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  1. REQUIRED restrictions and endorsements will be listed on the
  2. check the __________ of the road and the shoulder to ensure that you and violator are far enough off the road so other vehicles can pass
  3. other JUSTIFICATIONS for a traffic stop would be to
  4. One ticket consist of _____copies
  5. Step 3
  6. Step 9
  7. Florida's DHSMV issues:
  8. If an officer encounters a person who appears to be impaired or in medical distress, that officer must
  9. NO circumstances justify an officer acting in an
  10. In Florida card types and license classes are idendtified by
  11. Class A
  12. when running a specialty tag, an officer should
  13. License for drivers UNDER the age of 21 are formattesd
  14. Step 2
  15. sometimes a _______________ ______________ or _____________ minimizes officers and violators conflict
  16. Step 1
  17. According to s. 322.15 of the Florida Statues, All people
  18. if immediately stopping the driver may endanger you or other motorists:
  19. It is Unlawful to drive in Florida with a
  20. stopping on an UPGRADE may cause a
  21. Class E LEARNERS
  22. what class is BLUE:
  23. what class is GREEN:
  24. because language barriers can impede your commuinication ability, you must determine the drivers
  25. Drivers must show Florida Dsriver's Licenses upon demand of a
  26. by conducting a PROPER and PROFESSIONAL traffic stop
  27. Florida is becoming
  28. The CHARGE for driving with a suspended, revoked, cancelled, or disqualified license may be a
  29. officer- driver interaction begins when the officer signals the
  30. a license ENDORSEMENT (definition)
  31. The white copy of the ticket goes to?
  32. in an assigned zone; officers must be familiar with
  33. The yellow copy of the ticket goes to the?
  34. License are issued after
  35. Step 5
  36. Class B
  37. TWO other informational alerts:
  38. EXPLANATIIONS of the restrictions and endorsements are the
  39. for drivers authorized to OPERATE A MOTORCYCLE, the following endorsement will appear on the
  40. when stopped; traffice violators typically REACT with
  41. may all affext traffic flow by SLOWING drivers and CAUSE CONGESTION
  42. certain roadways and traffic conditions INCREASE the potential for particular traffic violations: these include
  43. when dealing with a particularly DISRESPCTFUL driver
  44. Class E
  45. a traffic stop BEGINS the moment an officer observes
  46. Examples of endorsements include authorization to drive
  47. if the driver's license is CONFISCATED due to suspension, mutilation, revocation, or altered; the officer should
  48. This behavior is ILLEGAL and will not be tolerated in law enforcement
  49. Class E Learner: THREE MONTHS after issuance of the learner license, the driver may drive from
  50. some _____________ consider bias-based policing to include:
  51. Restrictions (printed on a driver's license)
  52. 14th Amendment guarantees:
  53. if working in STATIONARY MODE
  54. a PROFESSIONAL LEO must not let
  55. Informational Alerts
  56. officers MAY stop a vehicle if reasonable suspicion exists that a
  57. a GENUINE international driver's license LOOKS
  58. Minority
  59. when selecting the safest/ proper location to make a stop, cosider:
  60. Restriction Examples
  61. LEO work is stressful, but
  62. violators do not thank the officer for the citation; they thank the officer for
  63. specified uses and restrictions: EXAMPLES: some tags are limited to commercial or gov't vehicles, ehile others are:
  64. Department of Hhighway safety and motor vehicles (DHSMV)
  65. Florida license plates and the UTC procedures manual can be found at the
  66. The ticket book itself houses ______ total tickets
  67. Traffic flow
  68. The pink copy goes with the?
  69. Class C
  70. try to pull off onto a _________ ____________ or a slight downgrade
  71. The license also may not be
  72. Step 8
  73. minorities frequently BELIEVE that they are
  74. complete and accurate dispartch information is especially important for officer safety it ALLOWS
  75. There are _________ current versions of the Florida Driver's License
  76. if you are en route to an emergency call or in-progress crime or are transporting a prisoner, STOPPING a traffic violator is not prudent; ON THE OTHER HAND:
  77. discriminatory/bias-based policing
  78. Plan the stop in an area that
  79. to minimize negative and potentially unsafe traffic stops: officers should follow the established professional agency protocol and do the following
  80. Another component of licenses is the NOTATION
  81. what class is Red:
  82. examples of informational alerts
  83. According to TITLE 18, SECTION 242 of the U.S. Code anyone who
  84. Some SPECIALIZED tags must have additional ________________ characters or descriptions not preprinted on the tag
  85. becuase of PAST UNEQUAL TREATMENT of minorities, most LEO agencies across the Country now require
  86. Title 18: Section 242 If DEATH results..... .shall be fined under this title:
  87. Step 4
  88. an officer will need to inspect ____________ _____________ to obtain required information, including the expiration date
  89. while majority of SPECIALIZED tags are
  90. officers SHOULD NOT make a stop on a
  91. to AVOID communicaton barriers, an officer must consistently exhibit professionalism and remeber to do the following:
  92. the officers FAMILIARITY with area roads is critical to
  93. A driver with a learner license MAY NOT operate a
  94. Step 6
  95. License for drivers OVER the age of 21 are formatted
  96. Unsafe conditions for a stop include
  97. Unkown risk traffic stops
  98. Step 7
  99. parking patrol vehicle: SAFE PLACES include
  100. emergency notification equipment includes
  101. Florida License plates are _____________ and ______________
  102. Title 18: Section 242 If BODILY INJURY results.......shall be fined under this title:
  103. what class is YELLOW:
  104. Your CONDUCT will mean the
  105. there are ____________ steps to initiating a stop
  106. In MAPP V. OHIO 367 s.s 643 (196) the supreme court:
  107. Class E Learner: INITIALLY DRIVE between the hours of
  108. take special caution when conducting stops in areas where CHILDREN are present, such as:
  1. a 1moving violation
    -dependong on the cirumstances that exit as per 322.34
  2. b signal an officer about a person's HEALTH CONDITION or PUBLIC SAFETY status
  3. c refers to a stop in which the potential risk of the situation is NOT KNOWN
  4. d DISPOSE of it according to AGENCY POLICY
  5. e may LIMIT a driver from operating certain types of motor vehicles or require that they meet certain conditions when driving any motor vehicle
  6. f 1standardized approach

