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  1. approx. ___ percent of incarcerated women have children
  2. Performance IQ (PIQ)
  3. what is the most widespread of the psychotic disorders?
  4. high doses of amphetamines can produce symptoms mimicking _________ by stimulating the secretion of _________.
  5. parnens patriae means _______
  6. Mental deficient are those at any level below the ______ ______ cutoff IQ score of 80.
  7. Verbal IQ (VIQ)
  8. estimates are that juveniles commit about _______ of all child molestation in the United States.
  9. schizophrenia affects as much as __ percent of the population
  10. what is the most serious and most typical type of schizophrenics?
  11. female offenders are involved in inmate codes like male prisoners. (true or false)
  12. mental deficiency does not necessarily have to mean mental retardation. (true or false)
  13. there has been a steady decline in Juvenile offending since ____.
  14. in 2003 more than ___ % of elderly arrest were for alcohol-related offenses or petty theft. the males for the _______ arrest and the women for the __________.
  15. review of castration studies of men with high pre-surgery recidivism show post-surgery recidivism rates in the ______ percent range.
  1. a true
  2. b the process schizophrenics
  3. c one-half
  4. d information
  5. e 75
  6. f "dull normal"
  7. g 1
  8. h false
  9. i schizophrenia
  10. j 1994
  11. k father of his country
  12. l 2-to-3
  13. m 85%, drinking, petty theft
  14. n picture completion
    picture arrangement
    block design
    object assembly
    coding (or mazes)
  15. o psychosis, dopamine