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  • Conductors in sizes smaller than 1/0 AWG shall be permitted to be run in parallel to supply indicating instruments, contactors, relays, solenoids, and similar control devices, or for frequencies of 360 HZ or higher, provided which of the following apply:
    a. They are contained within the same raceway or cable
    b. The ampacity of each individual conductor is sufficient to carry the entire load current shared by the parallel conductors.
    c. The overcurrent protection is such that the ampacity of each individual conductor will not be exceeded if one or more of the parallel conductors become inadvertently disconnected.
    d. all of the above
    Article 310.1(H) exception 1 pg 148

    all of the above

    The minimum thickness of sealing compound in Class 1, Division 1 and 2 locations shall not be less than the trade size of the sealing fitting, and in no case less than _____ inches.
    a. 1/8
    b. 1/4
    c. 3/8
    d. 5/8
    Article 501.15(C) 3 pg 379


    Fixed electric space heating equipment requiring supply conductors with insulation rated over ____ degrees Centigrade shall be clearly marked.
    a. 75
    b. 60
    c. 90
    d. a,b, and c
    Article 424.11 supply conductors, pg 296


    Conductors for an appliance circuit supplying more than one appliance receptacle in an installation operating at less than 50 volts shall not be smaller than No. _____copper or equivalent.
    a. 18 AWG
    b. 14 AWG
    c. 12 AWG
    d. 10 AWG
    Article 720.4 Conductors, pg 640

    10 AWG

    It shall be permitted to base the ____ rating of a range receptacle on a single range demand load specified in Table 220.55.
    a. circuit
    b. voltage
    c. ampere
    d. load
    Article 210.21(B)(4) Receptacles, pg. 54


    Electrical equipment that depends on the _____ principals for cooling of exposed surfaces shall be installed so that room airflow over such surfaces is not prevented by walls or adjacent installed equipment.
    a. convection
    b. natural circulation of air and convection
    c. artificial cooling and circulation
    d. air conditioning
    Article 110.13(B) Cooling, pg. 35

    natural circulation of air and convection

    Equipment is required to be installed and used according to any instructions included in the __________
    a. ed or published
    b. labeled or design
    c. ing or labeling
    d. a, b, and c.
    Article 110.3(B) Installation and Use pg. 35

    ing or labeling

    In a dwelling unit, receptacle spacing, shall be installed as such that no point measured horizontally along the floor line in any wall space may be more than _____ feet from a receptacle outlet.
    a. 12
    b. 10
    c. 8
    d. 6
    Article 210.52(A)(1) Spacing pg. 56


    Where bare or covered conductors are installed with insulated conductors, the temperature rating of the bare or covered conductor shall be _________
    a. 60 degrees C
    b. greater than the lowest temperature rating of the insulated conductors for the purpose of determining ampacity.
    c. 90 degrees C
    d. equal to the lowest temperature rating of the insulated conductors for the purpose of determining ampacity.
    Article 310.15(B)(4) Bare or Covered Conductors, pg. 152

    equal to the lowest temp of other conductors

    When installing underground rigid non metallic conduit and other approved nonmetallic raceways under a building, it must have a minimum of _____ inches of cover.
    a. 6
    b. 12
    c. 0
    d. 24
    Article 300.5, Table 300.5 Col 3 Minimum Cover Requirements, pg. 138


    A single receptacle installed on an individual branch circuit must be rated at least _____ percent of the rating of the circuit.
    a. 50
    b. 60
    c. 80
    d. 100
    Article 210.21(B)(1)Single Recept. on Indiv. branch Circuit pg. 54


    A nonflammable synthetic insulating media known as ____________, which under arcing conditions, the gasses produced, while consisting predominantly of noncombustible hydrogen chloride, can include varying amounts of combustible gasses.
    a. Mineral Oil
    b. Poly Chlorinated Bi-Phenol
    c. Askarel
    d. Phenol
    Article 100, Definitions pg. 26


    Types of pipeline resistive heaters are heating _______
    a. blankets
    b. tape
    c. barrels
    d. A and B
    Article 427.2 Definitions, resistance heating element pg. 307

