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  1. What is the cross -sectional area for one No. 12 RHW conductor with outer cover?
  2. (230) Where individual open conductors are not exposed to the weather, the conductors shall be mounted on _____knobs.
  3. What size square outlet box is required for: one 12/2 NM cable that terminates on a switch, one 12/3 NM cable that terminates on a receptacle, and the box has manufactured cable clamps.
  4. When determining the number of conductors in a box fill two No. 18 fixture wires, one 14/3 nonmetallic sheathed cable with ground, one duplex switch, and two cable clamps would count as ______ conductors.
  5. The actual area of conductor fill is dependent on the raceway size and the number of conductors installed. If there are three or more conductors installed in a raceway, the total area of conductor fill is limited to _____ percent.
  6. How many No. 18 TFFN conductors can be installed in a ¾ inch liquidtight flexible metallic conduit?
  7. (230) In a multiple-occupancy building, each occupant shall have access to its own service_____.
  8. (230) The _____ clearances for all service drop conductors shall be based on a conductor temperature of 60 degrees F, no wind; with final unloaded sag in the wire, conductor, or cable.
  9. (220) When a calculation results in a fraction of ampere of ____ or more, we "round up" to the next ampere.
  10. Understanding Chapter 9 Tables: When all the conductors are the same size and insulation, the number of conductors permitted in a raceway can be determined simply by looking at the Tables in ______.
  11. Existing Raceway Calculations, Part 2: What are the two steps to determine the number of conductors permitted in spare space area?
  12. (210)All 125 volt, single phase 15 and 20 ampere receptacles installed in bathrooms of guest rooms in hotels/motels, dwelling units, and office buildings shall have ____________for personel.
  13. (250) Where service-entrance conductors are installed in parallel, the grounded conductor in each raceway can be sized, based on the size of the ungrounded service-entrance (phase) conductor in the raceway, but not smaller than _____.
  14. A system or circuit conductor that is intentionally grounded is a(n)_____ This conductor is often called a neutral conductor in the field, and is identified with the color white or gray.
  15. A single panel or group of panel units designed for assembly in the form of a single panel is called a _______
  16. Table 314-16 does not take in to consideration the volume of _____.
  17. (230) There shall be no more than _____ disconnects installed for each service, or for each set of service-entrance conductors as permitted in Section 230-2 and 230-40.
  18. Openings in ventilated dry-type _____ or similar openings in other equipment over 600 volts shall be designated so that foreign objects inserted through these openings will be deflected from energized parts.
  19. (240) Plug fuses of 15 amperes and lower ratings shall be identified by a _____ configuration of the window, cap, or other prominent part to distinguish them from fuses of higher ampere ratings.
  20. What is the area in square inches for a No. 12 RHH (with outer cover)?
  21. (240) Where an orderly shut down is required to minimize hazard() to personnel and equipment, a system of coordination based on two conditions shall be permitted. Those two conditions are (10______short-circuit protection, and (2) ______ indication based on monitoring systems or devices.
  22. When all conductors are the same size, Table _______ can be used to determine the number of conductors permitted in the outlet box, or determine the size outlet box required for the given number of conductors
  23. (240) Fuseholders for cartridge fuses shall be so esigned that it is difficult to put a fuse of any given class into a fuseholder that is designed for a _____lower, or _____ higher, than that of the class to which the fuse belongs.
  24. A unit of an electrical system, which is intended to carry, but not utilize electrical energy. Is a______.
  25. (210)Each system _____ conductor, wherever accessible, shall be identified by a separate color coding, marking tape, tagging, or other equally effective means. This applies to multiwire branch circuits when there Is more than one system voltage in a building.
  26. The working space in front of the electric equipment shall not be less tha _____ inches wide or the width of the equipment, whichever is greater.
  27. A(n) ______ is a point on a wiring system where current is taken to supply equipment that uses electricity.
  28. (220) For other than dwelling units, the feeder and service load calculation for track lighting is to be determined at 150 volt-amperes for every ____ feet of track installed.
