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  1. Year
  2. aggressive
  3. management
  4. rhythms
  5. warm
  6. 5+ years
  7. Mission Statement
  8. Motivation
  9. A Game Plan
  10. Ethics
  11. Procrastination
  12. Perfectionism
  1. a What is the thing that propels you to do something?
  2. b What is putting off until tomorrow what you can do today?
  3. c Self-________ involves knowing what you want to achieve and keeping yourself on track so that you do eventually achieve your goal.
  4. d Long-term goals are measured in larger sections of time such as:______.
  5. e What are the moral principles by which we live and work?
  6. f When we pay attention to our natural _____, we can learn how to manage our time efficiently.
  7. g Effective communicators usually have _____, caring personalities.
  8. h A statement that establishes the values that an individual or institution lives by, as well as future goals.
  9. i Short-term goals can generally be completed within one _____ or less.
  10. j In order to be diplomatic, you should be assertive rather than ______.
  11. k The conscious act of planning your life instead of just letting things happen is described as having what?
  12. l What is an unhealthy compulsion to do things perfectly?