the highest rated motor full-load current (Table 248-250) plus the _____ of the full load currents of the other motors on the same phase.
  71. (600-5(A))Each commercial building and occupancy with ground floor access for pedestrians shall have at least one outside sign outlet supplied by a ____ ampere branch circuit that supplies no other load.
  72. (430-32(A)(1)) If a dual-element fuse is used for overload protection, what size fuse is required for a 5 horsepower208-volt, 3 phase motor, service factor 1.16, motor nameplate current rating of 16 ampere (FLA)?
  73. (410-64) Lighting fixtures shall not be used as a raceway for circuit conductors, except lighting fixtures designed for end to end assembly to form a continuous raceway, or lighting fixtures connected together by recognized wiring methods shall be permitted to carry through conductors of 2-wire or ______ branch circuit supplying the lighting fixtures.
  74. (410-30(A)) The maximum weight of a light fixture that may be mounted by the screw shell of a brass socket is _____ pounds.
  75. (Table 430-248-250) What is the input VA of a 3 horsepower 208-volt single phase motor?
  76. (430-36) The minimum number of overload unit(s) required for a 3-phase alternating current motor shall be _____.
  77. (426-30) Exposed elements of impedance heating systems shall be physically guarded, isolated, or thermally insulated with a _____ jacket to protect against contact by personnel in the area.
  78. (500-5(D)(1)) Class III Division _____ locations include areas where easily ignitable fibers or combustible flying material is handled, manufactured or used.
  79. Motors and their associated equipment must be protected against overcurrent. Due to the special characteristics of induction motors, overcurrent protection is generally accomplished by having the overload protection separated from the _____.
  80. (430-32(A)(1),430-32(C))Motors rated more than 1 horsepower without integral thermal protections, and motors 1 horsepower or less (automatically started) must have an overload device sized in response to the __________.
  81. (422-12) A(n) _____ branch circuit must supply central heating equipment, other than fixed electrical space heating equipment.
  82. (430-32(a) (1)) The standard overload protection device for a 2 horsepower 115 volt motor that has a full-load current rating of 24 ampere, and a nameplate rating of 21.5 ampere shall not exceed _____.
  83. (Table 430-52) The branch circuit short-circuit protection device for a 10 horsepower 230 volt single-phase wound rotor motor shall not exceed _____. Note: Use an inverse time breaker for protection.
  84. (525-13(D)) Cord connectors for carnival circuses, and fairs can be laid on the ground when the connectors are _____ for a wet location, but they must not be placed in audience traffic paths or within areas accessible to the public, unless guarded.
  85. (426-50(A)) All fixed outdoor de-icing and snow-melting equipment shall be provided with a means for disconnection from all _____ conductors.
  86. (314-24(A)) The internal depth of outlet boxes intended to enclose flush devices shall be at least _____ inch.
  87. (430-31)Overload is the condition in which current exceeds the ______ , which can result in equipment damage due to dangerous overheating.
  88. (450-46) Where practicable, transformer vaults containing more than ____ kVA transformer capacity shall be provided with a drain or other means that will carry off any accumulation of oil or water in the vault unless local conditions make this impracticable.
  89. (410-30(B)) Metal poles used for the support of lighting fixtures must be bonded to an _____.
  90. (430-52 Table 430-152) The branch circuit protection for a 125 horsepower 240-volt direct current motor is _____.
  91. (550-10(A)(ex)) A mobile home that is factory-equipped with gas or oil-fired heating and cooking appliances shall be permitted to be supplied with a listed mobile home supply cord rated ______ amperes.
  92. (430-62(a)) If an inverse-time breaker is used for the feeder short-circuit protection, what size protection is required for the following -phase motors? 1) 40 horsepower 52 FLC; 2) 20 horsepower 27 FLC; 3) 10 horsepower, 14 FLC; 4) 5 horsepower, 7.6 FLC.
  93. (402-3) The maximum operating temperature of asbestos-covered type AF heat resistant wire is _____ C.
  94. (600-21(A)-(D)) Ballasts, transformers, and electronic power supplies shall be located where accessible and shall be securely fastened in place an a working space at least _____ shall be provided.
  95. (430-51) The branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protection device is intended to protect the motor, the motor control apparatus and the conductors against overcurrent due to _______.
  96. (430-32(1))Motors with a nameplate temperature rise rating not over _____ C shall have the overload protection devices sized no more than _____ percent of motor nameplate rating.
  97. Generally, the motor overload device is part of the ____, however, a separate overload device like a _______ may be used.
  98. (460-8(A)) The ampacity of capacitor circuit conductors shall not be less than ____ per ent of the rated current of the capacitor.
  99. (430-32(a)(2) The ultimate trip overload device of a thermally protected 1 ½ horsepower 120 volt motor would be rated no more than ______.
  100. (430-36)If a fuse is used for overload protection on a motor, one must be installed on each _______.
