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  1. If a client requests a specific cut or color that she has seen on a celebrity, you should _____ explain whether the look is right for the client.
  2. If, during a discussion, a client is revealing increasingly personal details, it is recommended that you change the subject or ______ to help take her mind off of her troubles.
  3. "needs assessment"; the verbal communication with a client that determines what the client's needs are and how to achieve the desired results.
  4. When you meet an older client for the first time, it is recommended that you address her with a ______, such as "Mrs. Smith."
  5. The ability to understand people is ______ to the success of a cosmetologist.
  6. As a cosmetologist, do not attempt to fulfill the role of ______, career guide, parental sounding board, or motivational coach for your clients.
  7. What is step 6 of the 10-step consultation method?
  8. What is NOT primary criteria to consider when suggesting hairstyle options to a client?
  9. In handling a client who is dissatisfied with a service, what is the ultimate goal?
  10. Listening to the client and then repeating, in your own words, what you think the client is telling you.
  11. What is the term commonly used for patrons of medical spas?
  12. What is the document also known as a client questionnaire or consultation card?
  13. The act of sharing information between two people (or groups of people) so that the information is successfully understood.
  14. When you need to speak with your manager about an issue or problem, it is recommended that you ______ beforehand.
  15. To earn clients' ______ and loyalty, you should set aside a few minutes to take new clients on a quick tour of the salon, smile, and be yourself.
  16. It is best to avoid using ______ terms when conversing with clients.
  17. People who create conflict wherever they go typically do so because they are feeling _____.
  18. If you have clients who are habitually _____, it is recommended that you ask them to arrive earlier than their actual appointment time.
  19. You should be open and honest in all of your communications with coworkers, but you must also be ______ to circumstances in which being direct would be hurtful.
  20. Instead of the term "client", patrons of day spas are commonly called what?