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"arch"; the area of the nail that has all of the strength

chain reaction

"polymerization reaction"; process that joins together monomers to create very long polymer chains


Substance that starts the chain reaction that leads to the creation of very long polymer chains


One unit called a molecule

Monomer Liquid

Chemical liquid mixed with polymer powder to form the sculptured nail enhancement

Monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancements

enhancements created by combining monomer liquid and polymer powder

Nail Extension underside

The actual underside of the nail extension

Odorless Monomer Liquid and Polymer powder products

Nail enhancement products that have little odor


Substance formed by combining many small molecules into very long chain-like structures


"curing or hardening"; chemical reaction that creates polymers.

Polymer Powder

Powder in white, clear, pink, and many other colors that is combined with monomer liquid to form the nail enhancement.

Stress Area

Where the natural nail grows beyond the finger and becomes the free edge.

polymer powder

Acrylic nail enhancements are created by combining monomer liquid with ______.


As monomer liquid absorbs a polymer powder, the product formed at the tip of the brush is referred to as a _____.

benzoyl peroxide

The initiator added to polymer powder is ________.

a tightly fitted lid

To prevent product contamination, a dapper dish should have _______.

nitrile polymer

The type of glove recommended for nail salon services is ______.

medium consistency

The bead of product for shaping the free edge should have a _______.

acid-free and nonacid primers

Which types of primers are most often used today?

two or three

When applying nail primer, the brush should hold enough product to treat how many nails?

pour it into a paper towel

After a service, what should you do with used monomer liquid that has been removed from the original container?

dust only

A properly worn dust mask will protect you from ______.


In the maintenance service, the apex of the nail is ______.

the set time

Catalysts are added to monomer liquid to control _______

in many colors

Polymer powder is available ________.


A substance formed by combining many small molecules into very long chain-like structures.


An _____ is a substance that starts the chain reaction that leads to the creation of very long polymer chains.

dry bead

A _____ is a bead created using equal amounts of liquid and powder.

wet bead

A _____ is a bead created using twice a much liquid as powder.

medium bead

A ______ is a bead created using one-and-a-half times more liquid than powder.

nail form

Placed under the free edge and is used to extend the nail enhancements beyond the fingertip for additional length.

stress area

The area where the natural nail grows beyond the finger and becomes the free edge.


The term_____ refers to an entire family of thousands of different substances, all of which share important, closely related features.


Polymerization is also known as ______.

360 grit

What abrasive is MOST appropriate for final buffing?


After a monomer liquid and polymer powder service, you should wipe the dampen dish with ______ before storing it in a dust-free location

match in length from nail to nail

Nail extension undersides should ______

oval-shaped and located in the center of the nail

The apex is usually _____


Odorless products must generally be used with a _____ mix ratio.

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