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  1. early
  2. vehicle dynamics, vehicle handling, and traction control.
  3. centripetal force.
  4. affect acceleration and the handling of the vehicle.
  5. constant radius.
  6. early
  7. centrifugal force.
  8. decreasing radius.
  9. force the vehicle out of a driver's travel lane or off the road, and it can cause the vehicle to roll over in extreme conditions.
  10. increasing radius.
  11. always brake before turning and then steer into the turn.
  12. apexing
  13. attempt to brake and steer at the same time (when entering a turn or corner).
  14. a vehicle changes direction.
  15. center
  16. late
  17. late
  18. late
  19. apex
  20. less/more
  21. inside.
  22. radius
  23. constant radius.