  29. A junction box contains two 2 inch raceways on the left side and two 2 inch raceways on the top. What is the distance between the 2 inch raceways that contain the same conductors?
  30. (225) Lamps for outdoor lighting shall be below all _____, transformers or other electrical utilization equipment.
  31. When conductors enter an eclosure opposite a removable cover, the distance from where the conductors enter to the removable cover determined using Table _____ (1 terminal column)
  32. Conductors larger than No. 4/0 are measured in _____.
  33. (250) What size copper grounding electrode conductor is required for a service that has three sets of 500 Kcmil copper per phase?
  34. What size square box is required for 6 No. 14 THHN and 3 No. 14 THW?
  35. Depth of Box and Conduit body sizing: When conductors enter an enclosure opposite a removable cover, such as the back of a pull box or conduit body, the distance from where the conductors enter to the removable cover should be calculated according to Table _____, one wire per terminal.
  36. (220) Feeder conductors for new restaurants shall not be required to be of ______ ampacity than the service-entrance conductors.
  37. The necessary equipment, usually a circuit breaker or switch and fuse and their accessories, intended to constitute the main control and cutoff of the supply is referred to as _____.
  38. If a 250kcmil wire is run through a 3 inch raceway entry in the wall opposite to a removable cover, the distance from that cover must not be less than _______.
  39. (240) Flexible cords approved for use with listed appliances or portable lamps shall be considered as protected by a 20 ampere circuit breaker if they are ____.
  40. Concrete, brick, or tile walls shall be considered as _____, as it applies to working space requirements.
  41. Nipple Size: What size rigid metal nipple is required for three NO. 3/0 THHN conductors, one No. 1 THHN conductor, and one No. 6 THHN conductor?
  42. (250) _____on equipment to be grounded shall be removed from contact surfaces to ensure good electrical continuity.
  43. Box Fill Requirements: Wirenuts, cable connectors, raceway fittings and conductors that originate and terminate within the outlet box (such as equipment bonding jumpers and pigtails) are considered _____ conductor .
  44. Raceway and Nipple Calculations: Tables are not useful to determine raceway sizing if conductors are of different sizes. What are the three steps for determining raceway and nipple size.
  45. Where switches, cutouts or other equipment operating at 600 volts nominal, or less are installed in a room or enclosure where there are exposed live parts or exposed wiring operating at over 600 volts, nominal, the high-voltage equipment shall be effectively separated from the space occupied by _____ by a suitable partition, fence, or screen.
  46. Pull Box Sizing, Vertical Dimension: A pull box contains two 4 inch raceways on the left and two 2 inch raceways on the top. What is the vertical dimension of the box?
  47. (220) The maximum unbalanced feeder load for household electric dryers shall be calculated at ____ percent of the demad load as determined by Table 220-54.
  48. Conductors Added to Existing Box: How many No. 14 THHN conductors can be pulled through a 4 x 2 ½ square box that has a plaster ring 3.6 cubic inches? The box already contains two receptacles, five No. 12 THHN conductors, and one No. 12 bare grounding conductor.
  49. Pull Box Sizing, Distance between Raceways: A pull box contains two 4 inch raceways on the left and two 2 inch raceways on the top. What is the minimum distance between the two 4 inch raceways that contain the same conductors?
  50. Determine the minimum cubic inches required for two No. 10 TW passing through a box, four No. 14 THHN terminating, two No. 12 TW terminating to a receptacle, and one No. 12 equipment bonding jumper from the receptacle to the box.
  51. When normally enclosed live parts are exposed for inspection or servicing, the working space, if in a passageway or general open space, shall be suitably _____.
  52. Circuit protective devices are used to clear a fault without the occurrence of extensive damage to te electrical components of the circuit. This fault shall be assumed to be either between two or more of the _____ or between any circuit conductor and the grounding conductor or enclosing metal raceway.
  53. An apparatus enclosed in a case that is capable of withstanding an explosion of specified gas or vapor that may occur within it, and of preventing the ignition of a specified gas or vapor surrounding the enclosure by sparks, flashes, or explosion of the gas or vapor within, and that operates at such an external temperature that a surrounding flammable atmosphere will not be ignited is defined as _____.
