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  1. Determining Logical Delivery
  2. Determining Clarity of Information/Support
  3. Determining Relevancy of Delivery Style
  4. Determining Sufficiency/Depth of Delivery
  5. Determining Sufficiency (Depth and Breadth) of Information/Support
  6. Determining Logic of Information/Support
  7. Determining Clarity of Delivery
  8. Determining Accuracy of Information/Support
  9. Determining Information/Support Relevancy
  1. a
    Are audience analysis survey results used to forge a direct relationship between the topic and the audience?
  2. b
    Are valid conclusions drawn from the major and minor premises of deductive and inductive reasoning?
  3. c
    Is the information provided for each oral citation sufficient for listeners to easily verify the credibility and reliability of the reference materials?
  4. d
    Is language choice appropriate for the audience (i.e. grammatically correct, imaginative, and creative, gender neutral) to make the message clear?
  5. e
    Is the speaker's attire appropriate for the audience, the occasion, and for the assignment requirements?
  6. f
    Does the speaker use vocal variety (i.e. variations in rate, pitch, and volume) to achieve a dynamic and conversational delivery style that supports and clarifies the verbal message?
  7. g
    Is the information/support in the speech from credible and reliable sources of information?
  8. h
    Does the speaker vary the tone, pitch, rate and volume to distinguish the salient points from the minor points of the message?
  9. i
    Does tone of the message that is created by the nonverbal physical and nonverbal vocal qualities contradict the verbal message or does it make sense for the message created for the audience and the occasion?