Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Mock Exam


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  • Which of the following types of coupling is usually used to couple the output from a power amplifier?

    A- Transformer
    B- RC
    C- Resistor
    D- Impedance


    Which of the following persons may inspect your record held by the Chief of Naval Personnel?

    A- You
    B- Your designated agent
    C- Both 1 and 2 above
    D- Your division officer


    A circuit in which the resistance is almost zero ohms is referred to by which of the following terms?

    A Open
    B Short
    C Broken
    D Closed


    The purpose of the CSMP is to provide shipboard maintenance managers with a consolidated ing of deferred maintenance to identify the material condition of the ship?

    • True
    • False


    Which of the following factors will NOT affect the value of inductance of a coil?

    A Diameter of the coil
    B Core materials used
    C Conductor tensility
    D Number of coil turns


    In a zinc-carbon primary cell, what is the function of the carbon electrode?

    A To collect hydrogen
    B To supply a return path for current
    C To speed electrolysis
    D To generate electrons


    On the ML-N what information is in the column under COGNIZANCE CODE?

    A The routing identifier of the managing activity, which is a potential source of supply
    B A one-position code that indicates whether or not an item is repairable
    C A one-position alpha code that designates the type of action required by the file maintenance computer to enter/update/delete data in various cyclic or master files
    D A code designating a segment of material for management by a specific inventory manager and the funding involved


    The Report and Disposition of Offense(s), NAVPERS 1626/7, contains all of the following information except

    A preliminary inquiry report
    B all of the required pre-mast advice that must be given to the accused
    C record of any pre-mast restraint
    D action of the XO at screening mast


    Which of the following statements is correct concerning D flip-flops?

    A The clock is delayed until it coincides with the input data
    B Input data is delayed until it coincides with the clock
    C The output is delayed up to one clock pulse
    D The output is always a square wave


    What is/are the term(s) applied to the space between and around charged bodies in which their influence is felt?

    • Electric field of force
    • Electrostatic field
    • Dielectric field
    • Each of the above (correct answer)


    What term is used for a semiconductor that has three or more elements?

    • Diode
    • Duo-diode
    • Transistor (correct answer)
    • Point contact


    The speaker system of a record player should be driven by which of the following types of amplifier?

    • An alternating-current rf amplifier
    • An audio power amplifier (correct answer)
    • A direct-current voltage amplifier
    • A video voltage amplifier


    When a large aluminum terminal lug or splice is installed, why is it NOT necessary to clean the aluminum wire?

    • The wire is cleaned by the abrasive compound in the lug or splice
    • The insulation used provides the necessary cleaning agent
    • It is done automatically by the tubing
    • Oxide film does not form on aluminum (correct answer)


    Which of the following drugs is abused on the pretense of weight control?

    • Phencyclidine
    • Marijuana
    • Methadone
    • Amphetamines (correct answer)


    Which of the following elements of the CRT helps prevent the beam of electrons from diverging?

    • Cathode
    • Focusing anode (correct answer)
    • Decelerating anode
    • Aquadag


    What term applies to the difference between the speed of the rotating stator field and the rotor speed?

    • Rotor error
    • Torque
    • Synchronous
    • Slip (correct answer)


    Rapid reversals in the polarity of the line voltage applied to a capacitor will cause what type of capacitor power loss?

    • Dielectric-hysteresis (correct answer)
    • Plate-leakage
    • Plate-loading
    • Dielectric-leakage


    A battery is rated according to a 20-hour rate of discharge at 300 ampere-hours. Which of the following currents is the maximum current that will allow the battery to deliver its rated capacity?

    • 15 amperes (correct answer)
    • 30 amperes
    • 25 amperes
    • 20 amperes


    Which of the following goals are related to FAP?

    • Domestic violence prevention
    • Victim safety and protection
    • Rehabilitative education and counseling
    • All of the above (correct answer)


    If signature authority has been delegated to the leading petty officer, which of the following documents is he/she NOT allowed to sign?

    • DD 214 (correct answer)
    • Special request chits
    • 3M weekly schedule
    • Service record pages


    How are fixed capacitors classified?

    • By their plate size
    • By the thickness of their dielectric materials
    • By their dielectric materials (correct answer)
    • By the thickness of their conductors


    What is the most common form of coupling?

    • Transformer
    • Impedance
    • Resistor
    • RC (correct answer)


    What type of feedback is caused by interelectrode capacitance?

    • Positive
    • Bypassed
    • Regenerative
    • Negative (correct answer)


    The intensity knob on the spectrum analyzer controls what display function(s)?

    • Focus
    • Brightness of the CRT trace
    • Brightness of the readout display


    A megger uses high voltage to check the insulation leakage in the megohm range. What is the source of this voltage?

