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  1. Liquid Gels
  2. strong
  3. Backbrushing
  4. Barrel Curls
  5. End Curls
  6. Ridge Curls
  7. Half Base
  8. Ridge curls
  9. Hair Spray
  10. On base
  11. no-stem pin curls
  12. Circle
  13. 1920s and 1930s
  14. Full-stem curl
  15. Finger Waving
  16. Half-stem curl
  17. Curl
  18. Balanced and well-proportioned
  19. Gel
  20. Base
  21. rolling the cold iron in your hand first forward, then backward.
  22. Dry hair only
  23. The Curl
  24. Only on dry hair
  25. Pomade
  26. Texturizer
  27. Soft Press
  28. Cascade curls
  29. The side of the head
  30. Updo
  31. A piece of tissue paper
  32. Twist
  33. Marcel Waving
  34. Ribboning
  35. Excessively curly
  36. Grooming Brush
  37. Vent brush
  38. Concentrator
  39. Rod
  40. Volumizers
  41. Half-moon curls
  42. Thermal waving and curling
  43. Triangular base pin curls
  44. Volume-base curls
  45. Foam
  46. wigs made of nylon hair
  47. Client Consultation
  48. Pin curls
  49. Hard Press
  50. Open end
  51. Thermal Irons
  52. Indentation
  53. cool the comb in the freezer
  54. A wave
  55. Waving Lotion
  56. 5 to 10 minutes
  57. Blowdry styling
  58. wet or dry hair
  59. Rectangular base curls
  60. Pleat
  61. Open-center curls
  62. Hair Wrapping
  63. Double Press
  64. Ammonia
  65. extra heat
  66. Cascade Curls
  67. arc-based
  68. Diffuser
  69. 45 degree angle
  70. Hair Pressing
  71. Blowdry Styling
  72. Classic Styling Brush
  73. Scalp Massage
  74. Off base
  75. Stem
  76. Full-Base Curls
  77. Temper
  78. Skip Waves
  79. Shell
  80. Closed-center curls
  81. A special event
  82. creates a textured surface
  83. long, medium, or short
  84. Spiral Curl
  85. Straightening Gel
  86. Shaping
  87. Sideways and parallel around the head
  88. Teasing Brush
  89. Knot
  90. Square base pin curls
  91. Off Base
  92. Medium Press
  93. a dermatologist
  94. Carved Curls
  95. Half-base curls
  96. No-stem curl
  97. Backcombing
  1. a "full base"; position of a curl or roller directly on its base for maximum volume.
  2. b Full- base curls provide a ____ curl.
  3. c The position of a curl or a roller completely off its base for maximum mobility and minimum volume.
  4. d "wax"; styling products that add considerable weight to the hair by causing strands to join together, showing separation in the hair.
  5. e Pin curls that produce even, smooth waves and uniform curls.
  6. f A hood dryer is recommended if you want ______.
  7. g "marcel waving"; methods of waving and curling straight or pressed dry hair using thermal irons and special manipulative curling techniques
  8. h Technique of drying and styling damp hair in a single operation.
  9. i A process used to condition a new brass pressing comb so that it heats evenly.
  10. j What involves combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp, causing shorter hair to mat at the scalp, forming a cushion or base?
  11. k Which type of curls are suitable for curly hairstyles without much volume and lift, can be used on any part of the head, and will comb out with lasting results?
  12. l Thickened styling preperation that comes in a tube or bottle and creates a strong hold.
  13. m Thermal waving is also known as _____.
  14. n Hairstyle in which the hair is arranged up and off the shoulders.
  15. o Blowdryer attachment that causes the air to flow more softly and helps to accentuate or keep textural definition.
  16. p The technique of drying and styling damp hair in one operation is called ______.
  17. q When tempering a new pressing comb, you should NOT ______.
  18. r "finishing spray"; a styling product applied in the form of a mist to hold a style in position; available in a variety of holding strengths.
  19. s Thermal curls that sit in the center of their base; strong curls with full volume.
  20. t End curls can be used to give a finished appearance to the ends of _____ hair.
  21. u Pin curls that produce tight, firm, long-lasting curls and allow for minimum mobility are known as _____.
  22. v A technique used for formal hairstyling that creates a look of conical shape.
  23. w "ruffing"; technique used to build a soft cushion or to mesh two or more curl patterns together for a uniform and smooth comb out.
  24. x Finger waving was very popular during the _____.
  25. y Implements made of quality steel that are used to curl dry hair.
  26. z When executing an undo, always inspect the shape you are building from every angle to ensure that it is _______.
  27. aa "circle"; the hair that is wrapped around the roller.
  28. ab "sculptured curls"; pin curls sliced from a shaping and formed without lifting the hair from the head.
  29. ac Technique of forcing the hair between the thumb and the back of the comb to create tension.
  30. ad To remove dirt, oils, and product residue from the barrel of a thermal iron, use a dampened towel with a soapy solution containing a few drops of ______.
  31. ae Thermal curls placed half off their base; strong curls with moderate lift or volume.
  32. af Which type of curls are usually recommended along the front or facial hairline to prevent breaks or splits in the finished hairstyle?
  33. ag To smooth hair that is backcombed, the teeth of the comb or brush should be held at a _____ pointing away from you.
