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  • At least ___ % of American prison inmates are alcohol and/or drug addicted


    alcohol is a depressant drug that affects our ________ by inhibiting the functioning of the higher ________ centers

    behavior, brain

    ethanol alcohol is broken in the liver by the enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase into a molecule called ___________


    the best known mutual self-help group is _________ ________.

    alcoholics anonymous (AA)

    Disulfiram (antabuse) treatment is what kind of therapy? (it can be very useful)

    an aversion therapy

    most drug related rimes are crimes committed to obtain money to buy ______.


    the drug enforcement administration defines drug addiction as _______ _____- _______ _______where acquiring and using a drug becomes the most important activity in the user's life.

    compulsive drug-seeking behavior

    what is the complaint of most drug abusers?

    lack of love and warmth in their homes.

    cocaine addiction is difficult to treat because use of the drug is so rewarding; the rewards are:

    it quickly, powerfully and most importantly, directly affects the brain's pleasure receptors.

    ______________ or "speed" is the most dangerous of all illegal drugs in terms of its psycho-pharmacological association with violence.


    what is the best known and widely used drug therapy?

    methadone maintaince

    researchers estimated that ___ million arrestees are at risk of drub abuse or dependence.


    we find that several million crimes could be averted if current __________ __________ were suspended and all at-risk arrestees were tested.

    eligibility limitations

    _______ communities are total treatment environments isolated from the rest of society, as far as is practical.


    therapeutic communities are considered to be the most successful of drug rehabilitation programs (true or false)


    the common assertion that "there is nothing sexual about rape" may not be politically correct, but it ignores the fact that if intercourse were accomplished, the _________ component of the act is the only one of which we can be sure.


    what notion is the clinical perspective of rape or rapist tied to?

    that rape is primarily motivated

    the clinical perspective is .......

    the perspective of those engaged in the assessment and treatment of rapiest.

    Lee Ellis supplies evidence to support his belief that rape is _________ __________ and that agressiveness and dominating behavior exhibited by rapist reflect tactics rather than ________.

    sexually motivated, goals

    a penile plethysmograph measures what?

    peniel response

    the plethysmograph is like a ________ ________ gauge.

    blood pressure

    the penile plethysomograph measures the pressure of blood in the penile to determine how _______ _______ subjects become.

    sexually excited

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