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  1. performance.
  2. decelerate.
  3. brakes
  4. intersections
  5. observation
  6. at a slight angle.
  7. should not
  8. two-second.
  9. ~ head-on collision.
    ~rear-end collision.
    ~accidents caused by improper backing.
  10. two-second
  11. halfway
  12. ~soft objects( ex: bushes or small trees or fences)
    ~objects moving in the same direction ( including another vehicle)
    ~a fixed object (ex: tree or sign or parked car)
  13. same
  14. two-second.
  15. reading the road.
  16. firmly grip the wheel and steer smoothly and steadily back onto the roadway.
  17. many effects on a vehicle's operation.
  18. slowing down
  19. to recognize a hazard makes a crash unavoidable.
  20. if the officer makes sure his or her vehicle passes the fixed point after counting two seconds, he or she is following at a safe distance.