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To harden

Hard UV gels

"traditional UV gels"; gels that cannot be removed with a solvent and must be filed off the natural nail.

Inhibition Layer

The tacky surface left on the nail after a UV gel has cured.


Short chain of monomer liquids that is often thick, sticky, and gel-like and that is not long enough to be considered a polymer

One-color method

When one color of gel, usually clear, is applied over the entire surface of the nail.


The amount of colored pigment concentration in a gel, making it more or less difficult to see through.


A chemical that initiates the polymerization reaction.

Pigmented UV gels

Any building or self-leveling gel that includes color pigment.

Soft UV gels

"soakable gels"; these gels are removed by soaking in acetone.

two-color method

A method whereby two colors of resin are used to overlay the nail.

Unit Wattage

The measure of how much electricity the lamp consumes.

Urethane Acrylate

A main ingredient used to create UV gel nail enhancements

Urethane Methacrylate

A main ingredient used to create UV gel nail enhancements

UV bonding gel

gels used to increase adhesion to the natural nail plate.

UV building gels

Any thick-viscosity adhesive resin that is used to build an arch and curve to the fingernail

UV gel

Type of nail enhancement product that hardens when exposed to a UV light

UV gel polish

A very thin-viscosity UV gel that is usually pigmented and packaged in a pot or a polish bottle and used as an alternative to traditional nail lacquers.

UV gloss gel

"sealing gel, finishing gel, or shine gel"; these gels are used over the finished UV gel application to create a high shine.

UV lamp

"UV light bulb"; special bulb that emits UV light to cure UV gel nail enhancements

UV light unit

"UV light"; specialized electronic device that powers and controls UV lamps to cure UV gel nail enhancements

UV self-leveling gels

Gels that are thinner in consistency than building gels, allowing them to settle and level during application


What is the most common UV lamp on the market?

Squeeze Tubes

UV gel products are usually packaged in opaque pots or _____.


The tacky surface left on the nail after a UV gel has cured is called the ______ layer.

Medium Abrasive

A ______ is recommended to check and refine the nail contour for UV gel nails.


Viscosity is the measurement of the _____ of a liquid.

UV bonding gel

Product designed specifically to improve adhesion of UV gels to the natural nail plate.

reduce the strength of the cured gel

Introducing air into the UV gel as you apply it to the fingernail will _______.

UV bonding gel

Thick-viscosity resin that allows the cosmetologist to build an arch and curve on a fingernail


A ______ is a chemical in UV gel resins that initiates the polymerization reaction

UV gloss gel

Type of gel used over the finished UV gel to create a high shine.

hard UV gel

Type of UV gel that cannot be removed with a solvent.

soft UV gel

Type of UV gel that is a soakable gel


UV gels can be _____ to maintain

either UV building gels or UV self-leveling gels

Pigmented UV gels may be _________.

28-watt unit

If a UV light unit has four lamps in it, and each lamp is 7-watts, it is known as a _______ light unit.


Different UV lamps produce greatly differing amounts of UV light. This is referred to as the UV lamp intensity or _______

have clients insert their hands into the UV lamp slowly

To help control the heat generated from the chemical reaction that occurs when UV gels cure, it is recommended that you _________.


UV gel polish does not _____.

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