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Wave pattern changes can be created or changed temporarily with styling tools and permanently with _____.


For a client with gold skin tones, a ______ hair color would be flattering.

more volume

In designing for clients with large or broad shoulders, the stylist should create styles with ______.


Balance is described as creating equal or appropriate proportions to provide _____.


When opposite sides of a hairstyle have different lengths or different volume and appear to have equal visual weight, it is considered to have ______ balance.


What is a recurrent pattern of movement in a design?


The area of a design where the eye is drawn to first before traveling to the rest of the design is called ______.

create volume between the temples and jaw.

To offset or round out the features of a square facial shape, the aim would be to _______.


The _____ profile has a receding forehead and chin.

Bang Area

The triangular section that begins at the apex or high point of the head and ends at the front corners is called the ______.

heat and/or wet styling techniques

Design texture can be created temporarily with the use of ______.


What is a physical characteristic that is NOT taken into account when designing an artistic and suitable hairstyle?

fine, straight

Left natural, _____ hair may not support many styling options.

wavy, medium hair

Which type of hair offers the most versatility in styling?

very curly, fine

For ease of styling, _______ hair is generally best cut short.

close-set eyes

For a client with _____, you should direct the hair back and away from the face at the temples.

Receding Chin

For a client with a ______, the hair should be directed forward in the chin area.


For a client with a ______ nose, bring hair forward at the forehead, with softness around the face.

a wide face and full cheeks

If a male client has _____, a fairly close-trimmed beard and mustache would be very thinning to the overall appearance.

Vertical Lines

To create length and height in hair design, use _____.

Horizontal Lines

To create width in hair design, use ______.


Lines that may move in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction are _____ lines.


The lines known as ______ lines can be straight or curved.


Lines with a definite forward or backward movement are _____ lines.

is narrow at the middle third of the face

The square face shape ______.


The face shape featuring a narrow forehead, extreme width through the cheekbones, and a narrow chin is the _____.


The _____ face shape features a narrow forehead, wide jaw, and wide chin line.


The face shape featuring a wide forehead and narrow chin line is the _____.


The _____ face shape features a long, narrow face with hollow cheeks.


Establishing equal or appropriate proportions to create symmetry. In hairstyling it is the relationship of height to weight.

Contrasting Lines

Horizontal and vertical lines that meet at a 90-degree angle and create a hard edge.

Design Texture

Wave patterns that must be taken into consideration when designing a style.


The mass or general outline of a hairstyle. It is 3D and has width, length, and height.


The creation of unity in a design; the most important of the art principles. Holds all the elements of the design together.


Outline of the face, head, or figure seen in a side view.


The comparative relation of one thing to another; the harmonious relationship among parts or things.

Single Lines

A hairstyle with only one line, such as the one-length hairstyle.


The area surrounding the form or the area the hairstyle occupies.

Straight Profile

Neither Convex nor concave; considered the ideal profile.

Transitional Lines

Usually curved lines that are used to blend and soften horizontal or vertical lines.

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