  54. The 2011 NEC defined ______ as all conductors between a source of power from a battery, a solar voltaic system, generator, transformer, or converter windings, and the final branch circuit overcurrent protections device(s).
  55. (250) Stainless steel ground rods shall not be less than _____ in diameter.
  56. Understanding Chapter 9 Tables: When equipment grounding conductors are installed in a raceway, the actual area of the conductor must be used when calculating raceway fill. T/F
  57. (210)The total rating of utilization equipment fastened in place shall not exceed _____ percent of the branch circuit ampere rating, where the circuit supplies receptacles for cord-and-plug connected equipment.
  58. Working space distances shall be measured from the _____ of equipment or apparatus if such are enclosed
  59. (250) A grounding connection shall not be made to any grounded circuit conductor on the ____ side of the service disconnecting means except as permitted for separately derived systems or separate buildings.
  60. (210)Receptacle and cord connectors having grounding terminals must have those terminals effectively _______.
  61. What is the alternating current resistance of No. 1/0 copper installed in a metal conduit? Conductor length 1000 feet.
  62. Spare Space Area: An existing one inch liquidtight flexible metal conduit contains two No. 12 THW conductors, two No. 10 THW conductors, and one No. 12 bare (stranded). What is the area remaining for additional conductors?
  63. Can a round 4 x ½ box marked as 8 cubic inches with manufactured cable clamps supplied with 14/2 NM be used with a fixture that has two No. 18 TFN and a canopy cover?
  64. Existing Raceway Calculations: What are the three steps to determine raceway cross-sectional spare space area?
  65. A _____ switch is a manually operated device used in conjunction with a transfer switch to provide a means of directly connecting load conductors to a power source and of disconnecting the transfer switch.
  66. Box Fill Requirements: Each yoke or strap containing one or more devices or equipment is considered as ____ conductors, based on the ______ conductor that terminates on the yoke.
  67. Straight Pull Calculation (length of raceway): The minimum distance from where the raceway enters to the opposite wall must not be less than _____ times the trade size of the largest raceway.
  68. Compliance with the provisions of the Code will result in _____. (Article 90)
  69. A system intended to provide protection of equipment from damaging line-to-ground-fault currents by operating to cause a disconnecting means to open all ungrounded conductors of the faulted circuit is defined as _____.
  70. An enclosure or device so constructed that a beating rain will not enter is _______.
  71. Equipment approved for use in dry locations shall be protected against permanent damage from the weather during _____.
  72. Pull Box Sizing, Vertical Dimension: A junction box contains two 3 inch raceways on the left side and one 3 inch raceway on the right side. The conductors from one of the 3 inch raceways on the left are pulled through the 3 inch raceway on the right wall. The other 3 inch raceways conductors are pulled through ta raceway at the bottom of the pull box. What is the vertical dimension of this box?
  73. (230) Individual open conductors and cables other than service-entrance cables shall not be installed within _____ feet of grade level or where exposed to physical damage.
  74. A 3 inch schedule 40 PVC raceway contains seven No. 1 RHW conductors without outer cover. How many No. 2 THW conductors may be installed in this raceway with the existing conductors?
  75. (230) When ground-fault protection is provided for the ____ disconnecting means and interconnection is made with another supply system by a transfer device, means or devices may be needed to ensure proper ground-fault sensing by the ground-fault protection equipment.
  76. (210)A branch circuit rated 20 amps serves four receptacles. The rating of the receptacles must not be less than _____ amperes.
  77. What is the cross-sectional area for one No. 10 RHH without an outer cover?
  78. Entrances to rooms and other guarded locations containing exposed live parts shall be marked with conspicuous ____ forbidding unqualified persons to enter.
  79. Box Fill Requirements: One or more internal cable clamps are considered as _____ conductors based on the ____ conductor that enters the box
  80. (240) Where used as switches in 120-volt and 277-volt fluorescent lighting circuits, circuit breakers shall be marked ______.
  81. An insulated grounded conductor of No. ____ or smaller shall be identified by a continuous white or natural gray outer finish along its entire length.
