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  1. 90-95
  2. guarantee proper vehicle operation.
  3. yes
  4. to the side.
  5. seat belts.
  6. fluid level.
  7. acuity.
  8. after the initial inspection.
  9. yes
  10. vehicle manufacturer's.
  11. battery
  12. yes
  13. check under the back seat for possible weapons or contraband left in the police car by suspects.
  14. ~scan far enough ahead to be able to react safely to approaching situations.
  15. wires
  16. be aware of unusual sounds, smells, or other indicators that may warrant further inspection of the vehicle.
  17. tremendous strain on the battery.
  18. gauges.
  19. ~ tire tool.
    ~spare tire.
    ~ vehicle jack.
  20. become severe hazards in the police vehicle.
  21. ensure that all the trunk�s contents are properly restrained; shifting equipment may damage the vehicle or change the way it handles.

    check the rear view mirror to see if it is securely attached or if it is cracked or broken.