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  • stress is defined as the

    bodys non specific response to any demand made upon it.

    external stress

    comes from outside sources like job, relationships, divorce, your home

    internal stress

    comes from the inside, like beliefs, goals, faith and self image

    short term

    stress that prepares you for emergencies

    long term

    chronic stress that is on going

    physical indicators of stress

    blurred vision, sweating, head aches, back aches, high blood pressure

    psychological indicators of stress

    throw you off balance, begins negative feelings about yourself, makes decisions more difficult


    thwarting your needs on any level of hearty is usually a prime cause of stress

    physiological needs

    basic survival need food water shelter warmth sex

    safety needs

    security of body employment, resources, morality

    social needs

    friendship family sexual intimacy

    esteem needs

    self esteem, confidence, achievement

    self actualization

    morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice

    3 types of personalities

    A, B and C

    type A

    heart disease likely, alpha type

    type B

    lesser chance of stress

    type C

    cancer prone personality

    type A and C are

    susceptible to stress related medical disorders

    staff stress

    shift work, guard conflicts, boredom, scheduling conflicts, any form of change, poor communication, no respect, not enough staff, prisoner discipline unfair, lack of appreciation, manipulation, back stabbing, prisoners returning, supervisors setting poor examples, promotions, assaults, weapons and policies

    prisoner stress

    bad food, limited freedom, boredom, sense of injustice, sex deprivation, anxiety, ineffective treatment, lack of privacy, dehumanizing, pending trial, limited visitors, fear of new environment, self respect lessened, personal belongings taken away, limits on communication, conflicting orders from guards, monotonous routine, effects of the sentence. and desire for more recreation

    how many stages of burnout



    initial stage comes from great enthusiasm to a new job

    fuel shortage

    second stage job dissatisfaction and sleep disturbance

    chronic symptoms

    chronic exhaustion physical illness, anger and fatigue


    deep pessimism

    hitting the wall

    career and life are endangered

    management techniques

    physiological to fuel your body, get rest, exercise

    psychological techniques

    visual imagery, progressive relaxation, and triggers of relaxation

    stress cannot be

    controlled but dealt with

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