    A and B

    Open wiring on insulators within _____ feet from the floor shall be considered exposed to physical damage.
    a. 4
    b. 2
    c. 7
    d. 12
    Article 398.15(C)Exposed to physical damage pg. 249


    Types TPT and TST cord shall be permitted in lengths not exceeding ___ feet when attached directly, or by means of a special type of plug, to a portable appliance rated 50 watts or less and of such nature that extreme flexibility of the cord is essential.
    a. 8
    b. 10
    c. 15
    d. 6
    Article 400.4, Table 400.4 note 4(Thermoplastic) pg. 257


    Circuits that supply signs and outline lighting systems containing incandescent and fluorescent forms of illumination shall be rated not to exceed ____ amperes.
    a. 20
    b. 30
    c. 40
    d. 50
    Article 600.5(B)(2)Electric signs and outline lighting, pg. 519


    Direct buried conductors or cables shall be ______, providing those splices are made with approved methods and identified materials.
    a. permitted to be spliced without a splice box.
    b. spliced only in an approved junction box.
    c. spliced only in a weatherproof splice box
    d. none of these.
    Article 300.5(E) Splices and Taps, pg. 139

    permitted to be spliced without a splice box

    The rating or setting of an overcurrent protection device for a 16.3 ampere single non motor operated appliance should not exceed _______ amperes.
    a. 15
    b. 35
    c. 25
    d. 45
    Article 422.11(E)(3) Single non motor operated appliance, pg. 291


    The connection between a grounded conductor and the equipment grounding conductor at the service is accomplished with the use of a _________.
    a. main bonding jumper sized per 250.66
    b. system bonding jumper sized per 250.66
    c. equipment bonding conductor sized per 250.122
    d. main bonding jumper sized per 250.122
    Article 100 Definitions (pg 26)and Article 250 grounding and bonding pg 115

    main bonding jumper sized per 250.66

    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection for personnel is required for all 125 volt, single phase, 15 and 20 ampere receptacles installed in a dwelling unit _____.
    a. attics
    b. garages
    c. crawl spaces above grade level
    d. a, b and c
    Article 210.8(A)(2) Dwelling Units pg. 50


    An outdoor antenna of a receiving station with a 75 foot span using a copper clad steel conductor shall not be less than No. ______.
    a. 10 AWG
    b. 12 AWG
    c. 14 AWG
    d. 17 AWG
    Article 810.16(A) Size of Antenna Conductors, pg. 683

    17 AWG

    The metallic sheath of communications cables entering buildings shall be _______.
    a. grounded at the point of emergence through an exterior wall
    b. grounded at the point of emergence through a concrete floor slab
    c. interrupted as close to the point of entrance as practicable by an insulating joint.
    d. a, b, and c.
    Articles 800.93(A) Grounding or interruption of metallic sheath members of communication cables (pg, 673) and Article 800.2 definitions, pg. 670

    a, b, and c

    All exposed non current carrying metal parts of cranes, monorail hoists, hoists and accessories, including pendant controls shall_______, where applicable, so that the entire crane or hoist is a ground fault path as required or permitted by Article 250, Parts V and VII.
    a. be bonded with No. 6 AWG or larger conductors
    b. be bonded either by mechanical connections or bonding jumpers
    c. be grounded
    d. not be grounded
    Article 610.61 Grounding pg. 532

    be bonded by either mechanical connections or bonding jumpers

    All branch circuits that supply 120 volt, single phase, 15 and 20 ampere branch circuits supplying outlets installed in dwelling unit family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sunrooms, recreation rooms, closets, hallways or similar rooms or areas shall be _____ protected.
    a. AFCI(Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter)
    b. GFCI
    c. a and b
    d. ACFI
    Article 210.12(B) and (A) Branch circuit extensions or modifications- dwelling units. pg. 52


    A fixture in a class III location that may be exposed to physical damage shall be protected by a _____ guard.
    a. substantial
    b. metal
    c. suitable
    d. bronze
    Article 503.130(B) Luminaries, divisions 1 & 2 pg 393