    2 script
  7. g INTERACT with the driver
  8. h BACK of the license
  9. i every person within the U.S. has EQUAL PROTECTION under law
  10. j an officer can minimize negative and potentially unsafe results
  11. k "under color of any law, statue, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person....... to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the constitution or laws...... or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on or by reason of color, or race.... shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for no more than ONE YEAR or BOTH
  12. l call the emergency medical services IMMEDIATELY
  13. m required for drivers of STRAIGHT TRUCKS with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 26,001lbs or more
  14. n Manuever the patrol vehicle through traffic safely CATCHING UP to the violator, and determine at what point to safely make the stop
  15. o discriminatoy or bias-based policing
  16. p FRONT of the license
  17. q 1 greet driver and passenger politely
    2 maintain a pleasant expression
    3 command presence
    4 allow driver to talk
    5 do not argue with violator
    6 don't lecture
    7 keep detention time short
    8 end enteraction with a "thank you"
    9 give complete name and badge # upon request
    10 eliminat eracially- charged stereotypes
  18. r describes the SMALLER SEGMENT of a population that differs from the majority by one or more characteristics
  19. s -motorcycles
    -school buses
    -combination vehicleswith double or triple trailers
  20. t 9
  21. u -lighting
    -width of road and shoulder
    -traffic congestion
    -level of visibility
    -presence of hills and curves
  22. v WIDTH
    -this prevents crashes
  23. w increasingly diverse
  24. x four
  25. y Class D and E
  26. z -weather conditions
    -school zones
    -construction zones
    -neighborhood activities
  27. aa EGO or EMOTIONS interfere with their actions
  28. ab is limited to driving motor vehicles weighing LESS THAN 8,000 POUNDS. such driver must be with a licensed driver "21 years of age or OLDER" who occupies the CLOSEST seat RIGHT of the driver and the learner may initially drive ar certain hours
  29. ac Curve, ramp, crest of a hill, close to an exit ramp, or where road conditions could cause other vehicles to hit the patrol vehicle
  30. ad selecting a safe stopping location
  31. ae gives the driver a place to stop safely
  32. af motorcycle W/O motorcycle ENDORSEMENT
  33. ag Standard and Specialized vehicle TAGS
  34. ah OBSERVERS; any law enforcement action-not merely traffic stops- that target an individual based on a variety of group characteristics.
  35. ai required for drivers of trucks or truck combinations with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001lbs. or more, provided the TOWED VEHICLE IS MORE THAN 10,000lbs
  36. aj emergency lights. sirens, headlights, PA system, and horn,
  37. ak the courts
  38. al regular/specialty
  39. am the unequal treatment of any person including stopping, questioning, searching, detaining, or arresting a person.