  34. ah Arc-base pin curls are also known as ______.
  35. ai A _____ is a thin, nylon styling brush that has a tail for sectioning, along with a narrow row of bristles.
  36. aj Pin curls placed immediately behind or below a ridge to form a wave are called ______.
  37. ak "stand-up curls"; pin curls fastened to the head in a standing position to allow the hair to flow upward and then downward.
  38. al Pin curls placed immediately behind or below a ridge to form a wave.
  39. am Position of a curl or a roller that sits halfway on its base and halfway behind the base, giving medium volume and movement.
  40. an A _____ is generally an oval brush with a mixture of boar and nylon bristles.
  41. ao Styling products that add volume, especially at the base, when wet hair is blown dry.
  42. ap Wrapping can be done on ______.
  43. aq Technique that removes 100 percent of the curl by applying the pressing comb twice on each side of the hair.
  44. ar Round, solid prong of a thermal iron.
  45. as Method of temporarily straightening extremely curly or unruly hair by means of a heated iron or comb.
  46. at Curl placed completely off the base; allows for the greatest mobility.
  47. au Styling product applied to damp hair that is wavy, curly, or extremely curly and then blown dry; relaxes the hair for a smooth, straight look.
  48. av Pin curls with large center openings, fastened to the head in a standing position on a rectangular base.
  49. aw A benefit of using _____ is that it offers firmer, longer hold for fine hair with the least amount of heaviness.
  50. ax The clamp that presses the hair against the barrel or rod of a thermal iron.
  51. ay What is usually recommended at the side front hairline for a smooth, upsweep effect?
  52. az Coarse, extremely curly hair requires ______ to process.
  53. ba "classic french twist"; a technique used for formal hairstyling that creates a look of folded hair.
  54. bb Two rows of ridge curls, usually on the side of the head.
  55. bc Method of curling the hair by winding a strand around the rod.
  56. bd Curl placed directly on its base; produces a tight, firm, long-lasting curl and allows minimum mobility
  57. be "chignon"; a technique used for formal hairstyling that creates the look of a knot or bun.
  58. bf The first step in the hairstyling process should always be a _____.
  59. bg A tight scalp can be made more flexible with hair brushing and the systematic use of _____.
  60. bh Where are skip waves typically found?
  61. bi Technique of pressing the hair to remove 50 to 60 percent of the curl by applying the thermal pressing comb once on each side of the hair.
  62. bj Section of the pin curl between the base and first arc of the circle that gives the curl its direction and movement; the hair between the scalp and the first turn of the roller.
  63. bk The point where curls of opposite directions meet, forming a recessed area.
  64. bl Nonelectrical thermal irons are commonly favored by stylists who cater to clients with _____ hair.
  65. bm What can you NOT use thermal irons on?
  66. bn How long do velcro rollers need to stay in the hair?
  67. bo Pin curls formed in a shaping should begin at the ______.
  68. bp Which part of a roller curl is also known as the circle?
  69. bq Which type of curls are also known as stand-up curls?
  70. br In creating horizontal finger waves, the waves are placed _____.
  71. bs Process of shaping and directing the hair into an S pattern through the use of the fingers, combs, and waving lotion
  72. bt Clients are most likely to request a pleat for ______.
  73. bu "texturizers"; styling products that are lighter and less viscous than firm hold gels, used for easy styling, defining, and molding.
  74. bv "mousse"; a light, airy, whipped styling product that resembles shaving foam and builds moderate body and volume into the hair.
  75. bw Used to give a finished appearance to hair ends either turned under or over.
  76. bx After heating the iron to the desired temperature, you test it on ______.
  77. by A _____ is a half-round, rubber-based brush.
  78. bz Technique of passing a hot curling iron through the hair before performing a hard press.
  79. ca Section of the hair that is molded in a circular movement in preparation for the formation of curls.
  80. cb Pin curls that produce waves that get smaller toward the end.
  81. cc Curl placed half off the base; permits medium movement and gives good control to the hair.
  82. cd What is the best way to practice manipulative techniques with thermal irons?
  83. ce Velcro rollers can be used _____.
  84. cf When you use a comb with teeth spaced closely together, it ________.
  85. cg A technique used to keep curly hair smooth and straight.
  86. ch Hot rollers are to be used on ______.
  87. ci When using rollers, one and a half turns will create _____.
  88. cj Type of hair gel that makes the hair pliable enough to keep it in place during the finger-waving procedure.
  89. ck Who can diagnose scalp skin disease?
  90. cl Nozzle attachment of a blowdryer; directs the air stream to any section of the hair more intensely.
  91. cm A _____ is a brush used to speed up the blowdrying process.
  92. cn Stationary, or nonmoving, foundation of a pin curl (the area closest to the scalp); the panel of hair on which a roller is placed.
  93. co Which roller position is recommended for the least volume?
  94. cp The part of the pin curl that forms a complete circle; also, the hair that is wrapped around the roller.
  95. cq Thermal curls placed very high on their base; provide maximum lift or volume.
  96. cr Technique that removes 60 to 75 percent of the curl by applying a thermal pressing comb once on each side of the hair, using slightly more pressure than in the soft press
  97. cs Pin curl bases are referred to as rectangular, triangular, square, or ______.