  82. A device or group of devices that serves to govern in some predetermined manner the electric power delivered to the apparatus to which it is connected is a ________
  83. (Article 100) Acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction means that the equipment has been _____.
  84. (210)In dwelling units, when determining the spacing of general use receptacles, ____ on exterior walls are not considered wall space.
  85. (210)The 24 inch dimension required in a dwelling unit countertop is measured along the wall line or center line, and the intent is that there be a receptacle outlet for every _____linear feet or fraction thereof of counter length.
  86. (210)Multiwire branch circuits shall supply only line to _____ loads
  87. (225) Conductors for ____ lighting shall be of the rubber-covered or thermoplastic type.
  88. Pull Box Sizing, Horizontal Dimension: A pull box contains two 4 inch raceways on the left and two 2 inch raceways on the top. What is the horizontal dimension of the box?
  89. The number of conductors permitted in a raceway is dependent on _____(3 things)
  90. (230) The requirement for maintaining a 3 foot vertical clearance from the edge of the oof shall not apply to the final conductor span where the service drop is attached to ______.
  91. When conduit or tubing does not exceed _____ inches in length, it is called a nipple.
  92. (240) Unless specifically permitted in 240-3(e) through 240-3(g), the overcurrent protection shall not exceed 15 amperes for No. 14 copper; 20 amperes for No. 12 copper; and 30 amperes for No. 10 copper.(True/False)
  93. Pull Boxes, Junction Boxes and Conduit Bodies must be sized according to Section _____
  94. (240) Overcurrent protection for conductors and equipment is provided to ______ the circuit if the current reaches a value that will cause an excessive or dangerous temperature in conductors or conductor insulation.
  95. The highest current at rated voltage that a device is intended to interrupt under standard test conditions is the ______.
  96. (230) As used in Section 230-95, the rating of the service disconnecting means is considered to be the rating of the largest _____ that can be installed or the highest continuous current trip setting for the actual overcurrent protection device installed in a circuit breaker is rated or can be adjusted.
  97. (230) To supply power to a single-phase water heater, the size of the underground service lateral conductors shall not be smaller than _____.
  98. A qualifying term indicating that there is a purposely introduced delay in the tripping action of the circuit breaker, which delay decreases as the magnitude of the current increases, is defined by the Code as a _____ circuit breaker.
  99. (215)Where a feeder supplies _____ in which equipment grounding conductors are required, the feeder shall include or provide a grounding means to which the equipment grounding conductors of branch circuits shall be connected.
  100. Three or more conductors can take up to ____% of the cross-sectional area of a raceway.
  101. Conductors in Spare Space Area: An existing 1 inch EMT contains two No. 12 THHN conductors, two No. 10 THHN conductors, and one No. 12 bare stranded conductors. How many additional No. 8 THHN conductors can be added to this raceway?
  102. Number of Conductors in an Outlet Box: Using Table 314-16a, how many No. 14 THHN conductors are permitted in a 4 x 1 ½ round box?
  103. ____ branch circuits supply energy to one or more outlets to which appliances are to be connected.
  104. A value assigned to a circuit or system for the purpose of conveniently designating its voltage class such as 120/240 volts is called ______voltage.
  105. What size outlet box is required for 14/3 type NM cable (with ground) that terminates on a switch, with 14/2 NM cable that terminates on a receptacle, if the box has internal cable clamps factory installed?
  106. A junction box contains two 2 ½ inch raceways on the left side and one 2 ½ inch raceway on the right side. The conductors from one 2 ½ inch raceway are pulled through the raceway on the righ wall. The other 2 ½ inch raceway conductors (on the side) are pulled through a 2 ½ inch raceway at the bottom of the pull box. What is the distance from the left wall to the right wall?
  107. (230) A building or structure shall be supplied by a maximum of _____ services.
