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  1. privileged communication
  2. civil liability
  3. the officer should evaluate
  4. penalties for excessive use of force
  5. criminal act
  6. evidence
  7. fruits of a crime
  8. juvenile Assessment Detention Center
  9. limitation of inmate right
  10. f s
  11. values
  12. sovereign immunity
  13. instrument calities of a crime
  14. Prea
  15. Florida Statute 943 point 12
  16. civil rights violations
  17. Florida Statute 943 13
  18. physical evidence
  19. criminal justice professionalism program
  20. qualified immunity
  21. probable cause
  22. probation
  23. liability criminal
  24. professionalism
  25. parole
  26. 4thamendment
  27. circumstantialevidence
  28. documentary evidence
  29. testimony evidence
  30. First Amendment
  31. felony
  32. 6th amendment
  33. direct evidence
  34. FDLE
  35. 8th amendment
  36. seizure
  37. HIPAA
  38. organization
  39. chain of custody
  40. Fifth Amendment
  41. torts
  42. liabilities for excessive use of force
  43. stereotyping
  44. reasonable force
  45. professionalism requires
  46. misdemeanor
  47. search
  48. chain of command
  49. FAC
  50. corrections
  51. ethics
  52. negligence
  53. introduction of contraband
  54. insubordination
  55. Baker Act
  56. officers duty to protect yourself and others
  57. band contraband
  58. criminal justice
  59. correctional officer
  60. correctional officer is to model
  61. such a Tory authority for the use of force to prevent escape
  62. acting within the scope of employment
  63. Bill of Rights
  64. community control
  1. a right to freedom of expression, freedom from over crowded conditions, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and freedom to worship and exercise religious beliefs also right to exercise fresh air adequate medical treatment and the ability to send and receive mail
  2. b Florida Statute
  3. c refers to the structure, function, and decision-making processes of those agencies that deal with the management and control of crime and criminal offenders
  4. d the guarantees the right to a speedy and public trial, to counsel, to an impartial jury
  5. e behavior that demonstrates good character and is marked by pride and self and career
  6. f CJPP
  7. g documentation of every individual who handled evidence as well as the win win what changes if any were made
  8. h criminal liabilities, civil liability is, federal civil rights liabilities, administrative liabilities
  9. i refers to the range of responsible and foreseeable activities that an officer does while carrying out the agency's business
  10. j primary responsibilities of a commission
  11. k directly prove the fact without interference or some s***
  12. l anything that prove or disprove the fact in a judicial case for disciplinary hearing
  13. m juvenile suspect that taken to a center for processing impossible pretrial detention
  14. n to defend himself and others, to prevent a person from escaping, to prevent damage to property, to quell a disturbance, to overcome physical resistance, to administer medical treatment
  15. o prohibits unreasonable search and seizure
  16. p printed or written evidence such as a call out log, written property receipt, letters, or recording
  17. q the minimum requirements and standards that person must meet before becoming certified as officers
  18. r deadly force to prevent the escape of inmates
  19. s freedom of speech, the press, and religion, and the right to peacefully assemble
  20. t release of an inmate from a correctional institution prior to the conclusion of the court imposed sentence
  21. u defined as the active taking possession of contraband or evidence for a violation of rule or law
  22. v Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  23. w according to the US Constitution all people stand equal for the law and therefore share certain rights such asamendments
  24. x protects the officer from personal liability agencies may pay for, compensatory damages up to a certain amount
  25. y Defined as governmental intrusion into a place where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy
  26. z is a court order sentient that place is a person under the supervision of
  27. aa intentional, such as battery or want food or intentional such as negligence
  28. ab Florida Administrative Code
  29. ac known as the Florida Mental Health Act provides for emergency services and temporary detention for evaluation and voluntary or involuntary short term community and patient
  30. ad verbal evidence elicited from a witness, victim, or
  31. ae responsibility for wrongful act for the failure to do an act that an officer has a duty to perform that India is another personal property and most often involves negligence
  32. af professional behavior and perform his or her job to the best of his ability
  33. ag comprises anything gained or obtained by committing a crime
  34. ah prisons federal and state, County Jail, treatment and Evaluation Center, probation, a row, and community control
  35. ai any criminal offence punishable under the laws of this state by a term of imprisonment for less than one year in a County Correctional Facility
  36. aj the order of a authority within an organization
  37. ak as addressed by Florida statute, lawsuit against individual or the agency, both civil and criminal liability, sanctions imposed by the employment agency and CJ STC
  38. al define as anything used to commit a crime
  39. am fair probability are reasonable grounds to believe that a crime was committed, based on the totality of the circumstances
  40. an any criminal offense punishable under the laws of this state by death or imprisonment in a state facility for a period exceeding one year
  41. ao prohibits excess of bells and fines, and cruel and unusual punishment
  42. ap Prison Rape Elimination Act
  43. aq a group of two or more people who cooperate to accomplish and objective or multiple
  44. ar health insurance portability and accountability
  45. as 2materials objects such as weapons, drugs, our money
  46. at means any person who is appointed are employed full-time by the states or any political subdivision thereof, or by any private entity which has contracted with the state or county, and whose primary responsibility is the supervision, protection, care, custody, and control, or investigation, of image was in a correctional institution
  47. au is best known for prohibiting compelled self incrimination
  48. av most likely communication between an inmate in an attorney
  49. aw that an officer respect the people he or she serves and maintain a personal commitment to the continued development of his or her skills in the pursuit of excellence
  50. ax house arrest, is a form of community supervision that is closely monitored and is restrictive than probation or parole
  51. ay defined as the type and amount of force that the officer reasonably believed to be necessary to overcome resistance
  52. az principles, standards, or qualities consider it worthwhile or desirable
  53. ba is defined as an Evo towards tized article or any of Swords hi article in excessive quantities all altered from its intended purpose
  54. bb violation of the law
  55. bc list of circumstances and requirements that must be met before the agency or any of its employees can be sued in a state court action
  56. bd occurs when an officer is found guilty of committing a crime
  57. be is making a generalization about a person or group
  58. bf a very serious offense failure to follow all of our orders from supervisors
  59. bg is a crime punishable by ss 94 4.47 that designates the introduction, taking, are sending of articles define does contraband into a correctional facility as a felony offense
  60. bh defined as the principles of Honor, morality, and accept it rolled of conduct that directed individual or group
  61. bi based on in for its not on personal knowledge to oxidation and is presumed to be true
  62. bj failure to use do or reasonable care, in a situation where an officer has a duty to act, that results in harm of another
  63. bk is it on full unlawful interference with the fundamental rights of another person such as the right to due process and equal protection under the law
  64. bl his or her behavior strengths and weaknesses