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  1. Tiny pits or severe roughness on the surface of the nail plate is an indication of
  2. Wax
  3. Hair cuticle
  4. Weak side bond that is easily broken by strong alkaline or acidic solutions
  5. Chloasma is a pigmentation skin condition that causes
  6. This is the process of combing small sections of hair from ends to scalp to form a cushion
  7. This gland secretes sebum
  8. Skin is nourished through the
  9. The thickened club like structure that forms the lower part of the hair root is
  10. Basic unit for all living things
  11. Natural vegetable and metallic hair colors are also known as
  12. The part of the pin curl that is the stationary foundation
  13. Two rows of ridge curls on the side of the head are called
  14. Overlapping haircolor on previously tinted hair can cause breakage and create a visible line of
  15. To be effective chemical relaxers must penetrate into this layer of hair
  16. Pin curls sliced from a shaping and formed without lifting the hair from the head are referred to as
  17. Besides dry hair, scalp treatments what other scalp treatments recommend using the direct high frequency
  18. The M SDS sheet is required for all cosmetics used in the salon by this government agency
  19. The act of governing cosmetology is public act #
  20. Most common ingredient in neutralizers
  21. Muscle that covers the front of the shin bone
  22. Permanent waving and hair relaxers change the shape of the hair by chemically altering the hair's
  23. A double process color involves these two separate procedures
  24. The main arteries that supply blood to the head neck and face are the
  25. The bone that forms the back of the skull above the night
  26. To determine how hair will react to a permanent wave
  27. The structure that provides the hair route was nourishment for hair growth through its blood supply
  28. The razor is an excellent tool for cutting this texture of hair
  29. The layer of skin that we see in this treated by the practitioner is the
  30. Highlighting shampoo tints involve the use of these three ingredients
  31. A clients facial shape is determined by the position and prominence of the
  32. Cortex
  33. A stable mixture of two or more substances in a(n):
  34. A reoccurring viral faction that often presents fever blisters or cold sores is called
  35. This type of hair color uses a low volume developer and is also called deposit only
  36. These are two terms for excessive amounts of hair
  37. Tinea is characterized by itching scales and sometimes painful circular lesions and is caused by
  38. Male pattern baldness
  39. Used on fine hair because it will not weigh it down
  40. The bones in the fingers or digits are called
  41. To bevel the nail hold a medium grit abrasive board at a
  42. A fissure is a secondary lesion such as:
  43. Creating the illusion of length to the face by adding height or volume on top is for
  44. This type of ointment can be applied to scalp burn during a thermal curling service
  45. The main active ingredient in true acid or acid balancing perms
  46. Unfavorable conditions for mitosis
  47. Blood vessels and nerves endings can be found in this layer of skin
  48. The skin disorder is recognized by red patches covered with white silver scales usually found on the scalp elbows knees chest and lower back
  49. Surface of a healthy natural nail
  50. This type of bacteria grows in pairs and causes pneumonia
  51. One length or low elevation cuts use this type of line
  52. Most common type of perm rod
  53. Waves that are activated from an outside heat source are considered
  54. Ingredients in all shampoos are listed according to the percentage of each ingredient or in
  55. Essential oils are extracted using various forms of distillation , they are:
  56. Retina-A, rosacea, microdermabrasion
  57. Part of pin curl that determines the size of the wave
  58. Freeform technique
  59. To press fabric wraps onto the natural nail plate and avoid the transfer of dust or oil use:
  60. So Aunts can only have this many apprentices at one time
  61. This is the reducing agent or active ingredient in alkaline (cold wave) perms
  62. The nape area of the head is found below this reference point
  63. The hair sheds when fully grown at the end of this phase
  64. A deeper rubbing massage movement in which pressure is applied to the skin while moving over an underlying structure is
  65. Conditioners that contain the substance that absorbs moisture and promotes retention of moisture
  66. Permanent waves and relaxers must break the ____ bonds in the ____ layer of the hair
  67. This part of blood helps the blood to clot
  68. What type of shampoo is used to remove a build up from the hair such as metals (copper and iron) and after swimming?
  69. All cells are composed of a colorless jelly like substance called
  70. Sterilization differs from disinfection because it can kill this
  71. As early as 3000 BC Egyptian women wear braids or plaits decorated with which of the following?
  72. A cosmetologist who lets their license lapse for more than 60 days past the renewal date must
  73. Sweat and oil glands belong to the group of glands called
  74. This is the active ingredient in hydroxide relaxers
  75. Nails grow this much in one month for a normal adult
  76. Part of control that gives curl its direction and movement
  77. Besides sodium hydroxide name two other hydroxide relaxers
  78. As a safety rule never cut pass this knuckle
  79. This layer of hair gives the hair strength and elasticity
  80. Sweat and oil glands of the skin belong to the group of plants called:
  81. The guideline where a small slice of a previous subsection is moved to the next position and becomes the new guideline is a
