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Dimethyl urea hardeners

A hardener that adds cross-links to the natural nail plate. Unlike hardeners containing formaldehyde, DMU does not cause adverse skin reactions.

Disposable Implements

"single-use implements"; implements that cannot be reused and must be thrown away after a single use.

Essential Oils

Oils extracted using various forms of distillation from the seeds, bark, roots, leaves, wood, and/or resin of plants.

Fine-grit abrasives

240 grit and higher abrasives designed for buffing, polishing, and removing very fine scratches.


Tools used to perform nail services. They can be reusable or disposable.

Lower-grit abrasives

Boards and buffers less than 180 grit that quickly reduce the thickness of any surface.

Medium-grit abrasives

180 to 240 grit abrasives that are used to smooth and refine surfaces and shorten natural nails.

Metal Pusher

A reusable implement, made of stainless steel; it should not be used to push back the eponychium but can be used to gently scrape cuticle tissue from the natural nail plate.


The act of causing tiny unseen openings in the skin that can allow entry by pathogenic microbes.

Nail Clippers

A reusable implement used to shorten the nail plate quickly and efficiently.

Nail Creams

Barrier products that contain ingredients designed to seal the surface and hold subdermal moisture in the skin.

Nail Oils

Products designed to absorb into the nail plate to increase flexibility and into the surrounding skin to soften.


A stainless-steel implement used to carefully trim away dead skin around the nails.

Oval Nail

A conservative nail shape that is thought to be attractive on most women's hands. It is similar to a squoval nail with even more rounded corners.


A petroleum by-product that has excellent sealing properties to hold moisture in the skin.

Pointed Nail

Nail shape suited to thin hands with long fingers and narrow nail beds. The nail is tapered and longer than usual to emphasize and enhance the slender appearance of the hand.

Protein Hardeners

A combination of clear polish and protein, such as collagen

Reusable Implements

"multiuse implements"; implements that are generally stainless steel because they must be properly cleaned and disinfected between clients.

Round nail

A slightly tapered nail shape; it usually extends just a bit past the fingertip.

Scope of Practice

The list of services that you are legally allowed to perform in your specialty in your state.

Service Sets

Sets of all the tools that will be used in a service.

Square nail

A nail shape completely straight across the free edge with no rounding at the outside edges.

Squoval nail

A nail shape with a square free edge that is rounded off at the corner edges.

Wooden Pusher

A wooden stick used to remove cuticle tissue from the nail plate, to clean under the free edge of the nail, or to apply products.

40 to 60 watt

A manicuring table lamp should use a _____ incandescent bulb or a fluorescent bulb.

buffing and polishing

Fine-grit abrasives are designed for removing very fine scratches and _______.

20 minutes

It takes approximately ______ to properly clean and disinfect implements after each use.

plastic or metal spatula

Nail products should be removed from their containers using a _______.

cuticle remover

Product designed to loosen and dissolve dead tissue from the nail plate.

one base coat, two coats of polish, and one top coat

Success in nail polish application is achieved by using four coats including _________.

16 to 21 inches

A standard manicuring table is usually _______ wide.


If a single client is going to have both a manicure and a pedicure, how many pairs of gloves will the cosmetologist need?

a lid

Disinfection containers must have _____.


What is NOT kept in a supply tray?

all states

Reusing implements without properly cleaning and disinfecting them is against the law in _____.


The best terry cloth towels for use in a personal service are _____.

over 90 percent

Soap is known to remove _____ of pathogenic microbes from the hands, when hand washing is performed properly.

work more quickly and are better solvents

Compared to non-acetone removers, acetone removers ________.

nail cream

Designed to seal the surface of the skin.

either before the base coat or as a top coat

Nail hardeners can be applied ______.

Blended oils

Commonly added to products such as body lotion and masks.

Paraffin wax

a petroleum by-product that holds moisture in the skin

both nail and skin care

A spa manicure requires extensive knowledge of _______.


Age spots caused by UV radiation.


Massage movement involving a succession of strokes in which the hands glide over an area of the body with varying degrees of pressure or contact.

file prepping

Rubbing a file across the sharp edge of another file to prepare it for use.


Massage movement involving rapid tapping or striking motions of the hands against the skin.


Method of massage incorporating various strokes that manipulate or press one layer of tissue over another.

fully covered by a fresh, clean towel

A service cushion must be _________.

remove implements from disinfectant solutions

The wooden pusher is NOT used to ________.

reduce brittleness

Nail conditioners are primarily used to _______.


The _______ nail has a square free edge that is rounded off at the corner edges.

should extend just a bit past the fingertip

The round nail _______________.


The _____ nail is a conservative shape that is thought to be attractive on most women's hands.

parallel to the sidewalls

When applying an iridescent or frosted polish, you must use strokes that are _________.

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