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  • Most law enforcement vehicles rest on four, __________-inch squares (known as the tire contact patch).


    Under poor road conditions or in inclement weather, officers should use the __________ rule.


    Vehicles __________ to road conditions.


    __________ affects the degree of pitch, roll, and yaw that a vehicle experiences.

    vehicular stability.

    __________ and distribution occurs when a vehicle's speed changes and influences the vehicle's handling ability.

    weight transfer.

    __________ is a type of vehicular motion which occurs during acceleration or braking. It causes the transfer of a vehicle's weight from front to rear or rear to front.


    Vehicles __________ to natural forces.


    __________is a type of vehicular motion. It is the transfer of a vehicle's weight causing an end-to-end motion resulting in the vehicle turning 180 degrees on a horizontal plane.


    If an officer understands the Laws of __________ from physics, then that officer can better understand the forces acting on a stopped or moving vehicle.


    As an officer applies the brakes,

    weight transfers in the direction the vehicle is travelling-forward or backward.

    Officers should use the __________ rule when traveling in inclement weather, fog, or smoke.


    Traveling at higher than normal rates of speed, driving during emergency responses, or traveling with other responding units require the __________ rule.


    The acceleration of an object is __________ proportional to the net force on that object and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.


    __________ is a type of vehicular motion which occurs when turning. This shifts the vehicle's weight from side to side.


    Vehicles __________ to driver input.


    The higher a vehicle's center of gravity, the __________ its stability.


    Once set in motion, a vehicle continues to

    move in a straight line unless an outside force compels it to do otherwise.

    Oncoming headlights/streetlights, hazards and debris, and construction areas all make for situations that call for application of the __________ rule.


    A small car with __________ horsepower accelerates more rapidly than a large car with __________ horsepower.


    As a vehicle's tracking width decreases,

    so does its stability.

    There are __________ types of vehicular motion.


    An officer should be sure to

    load all equipment (in the patrol vehicle) in such a way to distribute weight evenly.

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