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  • Demands for more programs, particularly in the area of substance abuse, are likely to:

    A. Remain the same
    B. decrease
    C. Increase
    D. Become increasingly more difficult to run

    Ans: c
    Page: 3
    Chap: 1

    While there are continued attempts by organized labor to make inroads in private correctional facility's, for the most part private correctional facilities are:

    A. Going away
    B. non unionized
    C. Profitable
    D. Unionized

    Ans: b
    Page 2
    Chap 1

    Managers who fear replacement can best ensure their futures by refusing to remain satisfied with the status quo and:

    A. Become paradigm breakers
    B. become mentors
    C. Embrace change
    D. Embrace budget constraints

    Ans: a
    Pg 4
    Chap 1

    What is the key element in successful supervisory proformance?

    A. Goals
    B. mission statement
    C. Motivation
    D. Vision statement

    Ans c
    Pg 4
    Chap 1

    What is the essential premise of this textbook?

    A. Management in corrections is the management of inmates

    B. management is not a necessary element in the improvement of corrections

    C. Management is necessary if improvements are to be made in the correctional field

    D. Management in corrections is the management of people

    Ans: d
    Pg 5
    Chap 1

    Many correctional managers are clearly divided on:

    A. How to handle the increase in inmate population

    B. fundamental issues of demographics versus environment

    C. Fundamental issues of process versus environment

    D. Society changes and demographics

    Ans: c
    Pg 6
    Chap 1

    In the 21st century, correctional institutions have what type of an obligation?

    A. To provide limited services to inmates

    B. ensure all inmates have visitation rights

    C. Offer programs so inmates can improve their skill set and work in the community

    D. Offer programs and services that inmates can use to help them live lawfully upon release, if they so choose

    Ans: d
    Pg 6
    Chap 1

    In the past, how did correctional agencies fulfill their unique mission?

    A. In a two-dimensional manner, focusing on the inmate

    B. in a simple, one-dimensional manner that had no parallel in other kinds of organizations

    C. In a one-dimensional manner that paralleled other kinds of organizations

    D. In a two dimensional manner with no parallels to other kinds of organizations

    Ans: b
    Pg 6
    Chap 1

    There can be a vast difference in supervisory style depending

    A. On weather the minority of employees supervised are skilled or part of the union

    B. on the majority of employees supervised are unskilled, semiskilled, or skilled

    C. On weather the minority of employees have benefits and are motivated

    D. on the majority of employees supervised have a college degree

    Ans: b
    Pg 10
    Chap 1

    Businesses which have frequent built-in quality checks at points in the process are basically organized along the line of the

    A. Job organizational system
    B. cooperative motivation system
    C. Quality time management
    D. Privatization

    Ans: a
    Pg 12
    Chap 1

    What appears to be the only true constant factor in modern correctional management?


    What is a "snitch wire"?

    A wall-top wire that would sound an alarm if it was disturbed in an escape attempt; technology that is now obsolete

    Describe two or three present-day means of addressing perimeter security

    Motion sensors in the ground; detectors woven into the fencing; microwave detection devices; vibration-sensitive detectors; closed circuit vidio.

    Why have some states failed to open and utilize newly constructed facilities?

    They are facing budget problems and cannot afford to hire staff

    What is seen as the cumulative effect of decades of court intervention on prison administrators?

    A complicated and continually expanding network of restrictions and requirements

    Although Prison populations have been growing, maximum security facilities are not growing accordingly. Why?

    The high cost of max security confinement have been driving agencies towed increased utilization of med- and low- security facilities

    Why is it important for the supervisor to genuinely like his or her work and finds satisfaction and fulfillment in necessary supervisory tasks?

    The supervisor's obvious satisfaction and fulfillment will be a positive example for the group members.

    What, if anything, is the difference between "delegation" and "empowerment"?

    There is essentially no difference between empowerment and the concept of delegation properly applied.

    17. Why do we say that the supervisor must be a "cheerleader" at a time when the employees might feel there is nothing to cheer about?

    Ans: The attitude and behavior of the supervisor can have a significant effect on the group's outlook and effort; the supervisor is a single person who can affect the morale and motivation of a number of people.

    20. What is making the need for employee empowerment increasingly important today?

    Ans: Management structures are generally becoming leaner and empowerment is the only practical way to expand and extend the leader's effectiveness.

    21. In just a few words, describe the character of many correctional agencies of the early 20th century.

    Ans: They provided only custodial care in a high-security setting.

    22. In a single word, what was the primary mission of most early correctional facilities?

    Ans: Security.

    23. What has been the principal objection to the use of inmate labor in private industrial work projects?

    Ans: It is believed that the use of prison labor infringes on the employment opportunities of civilian workers.

    24. Name three or four kinds of correctional employees who entered corrections by way of non-correctional specialties.

    Ans: Counselors, mental health and medical personnel, accountants, personnel specialists, maintenance staff, food service workers, computer specialists, and others.

    25. What are some of today's sources of new employees for entry-level correctional positions?

    Ans: College programs in criminal justice, corrections, and sociology.

    26. What is it that ensures the continued existence of an organization of any kind whether engaged in the delivery of a product or a service?

    Ans: The ability to appropriately respond to some particular societal need.

    27. Identify three characteristics of Likert's "job organization system."

    Ans: Repetitive work is dominant; advanced and detailed approach to management; jobs defined in detail; entire system can be controlled fairly closely; depends on economic motives.

    28. Identify three characteristics of Likert's "cooperative motivation system."

    Ans: Variable work dominates; management is less refined; jobs are not readily definable in detail; specific controls over activity are not possible to any great extent; depends on individual enthusiasm and motivation.

    29. What sustains an activity functioning under the job organization system; that is, what keeps it moving?

    Ans: People who show up for work primarily because they are paid to do so.

    30. Name an activity within corrections that may indicate the presence of the cooperative motivation system.

    Ans: The custodial or security department of a confinement facility or the work of a probation officer.

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