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  1. Photoepilation
  2. Laser Hair Removal
  3. drip smoothly off the spatula
  4. darker than the surrounding skin
  5. a lotion designed to dissolve wax
  6. Hirsutism
  7. Waxing
  8. aloe gel
  9. Needle-shaped electrode
  10. Health Screening Form
  11. Both oral and topical
  12. 1/2 inch
  13. Hirsuties
  14. Epilator
  15. Depilatory
  16. Tweezing
  17. Brazilian Bikini Waxing
  18. clear 50 to 60 percent of hair in 12 weeks
  19. 7 to 10 minutes
  20. 4 to 6 weeks
  21. electric clippers
  22. unusual hair growth
  23. Threading
  24. Electrolysis
  25. 1/8 inch
  26. depilatory
  27. Orbital bone
  28. the bottom of the follicle
  29. Sugaring
  1. a A questionnaire that discloses all medications, both topical and oral, along with any known skin disorders or allergies that might affect treatment.
  2. b If redness or swelling occurs after a waxing treatment, soothe the skin with the application of _______ and cool compresses.
  3. c During the client consultation, all clients should complete a questionnaire that discloses ________ medications.
  4. d What is the recommended time between waxing?
  5. e What method of hair removal is especially popular in Eastern cultures?
  6. f An advantage of sugar waxing is that it can be used to remove hair as short as _______ long.
  7. g Electrolysis involves the administration of an electric current with a _______.
  8. h Which method of hair removal temporarily removes superfluous hair by dissolving it at the skin surface level?
  9. i Substance, usually a caustic alkali preparation, used for the temporary removal of superfluous hair by dissolving it at the skin surface level.
  10. j "hypertrichosis"; growth of an unusual amount of hair on parts of the body normally bearing only downy hair, such as the faces of women or the backs of men.
  11. k Using tweezers to remove hairs.
  12. l Substance used to remove hair by pulling it out of the follicle.
  13. m The condition known as hirsuties causes _______.
  14. n Removal of hair by means of an electric current that destroys the root of the hair.
  15. o A waxing technique that requires the removal of all the hair from the front and the back of the bikini area.
  16. p Photoepilation can _________.
  17. q An absolute requirement for laser hair removal is that the hair being removed must be _________.
  18. r Permanent hair removal treatment in which a laser beam is pulsed on the skin, impairing the hair growth.
  19. s In the nape area, the most common form of hair removal is usually performed using _______.
  20. t When hot wax is ready to be applied to the skin it should _______.
  21. u The natural arch of the eyebrow follows the ________.
  22. v If hair is more than ______ long, it should be trimmed before waxing.
  23. w What is the appropriate hair removal procedure for a client's underarms?
  24. x "intense pulsed light"; permanent hair removal treatment that uses intense light to destroy the growth cells of the hair follicles.
  25. y When performing a patch test for a depilatory, how long should you leave it on the skin?
  26. z If hot wax lands on the client in an area you do not wish to treat, you should remove it with __________.
  27. aa Condition pertaining to an excessive growth or cover of hair, especially in women.
  28. ab Temporary hair removal method that involves the use of a thick, sugar-based paste.
  29. ac An epilator removes the hair from _______.