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  1. tires
  2. impair his or her vision.
  3. do some repairs to their assigned vehicle, instead of calling a mechanic.
  4. rear
  5. drivers
  6. emergency
  7. dents
  8. must
  9. before and after.
  10. make a vehicle difficult to handle.
  11. undercarriage.
  12. pounds per square inch.
  13. agency policy.
  14. no
  15. check for a dirty windshield, which could impair observation ability.

    check for fluid leaks visible on the ground under the vehicle.
  16. front
  17. under the hood.
  18. inspect the rims on the police vehicle for dents, cracks, or damage to the bead.
  19. not pull out the object but allow the dealer or maintenance personnel to handle the removal.
  20. intentional.