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  • While inspecting the police vehicle's engine, the officer should

    be aware of unusual sounds, smells, or other indicators that may warrant further inspection of the vehicle.

    Belts, hoses, and __________ are essential for the safe operation of the police vehicle and should be inspected each day before operating the vehicle.


    After completing a check for leaks with the engine running (during inspections of the police vehicle), can the officer then turn the engine off?


    What contents should be in the trunk of an officer's vehicle? Choose all that apply.

    ~ tire tool.
    ~spare tire.
    ~ vehicle jack.

    When inspecting the police vehicle, the officer should

    ensure that all the trunk๏ฟฝs contents are properly restrained; shifting equipment may damage the vehicle or change the way it handles.

    check the rear view mirror to see if it is securely attached or if it is cracked or broken.

    Vision supplies approximately __________ percent of incoming data to a driver.


    A good-looking exterior does not

    guarantee proper vehicle operation.

    What driving tips should officers follow to prevent accidents? Choose all that apply.

    ~scan far enough ahead to be able to react safely to approaching situations.

    The inspection of the __________ (in the police vehicle) includes terminal connections, water levels (if applicable), and signs of damage to its exterior.


    Will storing long guns, long-handled tools, and other equipment across the width of the trunk prevent or eliminate protrusion into the passenger compartment or gas tank if the police vehicle is hit in the rear?


    When inspecting the engine of the police vehicle (with the vehicle running), the officer should look under the vehicle (standing __________ of the vehicle) to check for leaks.

    to the side.

    When inspecting the police vehicle, __________ should be observed for fraying and binding and to make sure the clasp locks properly.

    seat belts.

    Windshield washer, coolant reservoir, power steering, brake, transmission and engine oil are examples of what kind of levels that need to be checked (when inspecting a police vehicle)?

    fluid level.

    When can the officer start the police vehicle's engine (for inspection)?

    after the initial inspection.

    During inspections of the police vehicle, should the officer check under the vehicle for any potential leaks while the engine is running?


    __________ is sharpness of vision.


    The communications and emergency equipment installed in a police vehicle put a

    tremendous strain on the battery.

    If an officer must stop abruptly, unsecured items

    become severe hazards in the police vehicle.

    When inspecting the police vehicle, an officer should examine levels of fluid that are under the vehicle's hood and identify the proper fluid levels according to the __________ recommended levels before moving the vehicle.

    vehicle manufacturer's.

    Before and after every shift and after every transport, officers must

    check under the back seat for possible weapons or contraband left in the police car by suspects.

    When inspecting the police vehicle, the officer should observe __________ for visible damage and see if they react properly to input.


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