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  1. framing the face with longer braids
  2. tighten and shrink the wave pattern
  3. Cornrows
  4. Fishtail Braid
  5. long, non-layered hair
  6. Rope braid
  7. Drawing board
  8. Pick with rounded teeth
  9. Single Braids
  10. 6 t0 8 inches
  11. Overhand Technique
  12. Twising
  13. Rope Braid
  14. It closely mimics human hair
  15. Square paddle brush
  16. 4 hours
  17. Underhand Technique
  18. The block roll
  19. growing stage
  20. Natural Hairstyling
  21. It helps to remove the manufactured shine.
  22. the material from which the comb is made
  23. Invisible Braid
  24. Visible
  25. five-inch scissors
  26. Twisting
  27. Single Braid
  28. In any direction
  29. Asia
  30. Shrinks
  31. Double-toothed comb
  32. sprouting stage
  33. Feed-in
  34. three-strand underhand technique
  35. has an open end
  36. Locks
  37. Elongated
  38. Locks (dreadlocks)
  39. Weaving
  40. Cutting comb
  41. Visible Braid
  42. a person's social status
  43. Diffuser
  44. Boar-bristle brush
  1. a Simple two-stranded braid in which hair is picked up from the sides and added to the strands as they are crossed over each other.
  2. b A _______is a free-hanging braid with or without an extension that can be executed using either an underhand or an overhand technique.
  3. c What is a tool used for cutting small sections, and should only be used after the hair is softened and elongated with a blowdryer?
  4. d "box braids or individual braids"; free-hanging braids, with or without extensions, that can be executed using either an underhand or an overhand technique.
  5. e Overlapping two strands to form a candy cane effect.
  6. f What are separate networks of curly, textured hair that have been intertwined and meshed together?
  7. g A _______ is used to dry hair without disturbing the finished look and without dehydrating the hair.
  8. h "inverted braid or french braid"; a three-strand braid that is produced with an overhand technique.
  9. i What is a characteristic of Kanekalon?
  10. j During which developmental phase of locks can a bulb be felt at the end of each lock?
  11. k During the first developmental phase of locks, the hair coil ________.
  12. l The ______ method involves applying extensions to cornrows by building the braid up strand by strand.
  13. m How long does a tree braiding service take?
  14. n Single braids can move ________.
  15. o separate networks of curly, textured hair that have been intertwined and meshed together.
  16. p A _______ is recommended for lifting and separating textured hair.
  17. q Interweaving a weft or faux hair with natural hair.
  18. r "plaiting"; a technique in which the left section goes under the middle strand, then the right section goes under the middle strand.
  19. s A technique in which the first side section goes over the middle one, then the other side section goes over the middle strand.
  20. t A finishing comb is usually ______ in length.
  21. u Hairstyling that uses no chemicals or dyes and does not alter the natural curl or coil pattern of the hair.
  22. v "canerows" ; narrow rows of visible braids that lie close to the scalp and are created with a three-strand, on-the-scalp braiding technique.
  23. w In some African tribes, different styles of braiding indicated what?
  24. x Which type of brush is recommended for releasing tangles, knots, and snarls in short, textured hair and long, straight hair?
  25. y What is NOT a basic method of locking?
  26. z When curly hair is braided wet, it _______ as it dries.
  27. aa During which developmental phase of locks does the hair begin to regain length?
  28. ab The fishtail braid is best done on ________.
  29. ac Most human hair used for hair extensions is imported from which part of the world?
  30. ad What is a braid created with two strands that are twisted around each other?
  31. ae Three-strand braid that is created using an underhand technique.
  32. af Braid created with two strands that are twisted around each other.
  33. ag The _____ face is a too-long oval and requires a style with more width at the sides.
  34. ah When performing a braiding service, it is recommended that you use _______ to create shapes and finished looks, and to trim bangs and excess extension material.
  35. ai What is the practice of overlapping two strands to form a candy cane effect?
  36. aj What is the flat leather pad with very close, fine teeth used to sandwich human hair extensions?
  37. ak What is the benefit of mixing yak hair with human hair?
  38. al Blowdrying does NOT ________.
  39. am What is recommended for a client with a square face?
  40. an A _______braid is created using a three-strand underhand braid technique where strands are woven under the center strand.
  41. ao Which brush is recommended for scalp stimulation and removal of dirt and lint from locks?
  42. ap What is the most important feature of the wide-toothed comb?
  43. aq What is a tool that separates the hair as it combs, and is recommended for detangling wet curly hair?
  44. ar Extensions for single braids are integrated into natural hair using the _______.