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  1. Sole Proprietor
  2. Satisfied clients
  3. Maximum Efficiency
  4. Record Keeping
  5. booth rental
  6. Mission Statement
  7. Insurance
  8. Supporting Documents
  9. Salon Policies
  10. Organizational Plan
  11. Written Agreements
  12. Business regulations and laws
  13. Personnel
  14. Financial Documents
  15. Capital
  16. Retail Supplies
  17. Payroll
  18. Executive Summary
  19. Business Plan
  20. Goals
  21. Vision Statement
  22. $75 to $125
  23. Salon Operation
  24. Demographics
  25. the receptionist
  26. Marketing Plan
  27. Partnership
  28. Offers Easy Access
  29. Corporation
  30. Accountant
  31. 1
  32. maintain current clients
  33. Consumption Supplies
  1. a Maintaining accurate and complete records of all financial activities in your business
  2. b Which part of a business plan summarizes your plan and states your objectives.
  3. c Documents that govern the opening of a salon, including leases, vendor contracts, employee contracts, and more; all of which detail, usually for legal purposes, who does what and what is given in return.
  4. d The rules or regulations adopted by a salon to ensure that all clients and associates are being treated fairly and consistently
  5. e Business structure in which two or more people share ownership, although not necessarily equality
  6. f Which part of a business plan outlines management levels and describes how the business will be run?
  7. g What is the best form of advertising for a salon?
  8. h When choosing a location for your business, you should select one that ______.
  9. i Any and all local, state, and federal regulations and laws that you must comply with when you decide to open your salon or rent a booth.
  10. j Supplies used in the daily business operation.
  11. k Supplies sold to clients
  12. l Which part of a business plan includes projected financial statements, actual statements, and financial statement analysis?
  13. m Costs to create even a small salon in an existing space can range from _____ per square foot.
  14. n "chair rental"; renting a booth or station in a salon
  15. o The ongoing, recurring processes or activities involved in the running of a business for the purpose of producing income and value.
  16. p Which part of a business plan is a description of the key strategic influences of the business?
  17. q What is the minimum number of stockholders required for a corporation to exist?
  18. r Booking appointments is primarily whose job?
  19. s When planning and constructing the best physical layout for a salon, the primary concern should be ________.
  20. t A written description of your business as you see it today, and as you foresee it in the next five years (detailed by year)
  21. u Which part of a business plan includes the owner's resume, personal financial information, legal contracts, and any other arguments?
  22. v Individual owner and, most often, the manager of a business
  23. w An ownership structure controlled by one or more stockholders.
  24. x Which part of a business plan outlines all of the research obtained regarding the clients your business will target and their needs, wants, and habits.
  25. y Money needed to invest in a business
  26. z A long-term picture of what the business is to become and what it will look like when it gets there.
  27. aa It should always be your top priority to meet which financial obligation?
  28. ab The first goal of every business should be to _______________.
  29. ac A set of benchmarks that, once achieved, help you to realize your mission and your vision.
  30. ad Your staff or employees
  31. ae When preparing your business plan, it is often helpful to consult with an ______ to prepare your financial documents.
  32. af Guarantees protection against financial loss from malpractice, property liability, fire, burglary and theft, and business interruption.
  33. ag Information about a specific population including data on race, age, income, and educational attainment.