  101. (422-18) Ceiling fans that do not exceed _____ pounds in weight, with or without accessories, must be supported by outlet boxes identified for such use and supported in accordance with Sections 370-23 and 370-27.
  102. (430-24)What size feeder conductor (in ampere) is required for two motors. Motor 1) 7 ½ horsepower single phase, 230 volts (40 ampere) ; Motor 2) 5 horsepower single phase 230 volts (28 ampere) Terminals rated for 75 C.
  103. (501-15(B)(2)(ex)) No seal is required if a conduit (with no unions, couplings, boxes or fittings) passes through a Class I Division 2 location if the termination points of the unbroken conduit are in at least ____ inches within the unclassified location.
  104. (422-16(B)(1)(2)) A disposal can be cord and plug connected. The cord must not be less than 18 iches or more than____ inches and must be protected from physical damage.
  105. (314-71(A)) For straight pulls, the length of the box shall be not less than ____ times the outside diameter, over sheath, of the largest conductor or cable entering the box on systems over 600 volts.
  106. (406-9) Interior locations protected from weather but subject to moderate degrees of moisture such as some basements, some barns, some cold-storage warehouses and the like, the partially protected locations under canopies, marquees, roofed open porches and the like shall be considered to be _____ locations.
  107. (422-31(B)) For permanently connected appliances rated over ____ volts, amperes, or horsepower, the branch circuit switch or circuit breaker shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means where the switch or cidrcuit breaker is within sight from the appliance or is capable of being locked in the open position.
  108. (430-111)(B)(3)An oil switch used for both a controller and disconnect is permitted on a circuit whose rating _____volts or 100 amperes
  109. (430-52(C)(1)(ex 2b)) If the branch circuit short-circuit ground-fault protection dual-element fuse selected (sized not greater than the percentages listed in Table 430-152) , is not capable of carrying the load, the next larger size dual element fuse can be used. The next size dual element fuse cannot exceed _____ of the motor full-load current rating.
  110. (408-3(2)) Barriers shall be placed in all service switchboards to isolate the service _____ and terminals from the remainder of the switchboard.
  111. (551-739(A)) Electrical service and feeders of a recreational vehicle park shall be calculated at a minimum of ______ VA per site (not including tent sites).
  112. (445-11) Each generator shall be provided with a ____ giving the maker's name, the rated frequency, power factor, number of phases if of alternating current, and the rating in kilowatts or kilovolt-amperes.
  113. (400-5(A)(1)) A three conductor No. 16 SJE cable (one conductor is used for grounding) shall have a maximum ampacity of _____ amperes for each conductor.
  114. (620-22(A)) A separate _____ is required for the elevator car lights, receptacle(s) auxiliary lighting power source, and ventilation.
  115. (410-82(A)) Portable lamps shall be wired with _____ , recognized by Section 400-4, and have an attachment plug of the polarized or grounding type.
  116. (314-16(B)(5)) A box has three equipment grounding conductors. When determining the number of conductors in a box for box fill calculations the three grounding conductors are counted as ______ conductor(s).
  117. (Table 515-3) An above ground tank in a bulk storage plant is a Class I Group Division 1 location within ______ feet of open end of vent, extending in all directions.
  118. (408-40) When equipment grounding conductors are installed in panelboards, a _____ is required for the proper termination of the equipment grounding conductors.
  119. (500-5(B)) Class I Division I locations are those that are hazardous because of the presence of _____.
  120. (424-72(A)) A boiler employing resistance-type immersion heating elements contained in an ASME rated and stamped vessel and rated more than 120 amperes shall have the heating elements subdivided into loads not exceeding ____ amperes.
  121. (500-5(C)(1)(1)) Locations in which combustible dust is in the air under normal operating conditions in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures are classified as _____.
  122. (430-28(2)) Motor tap conductors shall not exceed _____ feet.
  123. (406-9) A receptacle shall be considered to be in a location protected fro the weather where located under roofed open porches, canopies, marquees, and the like and will not be subjected to ______.
  124. (604-7(B))Each section of a manufactured wiring system shall be marked to identify _____.
  125. (430-75(B))If the control circuit transformer is located in the controller enclosure, the transformer must be connected to the _____ side of the control circuit disconnect.
  126. (511-3(C)(1)(b)) For each floor area inside a commercial garage, the entire area up to a level of _____ above the floor shall be considered to be a Class I Division 2.
  127. (511-3(E)(1)) Areas adjacent to defined locations in commercial garages where flammable vapors are not likely to be released shall not be classified when mechanically ventilated at a rate of _____ or more air changes per hour or when effectively cut off by walls or partitions.
  128. (430-32(A)(1)) If a dual-element fuse is used for the overload protection, what size fuse is required for a 30 horsepower 460 volt 3-phase synchronous motor, temperature rise 39 C?
  129. (110-14(C)(1)The actual conductor size for a motor feed must be selected from Table 310-15(A)(16) using the column that complies to the_____ of the equipment.
