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  1. A ______ provides a connection between salons and their staff and the rest of the beauty industry by providing information about new products, new trends, and new techniques.
  2. In 2003, ______ introduced the first consumer-oriented DVD to the professional salon industry in order to speak directly to the consumer.
  3. During the _______, women commonly used henna to add color to their lips and cheeks.
  4. To be a successful salon manager, you must have an aptitude for math and accounting and understand ______.
  5. Who produced and sold makeup to movie stars that would not cake or crack under hot movie lights?
  6. Who invented the curling iron?
  7. When do archaeologists believe that the practices of haircutting and hairstyling began?
  8. Who was the beauty icon that turned the hairstyling world on its ear with revolutionary geometric cuts?
  9. Who is credited with coining the term "day spa"?
  10. Who were the first to infuse essential oils from the leaves, bark, and blossoms of plants for use as perfumes and for purification purposes?
  11. Who introduced the first permanent hair color and founded Clairol?
  12. Who were the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion?
  13. What was Madame C. J. Walker's real name?
  14. The art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair and includes the study of cosmetics and their application.
  15. In order to get experience providing hairstyling services on film and TV sets, you should be prepared to ______ for a period of time.
  16. During the Middle Ages, where did women wear colored makeup?
  17. What did women do during the Renaissance to look more intelligent?
  18. In ancient Rome, hair color was used by women to indicate what?