    • The ship's ac power
    • Batteries
    • The ship's dc power
    • A hand-driven dc generator (correct answer)


    What is the major factor that limits the high frequency response of an amplifier?

    • Resistance
    • Capacitance (correct answer)
    • Transformer reactance
    • Inductance


    In generators, what principle is used to convert mechanical motion to electrical energy?

    • Magnetic repulsion
    • Atomic reaction
    • Electrical attraction
    • Magnetic induction (correct answer)


    Under which of the following conditions does sparking occur between the brushes and the commutator?

    • When there is improper commutation (correct answer)
    • When there is an excessive load current
    • When commutation is in the neutral plane
    • When operating under normal conditions


    What is the purpose of the aquadag coating in the CRT?

    • It is used to focus the beam
    • It eliminates the space charge
    • It is used as a plate
    • It eliminates the effects of secondary emission (correct answer)


    What is the phase relationship between the output voltages of a three-phase alternator?

    • 90ºout of phase
    • In phase
    • 60ºout of phase
    • 120ºout of phase (correct answer)


    For maximum power transfer between circuits, what impedance relationship should there be between the two circuits?

    • The output impedance of circuit number one should be equal to the input impedance of circuit number two (correct answer)
    • The output impedance of circuit number one should be higher
    • The input impedance of circuit number one should be higher than the output impedance of circuit .number two
    • The output impedance of circuit number one should be lower than the input impedance of circuit number two


    Which of the following terms describes a single resistor that represents a complex circuit?

    • Equivalent resistor (correct answer)
    • Equal resistor
    • Schematic resistor
    • Phantom resistor


    Instructions for the preparation of a PMS feedback reports are found on the reverse of OPNAVINST 4790/7B green page.

    • True (correct answer)
    • False


    A single-stage, two transistor amplifier that uses a phase splitter input is classified as what type of amplifier?

    • Regenerative
    • Phase splitter
    • Inverse
    • Push-pull (correct answer)


    What is the principal advantage of an indirectly heated cathode over a directly heated cathode?

    • It is immune to ac heater current variations (correct answer)
    • It has a lower operating temperature
    • It is larger
    • It reaches an operating temperature more quickly


    Which of the following signal generators should you select to test audio equipment?

    • Af signal generator (correct answer)
    • Rf signal generator
    • Video signal generator
    • Fm signal generator


    Color codes are used on preinsulated terminal lugs and splices to indicate what information?

    • The style of crimping tool to be used
    • The type of circuit in which they are to be used
    • The resistance, in ohms, of the lugs and splices
    • The wire sizes on which they are to be used (correct answer)


    Showering will destroy nuclear and biological agents.

    • True
    • False (correct answer)


    Which of the following actions will recharge a secondary cell?

    • Connecting the negative terminal of a voltage source to the cathode of the cell and the positive terminal of the voltage source to the anode of the cell (correct answer)
    • Adding more active ingredient to the electrolyte
    • Connecting the negative terminal of a voltage source to the anode of the cell and the positive terminal of the voltage source to the cathode of the cell
    • Adding more water to the electrolyte


    The LC choke-input filter is used primarily where which of the following types of regulation is/are important?

    • Voltage and current (correct answer)
    • Current only
    • Voltage only
    • Frequency


    Control of a circuit requiring a temporary actuation signal is provided by which of the following switches?

    • Rotary
    • Locked-out
    • Locked-in
    • Momentary (correct answer)


    This person acts as an overall training supervisor? [Page 4-13]

    • Department Head
    • Commanding Officer
    • Executive Officer (correct answer)
    • PQs coordinator


    Which of the following gates produces a HIGH output when any or all of the inputs are LOW?

    • OR
    • NOR
    • AND
    • NAND (correct answer)


    Which of the following ac filament voltages is most likely to be considered a common voltage?

    • 3.0 volts
    • 6.3 volts (correct answer)
    • 1.5 volts
    • 9.0 volts


    Qualified Personnel are assigned by name for each MR scheduled on the weekly schedule.

    • True (correct answer)
    • False


    Which of the following types of circuits are most affected by the loading effect of voltmeters?

    • High-current
    • High-resistance (correct answer)
    • Low-resistance
    • Low-voltage


    The meter card is used to provide what information concerning test equipment?

    • Changes
    • Additions
    • Deletions
    • All of the above (correct answer)


    Which of the following safety precautions should be observed when an ohmmeter is used?

    • Always start with the highest scale of the meter
    • Deenergize the circuit before connecting the meter (correct answer)
    • Observe proper polarity
    • All of the above


    The amount of items ed on an EGL is no more that 8 hours.

    • True
    • False (correct answer)


    When directed drift takes place, at what speed does the effect take place?

    • 186,000 miles per second (correct answer)
    • 500,000 meters per second
    • 100,000 miles per hour
    • 300,000 meters per hour


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