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  1. driver away from.
  2. at or below the posted speed limit.
  3. determine whether the odor is coming from the patrol vehicle or from an outside source.
  4. ~pedestrians crossing streets at unlikely points.
    ~ drivers striking large animals.
  5. awareness.
  6. sound
  7. he or she can hear and see hazardous situations.
  8. other emergency vehicles(fire trucks, rescue vehicles, and police or other emergency vehicles responding to the same scene).
  9. result in inattention, loss of control, and even crashes.
  10. physical
  11. alignment
  12. night vision.
  13. safety hazard.
  14. ~frequent shift changes.
  15. touch
  16. depth perception.
  17. peripheral vision.
  18. steering.
  19. operating their police vehicles and have any nearsightedness or farsightedness corrected.
  20. color vision.
  21. hearing.
  22. grassy area.