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  • A(n) __________ occurs just before the drive tires lose traction during acceleration.

    incipient spin.

    Some vehicles have enhancement to the conventional braking system called __________ system.

    anti-lock braking.

    Using the shuffle steering technique allows the

    caster effect to work for officers rather than against them.

    A(n) __________ skid happens just before the tires lose traction during braking. The tires lock, causing loss of steering control and a skid.


    Loss of traction causes loss of

    vehicle control as the tires skid or slide on the road surface.

    __________ is the result of the friction a vehicle's tires create on the road surface.


    A __________ results from loss of both rolling friction and traction.


    __________ is when a vehicle's tires constantly rotate on the road surface without losing contact.

    rolling friction

    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is now

    standard equipment on late model vehicles.

    __________ system electronically monitors and controls each of the wheels during braking to keep them from locking.

    anti-lock braking.

    __________ is looking in the desired direction of travel to avoid an obstacle and steering in that direction.


    A __________ results when the wheels lock and do not turn while the vehicle is moving.


    If the tires begin to spin (when accelerating), the officer will immediately __________; this stops the tires from spinning.

    release the accelerator

    Proper acceleration is best done in

    a smooth, straight line using steady pressure.

    When a driver applies a steady __________ pressure to the brake pedal, the computerized ABS automatically slows and stops the vehicle.


    To stop a vehicle equipped with ABS quickly, an officer will apply the brakes __________ to engage the ABS. The officer will feel the brake pedal pulsing, which is a normal condition indicating that the vehicle is in ABS mode.


    When an emergency (hard or sudden) stop is required,

    ABS and non-ABS operate differently.

    Weight transfer and centrifugal force __________ influence a skid.


    Loss of traction is the result of loss of __________, which causes loss of vehicle control as the tires skid or slide on the road surface.

    rolling friction

    With proper braking technique, the driver presses the brake pedal with __________ pressure, to slow or stop as quickly as possible.


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