    Ground fault protection of equipment shall be provided by electric heat tracing and heating panels. This requirement shall not apply in industrial establishments where there is alarm indication of ground faults and the following conditions apply:
    a. Conditions of maintenance and supervision ensure that only qualified persons service the installed systems
    b. Continued circuit operation is necessary for safe operation of equipment or processes
    c. a and b
    d. none of these.
    ARticle 427.22 Ground Fault Protection of equipment pg. 308

    a and b

    Class 1 control circuit conductors shall have over current protection _____________________
    a. for No. 14 AWG and larger
    b. not exceeding 7 amperes for No. 18 AWG and 10 amperes for No. 16 AWG
    c. and derating factors do not apply
    d. a, b and c
    Article 725.43 Class 1 Circuit Overcurrent Protection pg. 642

    a, b and c

    In a commercial major repair garage, the pit area in lubrication or service rooms, below grade, shall be classified as a _______________location that extends up to the floor level, unless provisions are made for mechanical ventilation providing a minimum of six air changes per hour, which is a __________________location
    a. Class 1. Division 2 and Class I Division 1
    b. Class II. Division 2 and Class Division 1
    c. Class II Division 1. and Class II Division 2
    d. Class I Division I and Class I Division 2
    Article 511.3(C)(3)(a)and(b)Pit areas in Lubrication or service Room, pg. 420

    Class I Division 1 and Class I Division 2

    Emergency Lighting Unit Equipment (battery pack) shall be on the same branch circuit as that serving the normal lighting in the area and connected _______of any local switches.
    a. separately
    b. ahead
    c. after
    d. none of these
    Article 700.12(F)sources of power, Unit Equipment pg. 625


    The neutral conductor of a 3 wire branch circuit supplying a household electric range shall be permitted to be smaller than the ungrounded conductors where the maximum demand of a range of 8 3/4 KW or more has been calculated according to Column C of Table 220.55. However, the neutral ampacity shall not be less than ______ percent of the branch circuit rating, and not smaller than No. _____
    a. 50 and 6
    b. 70 and 6
    c. 50 and 10
    d. 70 and 10.
    Article 210.19(A)(3) Exception 2 Household Ranges and cooking appliances, pg. 53

    70 and 10

    Floor penetrations requiring Types CMR communication cable shall contain only cables suitable for riser or plenum use. ed communication cables shall be ______.
    a. encased in a metal raceway
    b. located in a fireproof shaft with firestops at each floor
    c. a or b
    d. none of these.
    Article 800.110 Raceways for communications wires adnd cables. pg. 675

    a or b

    No ______ shall be attached to any terminal or lead so as to reverse designed polarity.
    a. grounded conductor
    b. grounding conductor
    c. ungrounded conductor
    d. grounding connector
    Article 200.11 Polarity of Connections pg. 48

    grounded conductor

    Lampholders installed over highly combustible material shall be of the ________ type.
    a. industrial
    b. switched
    c. unswitched
    d. residential
    Article 410.12 Luminaries over Combustible material pg. 281


    The NEC permits lighting fixture tap conductors to be a minimum of ____ inches long.
    a. 12
    b. 36
    c. 24
    d. 18
    Article 410.117(C) Tap conductors pg. 286


    In dwelling units, the voltage between conductors shall not exceed 120 volts, nominal, between conductors that supply terminals of _________________________
    a. luminaires
    b. cord and plug connected loads of 1440 VA nominal or less
    c. cord and plugged connected loads of 1440 VA nominal or more
    d. a and b
    Article 210.6(a) Branch-Circuit Voltage Limitations, Occupancy Limitation pg. 49

    a and b

    Hazardous locations are classified depending on the properties of the ______, that may be present, and the likelihood that a flammable or combustible concentration or quantity is present.
    a. flammable gas
    b. flammable liquid produced vapor
    c. combustible dusts or fibers/flyings
    d. a,b,and c
    Article 500.5(A) Classifications of locations pg. 369

    a b and c

    The over current protective devices, the total impedance, the component short circuit _____ ratings, and other characteristics of the circuit to be protected shall be selected and coordinated to permit the circuit protective devices used to clear a fault to do so without extensive damage to the electrical components of the circuit.
    a. withstand
    b. current
    c. overload
    d. interrupting
    Article 110.10 pg. 35


