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  1. always control their vehicles by using proper steering, braking, and accelerating techniques.
  2. physiological.
  3. F.S.s 316.126(1)
  4. the dispatcher and other responding units when driving in emergency mode.
  5. must
  6. F.S.s 316.072(5)(a)1
  7. pursuit.
  8. 316.003(1)
  9. ensure that they adhere to due regard for the safety of others when requesting right of way.
  10. F.S.s 316.072(5)(b)
  11. factors associated with the response, not on extraneous factors such as concerns about working citizens during the night hours, inconvenience to traffic, etc.
  12. see his or her car in both the rear and side mirrors.
  13. agency policy.
  14. left
  15. physiological.
  16. agency policy and Florida Statues, as well as current conditions and circumstances.
  17. see the officer's lights in the rearview mirror.
  18. physiological.
  19. F.S.s 316.271(6)
  20. drive with due regard for safety of all persons, nor do they protect the driver from the consequences of his or her reckless disregard for the safety of others.
  21. F.S.s 316.126(3)