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band lashes

"strip lashes"; eyelash hairs on a strip that are applied with adhesive to the natural lash line.

cake makeup

"pancake makeup"; a heavy-coverage makeup pressed into a compact and applied to the face with a moistened cosmetic sponge.

Cheek Color

"blush or rouge"; used primarily to add a natural looking glow to the cheeks.

Color Primer

Applied to the skin before foundation to cancel out and help disguise skin discoloration.


Thick, heavy types of foundation used to hide dark eye circles, dark splotches, and other imperfections.

Cool Colors

Colors that suggest coolness and are dominated by blues, greens, violets, and blue-reds.

Eye Makeup Removers

Special preparations for removing eye makeup.

Eye shadows

Cosmetics applied on the eyelids to accentuate or contour

Eye tabbing

Procedure in which individual synthetic eyelashes are attached directly to a client's own lashes at their base.

Eyebrow pencils

pencils used to add color and shape to the eyebrows

Eyelash Adhesive

Product used to make artificial eyelashes adhere, or stick, to the natural lash line


Cosmetic used to outline and emphasize the eyes.

Face Powder

Cosmetic powder, sometimes tinted and scented, that is used to add a matte or non shiny finish to the face.


"base makeup"; a tinted cosmetic used to cover or even out the coloring of the skin.


Heavy makeup used for theatrical purposes.

Individual Lashes

Separate artificial eyelashes that are applied to the eyelids one at a time.

Line of Demarcation

An obvious line where foundation starts or stops.

Lip Color

a paste-like cosmetic used to change or enhance the color of the lips.

Lip Liner

Colored pencil used to outline the lips and to help keep lip color from bleeding into the small lines around the mouth.


Cosmetic preparation used to darken, define, and thicken the eyelashes.



Warm Colors

Range of colors from yellow and gold through oranges, red-oranges, most red, and even some yellow-greens.


A ______ foundation provides heavier coverage and is usually intended for dry skin types.

a disposable makeup sponge

Makeup should be blended onto the skin with _______.


A ______ color is lighter than the client's skin tone and may have any finish

pointing downward

To clean professional makeup brushes, a gentle shampoo or brush solvent is used, and the brush is placed into running water with the ferrule ________.

its neighboring primary color on the color wheel

To create a tertiary color you mix equal amounts of a secondary color and ___________.


Which eye color is considered neutral and can wear any makeup color?

natural light

The best type of lighting for color evaluation in the salon consultation area is _____.


An _______ face has greater length in proportion to its width than the square or round face.

down the center of the nose, ending at the tip

To minimize a short, flat nose, a lighter foundation is applied _______


In eyebrown arching, the highest part of an eyebrow arch should be from the outer circle of the iris ______.


When red is ______-based, it is cool.


The use of _______ minimizes prominent features so they are less noticeable.

to enhance the client's individuality

What is the goal of effective makeup application?

up from the outer edge of the eyes

If the client has close-set eyes, it is recommended that you lightly apply shadow ________.

create a high arch on the ends of the eyebrows

If the client has a square face, it is recommended that you _________.


Which type of cosmetic is used to outline and emphasize the eyes?


A thick, heavy type of foundation used to hide dark eye circles, dark splotches, and other imperfections?


Heavy makeup used for theatrical purposes.


What is also known as base makeup?

cake makeup

The most common use of ______ outside the theatre is to cover scars and pigmentation defects.


Used primarily to add a natural-looking glow to the cheeks?


A cosmetic preparation used to darken, define, and thicken the eyelashes.

color primer

Applied to the skin before foundation to cancel out and help disguise skin discoloration?

eye shadow

A cosmetic applied on the eyelids to accentuate or contour them.


A ______ is a mineral or color age from which a pigment is derived.


Cosmetic products that cause the formation of clogged pores are called _________.

cotton ball

Loose powder is applied with a large powder brush or a ________.

mineral oil

Oil-based eye makeup removers are generally ______ with a small amount of fragrance added.

eyeliner brush

Which type of brush has a fine, tapered, firm bristles and is used to apply liquid liner or shadow to the eyes?

individual lashes

Which type of lashes are separate artificial eyelashes that are applied to the eyelids one at a time?

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