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  1. Personal
  2. If you appear to lack confidence
  3. Complacency
  4. Correctional officers
  5. Failure to address violations by inmate may result
  6. Three stages of situational awareness
  7. Posture
  8. Lack of stamina, agility, and mobility
  9. Positioning
  10. The officer must handle ea situation
  11. Four categories of stress
  12. By applying situational awareness
  13. An officer should come to work
  14. Controlled Behavior
  15. Personal stress
  16. Ofc may use positioning, posture, observing, and listening
  17. The duties do CO are often
  18. Situational awareness
  19. Self-induced
  20. Work-related
  21. Officers should always project a
  22. Inmates may challenge an Ofc's authority
  23. Observing
  24. Ofc must be aware that failure to be alert
  25. Command presence
  26. Stress
  27. Safety and security
  28. Environmental
  29. Active Listening
  30. An Ofc should be willing to communicate and use good listening skills to
  31. Is an Ofc's worst enemy
  32. Another aspect of an Ofc's preparation is being in
  33. The Ofc must address violations according
  1. a Shift work, supervisors, coworkers, contact with the general public, court appearances, performance standards
  2. b Holding your body in such a way as ro show your strength, cinfidence, interest and control
  3. c Placing yourself in a tactically advantageous location to observe what is occurring in an area
  4. d Family issues, health, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, financial atutions, and academic stndards
  5. e Demonstrates confidence and controll by avoiding such distracting behaviors as foot tapping, nail biting, and fidgeting
  6. f Are the first lineof defense against violence, security breaches, and other safety hazards.
  7. g Fairly, and consistently, while remaining professional
  8. h Physically demanding
  9. i An awareness of any occurrence or activity erratic mood changes, emotional outburst, acting out, threatening behavior and changes in inmates energy levels that may signify safety and security problems
  10. j To policy.
  11. k Ofc's knowledge and understanding of the totality of circumstances, which help facilitate effective decision making
  12. l Learned skill that Ofc use to quickly determine the context, threat, and relevance of events unfolding around them by paying attention to volumn, pitch, tone, and inflection
  13. m In inmates' behaviors escalating into a more problem and potential disciplinary actions against the Ofc and inmate
  14. n Can inhibit an Ofc's ability to protect him/herself as well as coworkers
  15. o Can be particularly distracting because a number of factors putside the facility can affect an Ofc'sfocus
  16. p Confident, competent and capable demeanor
  17. q Can jeopardize the safety of the Ofc, general public, and the inmates
  18. r Environmental, personal, work-related, and self-induced
  19. s When evaluating a situation
  20. t Being alert, identifying a potential threat, and responding to a threat
  21. u Projects an image of confidence in your skills and abilities
  22. v By committing minor infractions
  23. w Avoid conflict as much as possible
  24. x Complacency
  25. y Can affect an Ofc's focus and attention to detail, which can negatively influence decision making
  26. z The Ofc will alaways be alert for potentional threats, and rapidly respond to incidents before they escalate beyond control
  27. aa Well-rested and physically ready to perform his or her duties
  28. ab Is a comfortable or relaxedstate of mind, which lulls the Ofc into false sense of safety and security
  29. ac Inmates will attempt to manipulate or deceive you
  30. ad Weather, noise level, lighting conditions, crowded areas
  31. ae Personal attitudes towards work, perception of others, and work or academic goals
  32. af Begins with a professional attitude
  33. ag Good physical shape