  108. So constructed that dust will not enter the enclosing case under specified test conditions is known as _____.
  109. Nipple: One or more conductors can take upt o _____% of the cross sectional area of a nipple.
  110. A round 3 x 1 ½ box has a volume of 6 cubic inches and has factory internal cable clamps. Can this pancake box be used with a lighting fixture that has a domed canopy? Thee branch circuit wiring is 14/2 NM sheath cable and a paddle fan has three fixture wires and one ground wire all smaller than No. 14
  111. (230) The service disconnecting means shall plainly indicate whether it is in the _______ position.
  112. The Code prohibits damage to the internal parts of electrical equipment by foreign material such as paint, plaster, cleaners, etc. Precautions must be taken to provide protection from the detrimental effects of paint, plaster, cleaners, etc. on the internal parts of ______ and ______.
  113. (230) Service-lateral conductors are required to be insulated (except the grounded conductor) when it is _______.
  114. (240) Cartridge fuses and fuseholders shall be classified according to _____ranges.
  115. A 200 ampere feeder installed in rigid nonmetallic conduit schedule 80, has three No. 3/0 THHN, one No. 2 THHN, and one No. 6 THHN. What size raceway is required?
  116. (250) Currents that introduce noise or data errors in electronic equipment shall be considered objectionable currents.(True/False)
  117. Box Fill Requirements: Each conductor that originates outside the box and terminates or is spliced within the box is considered as ____ conductor.
  118. Design B, C, D, or E motors shall be wired with conductors having an insulation rating of at least _____ degrees C, and the conductor shall be sized based on the 75 degree C ampacity as listed in Table 310-15(B)(16) (formerly 310-16)
  119. (230) Where the service overcurrent devices are locked or sealed, or not readily accessible to the _____, the branch circuit overcurrent devices shall be located in a readily accessible location.
  120. (225) Overhead branch circuit and feeder conductors shall not be installed _____ openings through which materials may be moved, such as openings in farm and commercial buildings, and hall not be installed where they will obstruct entrance to these building openings.
  121. It is permitted to omit one equipment grounding conductor and not more than ______ that enter a box from a fixture canopy.
  122. (240) Markings on circuit breakers required by the Code shall be permitted to be made visible by removal of a _____ or cover.
  123. One conductor can take upt o _____% of the cross sectional area of a raceway
  124. What is the area in square inches of a No. 8 bare solid?
  125. (215)The feeder conductor ampacity shall not be less than that of the service-entrance conductors where the feeder conductors carry the total load supplied by service-entrance conductors with an ampacity of ____ amperes or less.
  126. What is the area in square inches for a No. 10 THW?
  127. (220) When sizing a feeder, the appliance loads in dwelling units can apply a demand factor of 75 percent of nameplate ratings for ____ or more appliances fastened in place on the same feeder.
  128. Annex C does not have a table for liquid tight flexible nonmetallic conduit of the _____ type
  129. (220) The connected load to which the demand factors of Table 220-84 apply shall include 3 volt-amperes per _____ for general lighting and general-use receptacles.
  130. (210)Grade-level portions of ________and _______ accessory buildings used for storage or work areas shall have ground-fault ciruit interrupter protection for all 15 and 20 ampere, 125 volt receptacles.
  131. (250) An additional electrode shall suppleent a metal underground water pipe. Where the supplemental electrode is a made electrode as in Section 250-83(c) or (d), that portion of the bonding jumper that is the sole connections to the supplemental grounding electrode shall not be required to be larger than _____ wire.
  132. An outlet intended for the direct connection of a lampholder, a lighting fixture, or a pendant cord terminating in a lampholder is a(n) _____.
  133. (230) Service heads must be located _____.
  134. What is the total cross-sectional area of 1 ¼ inch rigid metal conduit ?
  135. (220) For each farm building or load supplied by _____ or more branch circuits, the load for feeders, service-entrance conductors, and service equipment shall be computed in accordance with demand factors not less than indicated in Table 220-102.
  136. How many no. 14 RHH conductors can be installed in 1 inch electrical metallic tubing?
  137. (230) Where the service disconnecting means is mounted on a switchboard having exposed busbars on the back, a raceway shall be permitted to terminate with a _____.
  138. (220) Feeder and service-entrance conductors with demand load determined by the use of 220.80 shall be permitted to have the ____ load determined by Section 220-61.