    For electrode type boilers, each boiler shall be designed so that in normal operation there is no change in state of the heat transfer medium, and shall be equipped with a temperature sensitive ________.
    a. protective device
    b. limiting means
    c. shut off device
    d. all of these
    Article 424.83 Overtemperature limit control pg. 302

    limiting means

    Aluminum cable trays shall not be used as equipment grounding conductors for circuits with ground fault protection above _____ amperes.
    a. 2000
    b. 300
    c. 500
    d. 1200
    In 2008, Article 392.3(C)and 392.7(b) and Table 392.7(B) note b
    In 2011 Article 392.60(A) note b pg. 244

    2000 amps

    The maximum allowable horse power rating of a permanently connected appliance where the branch circuit protection device is used as the appliance disconnecting means is _____ horsepower.
    a. 1/8
    b. 1/4
    c. 1/2
    d. 3/4
    Article 422.31(A)Disconnection of Permanently connected devices, pg. 293


    What size THHN conductor is required for a 50 ampere circuit if the equipment terminals are ed for 75 degrees Centigrade conductor sizing? Reference Table 310.16
    a. 10 AWG copper
    b. 8 AWG copper
    c. 6 AWG copper
    d. 4 AWG copper
    Article 110.14(C)(1)Temperature limitations, equipment provisions.. pg. 36 also table 310-15 (2011)pg. 154

    8 AWG copper

    All wiring shall be installed so that the completed system will be free from ______
    a. short circuits
    b. ground faults
    c. a and b
    d. defects
    Article 110.7 Wiring integrity pg. 35

    a and b

    In information technology rooms, an approved means shall be provided to disconnect power to __________________.
    a. all electronic equipment
    b. all dedicated HVAC systems serving the room
    c. shall cause all fire/smoke dampers to close
    d. all of the above
    Article 645.10 disconnecting means pg. 562

    all of the above

    Where connected to a branch circuit supplying _____ or more receptacles or outlets, a receptacle shall not supply a total cord and plug connected load in excess of the maximum specified in Table 210.21(B)(2).
    a. two
    b. three
    c. four
    d. five
    Article 210.21(B)(2)Total cord and plug connected load pg. 54


    Branch circuits rated 15 or 20 amperes can supply fixed appliances(utilization equipment fastened in place) as long as the fixed appliances do not exceed _____ percent of the circuit rating.
    a. 125
    b. 100
    c. 80
    d. 50
    Article 210.23(A) (2) Utilization equipment fastened in place pg. 54


    No. 18 TFFN fixture wire is rated for ______ amperes
    a. 14
    b. 10
    c. 8
    d. 6
    Article 402.5 and Table 402.5 Allowable ampacities for fixture wires pg. 266


    Where the load is calculated on the basis of volt amperes per square foot, the load shall be evenly proportioned among multioutlet branch circuits within the ___________.
    b. branch circuits
    c. panelboard(s)
    d. dwelling unit
    Article 210.11(B)Load evenly proportioned among branch circuits pg. 51


    IN a Class II location, where electrically conducting dust is present, flexible connections can be made with _________
    a. flexible metal conduit
    b. Type AC armored cable
    c. flexible cord ed hard usage
    d. liquidtight flexible metal conduit with ed fittings.
    Article 502.10 (A)(2)(2)Flexible connections pg. 386

    liquid tight flexible metal conduit with ed fittings

    Distinctive marking at the terminals during the process of installation shall identify the grounded conductors of _______ metal sheathed cable.
    a. armored
    b. mineral insulated
    c. copper
    d. aluminum
    Article 200.6(A)(5)(2011)or (1) 2008 Means of Idenifying grounded conductors.

    mineral insulated

    Type MV is defined as a single or multiconductor solid dielectric insulated cable rated _________volts or higher.
    a. 601
    b. 2000
    c. 2001
    d. 4160
    Article 328.2 Medium Voltage Cable Type MV pg. 192


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