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  1. immobilization
  2. fourth
  3. risk to the public or the officer (or other officers) outweighs the benefit of apprehending the violator.
  4. be positioned so the violator has sufficient time to stop.
  5. roadblock
  6. notify dispatch that he or she is initiating or terminating a pursuit.
  7. four
  8. no warning that the crash may occur, unless the use of deadly force is necessary.
  9. any police decision to start or continue a pursuit is subject to court review under the doctrine of negligence, not just as a use of force under the Fourth Amendment.
  10. keep in contact with the dispatcher and other assisting units during the entire
  11. driving methods to accommodate nighttime conditions.
  12. agencies, but prompt reporting is always required.
  13. ~ the violator crashes.
    ~the officer crashes.
  14. duty to protect the public when choosing to continue a pursuit.
  15. non-police equipment to block a roadway, and they should never remain seated in vehicles used to obstruct the roadway.
  16. areas that provide a clear view of the roadblock from both sides and highways, streets, or roads.
  17. available emergency equipment during a pursuit.
  18. an officer or agency has no duty to guarantee a person's safety unless a special relationship exists between the police and that person.
  19. must be notified of any changes or additional help needed.