  139. (240) Fuseholders of the Edison-base type shall be installed only where they are made to accept _____ fuses by the use of adapters.
  140. (230) Service heads for service raceways shall be ______.
  141. (240) Conductors supplying a transformer shall be permitted to be tapped without overcurrent protection at the tap where the conductors supplying the _____ of the transformer have an ampacity at least 1/3 the rating of the overcurrent device protecting the feeder conductors.
  142. (230) Circuits used only for the operation of fire alarm, other protective signaling systems, or the supply to fire pump equipment shall be permitted to be connected on the _____ of the service overcurrent protection device where separately provided with overcurrent protection.
  143. A junction box contains two 2 ½ inch raceways on the left side and one 2 ½ inch raceway on the right side. The conductors from one 2 ½ inch raceway are pulled through the raceway on the righ wall. The other 2 ½ inch raceway conductors (on the side) are pulled through a 2 ½ inch raceway at the bottom of the pull box. What is the distance from the bottom wall to the top wall?
  144. (225) Where buildings exceed three stories, overhead lines shall be arranged so that a clear space at least 6 feet wide will be left either adjacent to the buildings or beginning not over 8 feet from them to facilitate the _____ when necessary for fire fighting.
  145. (220) The feeder demand load for four 6 kw cooktops is _____ kW.
  146. The minimum headroom of working spaces about motor control centers shall be _____.
  147. If we have a 2 inch rigid metal conduit and we want to install three THHN aluminum compact conductors, what is the largest aluminum compact conductor permitted to be installed?
  148. The temperature rating associated with the ampacity of a _____ shall be so selected and coordinated so as to not exceed the lowest temperature rating of any connected termination, conductor, or device.
  149. (210)A single receptacle installed on an individual branch circuit must be rated at least _____ percent of the rating of the circuit.
  150. (250) When a building has two or more elecrodes for different services, the separate electrodes must be ______. This shall be considered as a single electrode in this sense.
  151. Equipment enclosed in a case or cabinet that is provided with a means of sealing or locking so that live parts cannot be made accessible without opening the enclosure is said to be _______.
  152. What is the cross-sectional area in square inches for one No. 10 bare solid conductor?
  153. A ______ location may be temporarily subject to dampness and wetness.
  154. (210)Receptacle outlets in a dwelling unit must be installed within _____ inches of the outside edge of each basin and the receptacle must be located on a wall that is adjacent to the basin location.
  155. A separate portion of a conduit or tubing system that provides access through a removable cover(s) to the interior of the system at a junction of two or more sections of the system or at a terminal point of the system is defined as a(n)
  156. Raceway Size: A 400 amp feeder is installed in schedule 40 rigid nonmetallic conduit. This raceway contains three 500 kcmil THHN conductors, one 250 THHN conductor and one No. 3 THHN conductor. What size raceway is required for these three conductors?
  157. (Article 90)Installations of communications equipment under the exclusive control of communications utilities located outdoors or in building spaces used exclusively for such installations ______ covered by the Code.
  158. (Article 100) A junction box above a suspended ceiling that has removable panels is considered to be _______.
  159. Identification of the grounded conductor terminal on a device shall be by a metal or metal coating substantially white in color or the word ______ located adjacent to the identified terminal.
  1. a One
  2. b Effectively bonded together
  3. c True
  4. d 2, largest
  5. e trim
  6. f Ground-fault protection of equipment
  7. g Occupant
  8. h Neutral
  9. i Load
  10. j Building construction
  11. k Guarded
  12. l 40%
  13. m 8
  14. n 1
  15. o 50
  16. p No. 3/0
  17. q Ungrounded
  18. r Branch circuits
  19. s 4
  20. t Dusttight
  21. u Raintight
  22. v Nominal
  23. w 60%
  24. x Lighting outlet
  25. y Service equipment
  26. z Feeder
  27. aa Yes
  28. ab Two
  29. ac 312.6(A)
  30. ad Ground-fault circuit interrupter protection
  31. ae 100
  32. af 6
  33. ag Step 1) Determine raceways cross-sectional area for conduit fill Tables 1 and 4, Chapter 9. Step 2) Determine the area of the existing conductors. Step 3) Subtract the cross-sectional area of the existing conductors from the area of permitted conductor fill.
