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Callus Softeners

Products designed to soften and smooth thickened tissue.


A small, scoop-shaped implement used for more efficient removal of debris from the nail folds, eponychium, and hyponychium areas.

Exfoliating Scrubs

Water-based lotions that contain a mild, gritty-like abrasive and moisturizers to help in removing dry, flaky skin and reduce calluses

Foot File

"paddle"; large, abrasive file used to smooth and reduce thicker areas of callus.

Foot Soaks

Products containing gentle soaps, moisturizers, and other additives that are used in a pedicure bath to cleanse and soften the skin

Nail Rasp

A metal implement with a grooved edge that is used for filing and smoothing the edges of the nail plate.


A cosmetic service performed on the feet by a licensed cosmetologist or nail technician; can include exfoliating the skin, callus reduction, as well as trimming, shaping, and polishing toenails. Often includes foot massage.


A unique method of applying pressure with thumb and index fingers to the hands and feet, and it has demonstrated health benefits.

Toe Separators

Foam rubber or cotton disposable materials used to keep toes apart while polishing the nails. A new set must be used on each client.

Toenail Clippers

Professional implements that are larger than fingernail clippers and have a curved or straight jaw, specifically designed for cutting toenails.

mid-tarsal area

When performing a pedicure, you should grasp the foot between your thumb and fingers at the _______.

Drain and remove water and contaminants, clean surface, disinfect with approved disinfectant, rinse, and dry

What are the basic steps to properly disinfect a foot spa after each pedicure service?


The weekly maintenance procedure for a pipe-less foot spa requires the disinfectant solution to remain in the foot spa for how long?


Which massage technique is used most with a pedicure?


What should never be placed in the foot bath with the client's feet?

must be comfortable

The chair a cosmetologist uses when performing a pedicure ________.

provide a great deal of client relaxation

Electric foot mitts _______


Exfoliating scrubs help reduce _______.

45 to 50 minutes

In order to be on time, you must be polishing ______ after beginning a one-hour pedicure.

transmit positive energy

Reflexology practitioners believe that pressing certain reflex points on the feet _______.

stimulates circulation

A paraffin bath _______.

crackling on the hands.

Repeated exposure to pedicure water can cause _______.

tell the client you will do your best but that an additional appointment will be necessary

If a client books a standard pedicure and you discover that the feet are in unusually bad condition and you will require more time than was scheduled, it is recommended that you __________.


Scaly feet commonly require ______ treatment in the salon.


Massage given during manicures and pedicures focuses on _______.

nail rasp

Metal implement with a grooved edge used for filing and smoothing the edges of the nail plate.

toenail clippers

The best type of ______ have jaws that are straight and come to a point.

5 to 10 minutes

How long are masks typically left on the client's skin?

leave her alone and let her enjoy the service

If a client drifts off during a pedicure, it is recommended that you __________.

48 hours

Clients should be warned not to shave their legs _______ before a pedicure.


Some improvements in the feet require more than one appointment in services referred to as a ______.

both the salon and the technician

Who bears the responsibility for ensuring that proper disinfection of the pedicure bath occurs?

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