  130. Motor feeder conductors must have protection against short-circuits and ground faults, but not ______.
  131. (430-52(C)(1)(ex. 2)) The NEC requires motor branch circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protection to be sized not greater than the percentages listed in Table 430-52. When the short-circuit ground-fault protection device value determined from Table 430-52 does not correspond with the standard rating of overcurrent devices as listed in Section 240-6(A), the next ______ size must be used.
  132. (550-31) A small mobile home park has six mobile homes. What is the total park electrical wiring system load after applying the demand factors permitted in Article 550?
  133. (430-52(C)(1)(ex.))If a short circuit ground fault protection device value does not correspond with the standard rating or setting of overcurrent protection devices, the next ______ protection device may be used.
  134. (450-21(C)) Dry-type transformers installed indoors rated over _____ shall be installed in a vault.
  135. (430-17)When selecting the feeder conductors or feeder short-circuit ground-fault protection device, the highest rated motor shall be the highest rated motor _______, not the highest rated _______.
  136. (422-22(B)) Resistance type heating elements in electric space heating equipment shall be protected at not more than _____.
  1. a True
  2. b Overloads
  3. c Building system
  4. d Its type of cable or conduit.
  5. e 15,20 and 30
  6. f 1000
  7. g Full-load current, horsepower
  8. h No. 10
  9. i 300
  10. j 125 ampere
  11. k Equipment ampere rating
  12. l 50
  13. m Modifications(not in 2011 code)
  14. n 36
  15. o 8
  16. p 3 horsepower, single phase, 120 volts
  17. q 6
  18. r In parallel
  19. s Equipment grounding conductor
  20. t Individual
  21. u 700 ampere
  22. v 200
  23. w 25
  24. x 30 current-carrying
  25. y 40 ampere
  26. z Required
  27. aa Short circuit and ground fault protection device.
  28. ab Equipment
  29. ac 120
  30. ad 225 %
  31. ae 27,840 VA
  32. af 3
  33. ag 16.1
  34. ah 125
  35. ai 110 ampere
  36. aj No. 4
  37. ak 35
  38. al 430
  39. am 20 ampere
  40. an I
  41. ao 5
  42. ap Ungrounded conductor
  43. aq 110
  44. ar FLC
  45. as False
  46. at Grounded
  47. au Largest, phase
  48. av ½ inch
  49. aw 60 amperes
  50. ax Overload
  51. ay Class II Division I
  52. az Higher
  53. ba Ungrounded
  54. bb Four
  55. bc 12
  56. bd Bending or twisting
  57. be 3 horsepower 120 volts
  58. bf Electrical
  59. bg Manufactured home
  60. bh Motor starter, dual element fuse
  61. bi 2400
  62. bj 30.8 ampere
  63. bk 125, sum
  64. bl Branch circuit
  65. bm 18
  66. bn 600
  67. bo 40
  68. bp 70
  69. bq 21 amperes
  70. br 100
  71. bs Temperature limiting
  72. bt 225 ampere
  73. bu Short-circuits and ground-faults
  74. bv 6055VA
  75. bw Busbars
  76. bx Nameplate
  77. by 430-52
  78. bz Multiwire
  79. ca A flame arrester
  80. cb Overload protections Part III, Short-circuit ground-fault protections Part IV
  81. cc 4/0
  82. cd No. 14
  83. ce 15
  84. cf Readily accessible
  85. cg Motor nameplate rating
  86. ch Mogul
  87. ci 90
  88. cj 125, 430.238-250
  89. ck Unnecessary
  90. cl 175 ampere
  91. cm Drying or curing
  92. cn Weatherproof
  93. co 125%, 115%, 250%
  94. cp 130
  95. cq ¼
  96. cr 150 (not in 2011 code)
  97. cs 1
  98. ct Fixed
  99. cu Simultaneously disconnects all conductors of the circuit.
  100. cv 20
  101. cw Yoke or strap
  102. cx 48
  103. cy 3,4
  104. cz 115
  105. da 31.2 ampere
  106. db Grounding termination bar
  107. dc .04
  108. dd Dry
  109. de 80 amperes(next size down)
  110. df 3890 VA
  111. dg 4
  112. dh 140, 25
  113. di 2,1.2
  114. dj 75 ampere or under (70)
  115. dk Damp
  116. dl Larger
  117. dm Full-load current
  118. dn Load
  119. do Flexible
  120. dp 1 ½
  121. dq NEC Table
  122. dr Orderly
  123. ds 135
  124. dt 13
  125. du 3 feet high , 3 feet wide, by 3 feet deep
  126. dv Class I Division 1 or 2
  127. dw 24.7 amperes
  128. dx Beating rain or water run-off
  129. dy Not hard
  130. dz If of sheet steel be at least .016 inches thick.
  131. ea Terminal temperature rating
  132. eb 90 ampere
  133. ec Flexible cord
  134. ed Combustible gases or vapors
  135. ee 35,000 volts
  136. ef Listed