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  1. Natural Nail Unit
  2. Nail Plate
  3. Matrix
  4. shiny
  5. Bed Epithelium
  6. Nail Cuticle
  7. Nerves, lymph, and blood vessels
  8. Nail Bed
  9. Natural Nail
  10. Eponychium
  11. 4 to 6 months
  12. Hyponychium
  13. Thumb
  14. Nail Folds
  15. Shed
  16. Body
  17. Sidewall
  18. Push Back
  19. Lunula
  20. Cuticle
  21. Nail Grooves
  22. Ligament
  23. 9 months to 1 year
  24. Free Edge
  25. Skin
  26. 15 and 25 percent
  1. a Slits or furrows on the sides of the sidewall.
  2. b The ______ is relatively porous and will allow water to pass through.
  3. c Unlike healthy hair, healthy nails are not ____ periodically
  4. d The _____ is the whitish, half-moon shape at the base of the nail.
  5. e What 3 things does the matrix contain?
  6. f The finger nail on the ______ typically grows slowest.
  7. g Toenails are thicker and harder than fingernails because the ______ of the toenail is longer than that of the fingernail.
  8. h What is the living skin at the base of the natural nail plate that covers the matrix area?
  9. i A _______ is a tough band of fibrous tissue that connects the bones or holds an organ in place.
  10. j The nail has a water content between _______.
  11. k How long does replacement of the natural fingernail usually take?
  12. l The natural nail is an appendage of the _____.
  13. m Composed of several major parts of the fingernail including the nail plate, nail bed, matrix, cuticle, eponychium, hyponychium, specialized ligaments, and nail fold.
  14. n A normal, healthy nail is ______.
  15. o Cuticle moisturizers, softeners, and conditioners are NOT designed to treat the ______.
  16. p "lateral nail fold" ; the fold of skin overlapping the side of the nail.
  17. q What is the dead, colorless tissue attached to the natural nail plate?
  18. r What is the slightly thickened layer of skin that lies between the fingertip and free edge of the natural nail plate?
  19. s The appearance of the nails can reflect the general health of the _____.
  20. t What is the portion of the living skin on which the nail plate sits?
  21. u What is the part of the nail plate that extends over the tip of the finger or toe?
  22. v How long does it take for toenails to be fully replaced?
  23. w What is the thin layer of tissue between the nail plate and the nail bed that attaches the two?
  24. x "onyx" ; the hard protective plate is composed mainly of keratin, the same fibrous protein found in skin and hair.
  25. y Cosmetologists are allowed to ______ the eponychium.
  26. z Folds of normal skin that surround the natural nail plate.