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  1. A complicated and continually expanding network of restrictions and requirements
  2. Ans: The custodial or security department of a confinement facility or the work of a probation officer.
  3. Ans: Counselors, mental health and medical personnel, accountants, personnel specialists, maintenance staff, food service workers, computer specialists, and others.
  4. The high cost of max security confinement have been driving agencies towed increased utilization of med- and low- security facilities
  5. Ans: b
    Page 2
    Chap 1
  6. Ans: The ability to appropriately respond to some particular societal need.
  7. Ans: They provided only custodial care in a high-security setting.
  8. Ans: Security.
  9. Ans: b
    Pg 10
    Chap 1
  10. Ans c
    Pg 4
    Chap 1
  11. Motion sensors in the ground; detectors woven into the fencing; microwave detection devices; vibration-sensitive detectors; closed circuit vidio.
  12. Ans: College programs in criminal justice, corrections, and sociology.
  13. Ans: The attitude and behavior of the supervisor can have a significant effect on the group's outlook and effort; the supervisor is a single person who can affect the morale and motivation of a number of people.
  14. Ans: It is believed that the use of prison labor infringes on the employment opportunities of civilian workers.
  15. Ans: d
    Pg 6
    Chap 1
  16. Ans: a
    Pg 4
    Chap 1
  17. The supervisor's obvious satisfaction and fulfillment will be a positive example for the group members.
  18. Change
  19. Ans: Variable work dominates; management is less refined; jobs are not readily definable in detail; specific controls over activity are not possible to any great extent; depends on individual enthusiasm and motivation.
  20. Ans: d
    Pg 5
    Chap 1
  21. Ans: c
    Pg 6
    Chap 1
  22. Ans: c
    Page: 3
    Chap: 1
  23. Ans: Repetitive work is dominant; advanced and detailed approach to management; jobs defined in detail; entire system can be controlled fairly closely; depends on economic motives.
  24. Ans: People who show up for work primarily because they are paid to do so.
  25. Ans: a
    Pg 12
    Chap 1
  26. Ans: Management structures are generally becoming leaner and empowerment is the only practical way to expand and extend the leader's effectiveness.
  27. A wall-top wire that would sound an alarm if it was disturbed in an escape attempt; technology that is now obsolete
  28. There is essentially no difference between empowerment and the concept of delegation properly applied.
  29. They are facing budget problems and cannot afford to hire staff
  30. Ans: b
    Pg 6
    Chap 1