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  1. Networking
  2. Resume
  3. both technical and communication skills
  4. both the interviewer and the interviewee
  5. Employment Portfolio
  6. Thank-you note
  7. ask the examiner
  8. deductive reasoning
  9. integrity
  10. primarily focus on the schools you have attended
  11. Are you authorized to work in the United States?
  12. if two choices are opposites, one is probably correct
  13. Transferable Skills
  14. franchise salon
  15. Work Ethic
  16. Test-wise
  17. focus on what the other test candidates are doing as your work
  18. Never
  19. resume
  20. Stem
  21. employment portfolio
  22. high-end image salon
  23. 5
  1. a Taking pride in your work and committing yourself to consistently doing a good job for your clients, employer, and salon team.
  2. b Written summary of a person's education and work experience
  3. c To be successful in cosmetology, it is important to develop _________.
  4. d An ________ is a collection of photos and documents that reflect your skills, accomplishments, and abilities in your chosen career field.
  5. e What word is an example of an absolute
  6. f The basic question or problem
  7. g The process of reaching logical conclusions by employing logical reasoning.
  8. h Which type of salon shares a national name, consistent image, and business formula with salons in other locations?
  9. i Which type of salon is MOST likely to offer extras such as five-minute head, neck, and shoulder massages as part of the shampoo?
  10. j A _____ is a written summary of a person's education and work experience.
  11. k When going over the directions for the exam, if there are things you do not understand, you should ________
  12. l The typical independent salon has about ____ styling stations.
  13. m Making contact with salons and professionals to establish contacts in the beauty industry.
  14. n When answering a multiple choice question ________
  15. o After doing a salon site visit, it is important to send the salon representative a ______
  16. p When preparing your professional resume, it is recommended that you _______.
  17. q A collection, usually bound, of photos and documents that reflect your skills, accomplishments, and abilities in your chosen career field.
  18. r When taking the practical exam, it is recommended that you do NOT do what?
  19. s Who should ask questions during the interview?
  20. t Understanding the strategies for successful test taking.
  21. u Having _____ means being committed to a strong code of moral and artistic values.
  22. v What's a question that a potential employer legally ask during an interview?
  23. w Skills mastered at other jobs that can be put to use in a new position.