  34. ah Panelboards, receptacles
  35. ai .0353 sq. inch
  36. aj Greater
  37. ak 314.28
  38. al Glass or porcelain
  39. am 11
  40. an 7 if raceway is more than 24 inches long, 12 if raceway is 24 inches long or less.
  41. ao 1 ½ inch
  42. ap 4 x 1 ¼
  43. aq 36
  44. ar 5
  45. as .0333 sq. inch
  46. at 30
  47. au 55
  48. av 2
  49. aw Grounded
  50. ax Conduit body
  51. ay 12 inches
  52. az four No. 16 or No. 18 fixture wires
  53. ba 15
  54. bb White
  55. bc 1, largest
  56. bd Coordinated, overload
  57. be Grounded.
  58. bf Four
  59. bg Hexagonal
  60. bh Copper-clad aluminum with individual insulation
  61. bi Secondary
  62. bj Approved
  63. bk 7
  64. bl .12 ohm
  65. bm 14 inches
  66. bn Square foot
  67. bo panelboard
  68. bp .2636 for conduit and .4386 for a nipple
  69. bq neutral
  70. br Conductor
  71. bs 0
  72. bt Outlet
  73. bu Type S
  74. bv Finished, unfinished
  75. bw 75 degrees C
  76. bx Step 1) Determine the cross-sectional area of conductors to be added. Step 2) Divide the spare space area by the conductors cross-sectional area.
  77. by Device
  78. bz Devices, cable clamps, fixture studs or hickeys.
  79. ca Bushing
  80. cb 3 inch
  81. cc SWD
  82. cd Bypass isolation
  83. ce 20 inches
  84. cf 314-16a
  85. cg 4x2 1/8
  86. ch 18
  87. ci 53%
  88. cj Inverse time
  89. ck False
  90. cl Above the point of attachment
  91. cm Explosion-proof
  92. cn 4 ½ inches
  93. co 24
  94. cp T
  95. cq 15 inches
  96. cr .013
  97. cs area of the raceway, percent area fill allowed, area of the conductors
  98. ct Festoon
  99. cu 4 x 2 1/8 square
  100. cv .008 sq. inch
  101. cw Supply side
  102. cx The low voltage equipment.
  103. cy Dry
  104. cz 16
  105. da 300kcmil
  106. db Nonconductive coatings
  107. dc Energized conductors
  108. dd 40
  109. de Voltage and amperage
  110. df Raising of ladders
  111. dg black
  112. dh Open
  113. di Fuse
  114. dj Transformers
  115. dk The side of a building
  116. dl 9
  117. dm .50
  118. dn Current, voltage
  119. do 24 inches
  120. dp 5/8 inch
  121. dq 12
  122. dr 312.6
  123. ds Annex C
  124. dt No. 10 aluminum
  125. du Warning signs
  126. dv No. 1/0
  127. dw Vertical
  128. dx Listed for use in wet locations
  129. dy 10
  130. dz 3
  131. ea an electrical system free from hazard
  132. eb .0353
  133. ec Circuit conductors
  134. ed Circular mils
  135. ee Service
  136. ef 39
  137. eg Beneath
  138. eh Sliding panels
  139. ei Open or closed
  140. ej 22 cubic inches
  141. ek Accessible
  142. el 28 inches
  143. em No. 18 and larger
  144. en Are not
  145. eo Grounded conductor
  146. ep Step 1) cross sectional area of each conductor. Step 2) Cross sectional area for all conductors. Step 3) Size the raceway according to percent fill.
  147. eq No
  148. er No. 6 AWG copper or No. 4 AWG Aluminum
  149. es Interrupting rating
  150. et 6'6"
  151. eu 1.526 inches
  152. ev opening.
  153. ew Controller
  154. ex Disconnecting means
  155. ey Six
  156. ez 70
  157. fa Sealable
  158. fb Appliance
  159. fc .0243