  82. The thermal or he producing current with a high rate of oscillation or vibration is
  83. Permanent waves and chemical relaxers cannot be used over hair that has been colored with this type of dye
  84. Infusing water soluble products into skin with the use of electric current is known as
  85. This is the greasy waxy type of dandruff that cosmetologist cannot treat
  86. This type of relaxer does not require the use of base cream
  87. Sodium hypochlorite is the chemical name for
  88. It requires the use of an EPA registered disinfectant
  89. The resting or final phase of the hair cycle that lasts until the fully grown hair is shed is the:
  90. This is the part of the shampoo molecule that attracts water
  91. Semi permanent color last for
  92. The amount sebum produced by the sebaceous glands determine the size of
  93. The scientific study of hair in its diseases and care
  94. Products used to increase the water content of the skin surface are
  95. The hair must be wet when using this cutting tool
  96. SPF recommended to protect client
  97. A lubricating cream that must be thoroughly removed for additional products to penetrate the skin is
  98. The pH balance of skin and hair
  99. Coloring some strands darker than others
  100. Vellus hair is a short fine and downy hair known as
  101. Surrounds the eyes and allows you to close your eyes
  102. When is the shampoo given when using an aniline derivative tint
  103. The texture of hair that generally contains the medulla
  104. The type of alopecia that is an auto immune disorder
  105. Which blood component gives blood its color?
  106. Conditions that make the arrector pili muscle contract
  107. The growth phase
  108. Proper filing procedure
  109. Hair processes faster at the scalp due to this
  110. This product is used for nail bleach
  111. The largest of the cranial nerves
  112. Excessive oiliness of the hair and scalp is caused by overactive
  113. Once in the cortex the waving solution breaks the disulfide bond through a chemical reaction called
  114. The outermost layer of the skin that is continuously being shed is the stratum
  115. Highest point on the head
  116. The comb used for close tapers on the neck and sides and when using a scissor overcome technique is
  117. A small cone shaped area located at the base of the hair follicle that fits into the hair bulb is the
  118. Warm cool and neutral can describe a colors Hugh or
  119. The largest and most complex nerve tissue of the body is called
  120. Medulla
  121. All of the following are methods to texturize hair with shears except
  122. Hair that has too many disulfide bonds broken and will not hold a firm curl is considered
  123. The line dividing the hair at the scalp, separating one section from another, creating subsections is a
  124. The space between two lines or surfaces that intersect at a given point is
  125. The hyponychium is the skin under this part of the nail
  126. Focal point of hairstyle
  127. Line and haircut that builds wait
  128. Hair follicle filled with keratin and sebum is called a blackhead and
  129. Easily broken by water or heat
  130. This is a combination of a thio relaxer and a thio permanent wave that is wrapped on large perm tools
  131. Direction and movement is provided by this part of the pin curl
  132. A primary lesion that forms a small blister
  133. Disinfectants must have a registration number from this government agency
  134. The process of treating
    gray hair or very resistant hair to allow for better penetration of color is
  135. The main ingredient in most shampoos
  136. This type of hair color does not require the use of a patch test
  137. A skip wave is created by using two rows of this curl
  138. Members that make up the board of cosmetology
  139. Fine hair takes color faster and can look darker because the melanin granules are grouped
  140. Type of shampoo that is designed to not remove artificial color from hair
  141. Melanin is found in the papillary layer of the dermis and the _____ layer of the epidermis
  142. Tube like depression or pocket in the skin or scalp that contains the hair root
  143. Requires use of heat
  144. Are not done salons (like shaving)
  145. Bone found in the upper arm
  146. Onychophagy
  147. Hydroxide relaxers have a pH of
  148. Broken by permanent waves and chemical relaxers
  149. Reference points in a haircut are used to establish
  150. This type of roller is not permitted for use in some states because it cannot be properly sanitized
  151. One wrapping perm this base gives the greatest volume
  152. Onychocryptosis
  153. When shaping the eyebrow what bone should the natural arch follow?
  154. Electronic facial implements are, commonly referred to as
  155. Agreement between states to except their licenses is called
  156. Straight at ends, curly at scalp
  157. Two types of dandruff that should be referred to a physician
  158. An instructor of cosmetology must have a high school diploma and complete _____ of training
  159. The blood is returned to the heart from the head face and that by the internal and external:
  160. Nonpathogenic bacteria are
  161. Hair that has been lightened colored perm or chemically relaxed is called
  162. During this stage of bacterial growth of bacteria is not harmed by disinfectants, heat, or cold
  163. This structure is found at the base of the follicle and gives the hair its nutrients
  164. This art principle holds all the elements of design together
  165. A disinfectant that meets regulatory agency requirements must destroy bacteria viruses and:
  166. Intense light used to destroy the growth of cells of the hair follicle is a method of hair removal called
  167. This type of line in a design creates width in a style
  168. Method of locking where portions of hair are placed between the palms of both hands and rolled in clockwise or counterclockwise directions is
  169. A salon must be supervised daily by licensed cosmetologist who is at least ___ years of age and has at least ___ years experience
  170. A guideline used in a blunt one length cut or used in over direction to create a length or weight increase is a
  171. These two muscles are the muscles of masochism and or chewing muscles
  172. Another name for graduated haircut
  173. Plicatured nails is also known as
  174. The lipophilic tail or surfactant molecule is considered to be
  175. Spongy tissue is composed of microscopic cells in which inhaled air is exchanged for carbon dioxide during one breathing cycle are
  176. A keratin filled cyst
  177. A section of hair molded in a circular movement in preparation for formation of a pin curl is a
  178. The direction of the movement in massage should always be from insertion of the muscle towards it
  179. To avoid the risk of infection nippers should be never used on clients who are
  180. Vitiligo which is abnormal white patches on the skin is also known as this
  181. Never brush the hair prior to this type of service
  182. The living tissue is at the base of the nail and covers the matrix
  183. Premote the retension of moisture
  184. The phase of hair growth that is in transition or the end of the growth phase
  185. The ideal eyebrow shape can be drawn in
  186. The system controls all activities of the body
  187. The lowest part of the hair strand
  188. A safe and useful type of disinfectant commonly called quats is
  189. A cosmetologist must renew their license:
  190. Average growth of healthy scalp or month
  191. This is an example of a repeating line
  192. The slightly thickened layer of skin that lies between the fingertip in the free edge of the nail plate is
  193. A curved part is used for a high for head or
  194. An example of an ammonia compound that is used to perform chemical services in a salon
  195. Salons must have atleast this education
  196. Salons are inspected
  197. Establishing equal or appropriate proportions to create symmetry in a design is called
  198. The three different types of side bonds are