    solely: or primarily because of the persons race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.
  40. an follow agency database requirements to enter the prefix
  41. ao required for drivers of vehicles transporting HAZARDOUS MATERIALS is sufficient amounts to require placards of vehicles designed to transport more than 15 PEOPLE (including the driver) and with a gross vehicle weight rating of LESS THAN 26,001lbs.
  42. ap faded, altered, multilated, or defaced
  43. aq unfairly treated by law enforcement officers, particulary with regard to TRAFFIC STOPS
  44. ar NOTIFY DISPATCH of the 10-50
  45. as -heavy traffic
    -or roadway conditions that do not allow room to pull over......making a stop on a LONG BRIDGE is unsafe for this reason
  46. at DHSMV's website:
  47. au the GENERAL speed and direction of vehicle or pedestian movement
  48. av suspended, revoked, cancelled, or disqualified license
  49. aw "VANITY" plates displaying the owner's nickname or commemrating a college, sports team or cause, some have specific uses and restrictions
  50. ax 775.21- Sexual PREDATOR
    943.0435- sexual OFFENDERS

    -displayed in the RIGHT HAND CORNER in BLACK!!!!
  51. ay time for criminal justice database check on the tag before you talk to the driver.
  52. az color headers
  53. ba required for drivers of ANY NON-COMMERCIAL motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight reting less than 26,001punds, including passenger cars, 15 paddenger vans, trucks, or recreational vehicles and two- or three wheel motor vehicle 50CC or LESS, such as mopeds or small scooters. Farmers and drivers of authorized emergency vehicles who are exempt from obtaining a commercial driver's license must obtain class E license
  54. bb embarrassment, anger, fear and excuses

    situation can be: TENSE
  55. bc -assist a motorists who is obviously LOST or whose vehicle has MECHANICAL TROUBLE
    - to INVESTIGATE a vehicle or occupant matching a BOLO DESCRIPTION
  56. bd vertically
  57. be CDL's (commmercial Driver License) Classes A,B,C
  58. bf the officer should choose a safe parking place for the patrol vehicle from which to monito vehicle movement and watch for traffic violations
  59. bg the state of Florida residents PASS the DHSMV TEST granting them the privilege to drive in FLorida
  60. bh LARGE VEHICLE to ROLL into the patrol vehicle
  61. bi of the class on the BACK of the License
  62. bj CONDUCT a VISUAL assessment of the violator's Vehicle
  63. bk imprisoned for ANY TERM of years or for LIFE or BOTH or sentenced to DEATH
  64. bl 6am and 7pm
  65. bm -someone who needs corrective lenses may be restricted from driving w/o them

    - someone hard of hearing may be required to wear hearing aids when driving

    - equipment required on a vehicle: such as, hand controls for a driver who does not have full use of their legs
  66. bn areas with a wide shoulder off the roadway, available parking areas, and areas with an unobstrucred view of oncoming traffic when entering the roadway
  67. bo LEVEL SPOT
  68. bp assigned based on the owner's status EX: State legislator or Firefighter
  69. bq 25
  70. br officers sworn to uphold the constitution and laws must consistently heed the laws they enforce
  71. bs older formats
  72. bt EXIT the patrol vehicle
  73. bu crimw was, is being, or is about to be committed.

    * if officer observe a violation for which a citation may be issued
  74. bv an event or reason that MERITS the stop
  75. bw driver to stop
  76. bx normal traffic flow, speed limits and where they change, and changes to traffic flow at different times of day
  77. by Violator
  78. bz ability to understand you when making a traffic stop.

    -many state drivers may not speak ENGLISH
  79. ca APPLY appropriate APPROACH TECHNIQUES
  80. cb school parking lots
  81. cc difference btwn BUILDING onto the bridge with the community and putting a GAP in that bridge
  82. cd driving in Florida must possess a valid driver's license from Florida , another state, or entity approved by the state of Florida or the u.s. gov't
  84. cf A diabetic person's license may display "INSULIN DEPENDENT" in RED PRINT!!!
  85. cg officers may be tempted to respond arrongantly
  86. ch is a special authorization printed on a florida driver's license PERMITTING a driver to drive certain types of vehicles or transport certain types of property or number of passengers
  87. ci 3
  88. cj you should NOT make the stop
  89. ck Prefix
  90. cl Identification Card
  91. cm 6am to 10PM
  92. cn -merge areas
    -acceleration lanes
  93. co imprisoned for no more than 10 YEARS or BOTH
  94. cp a reckless driver (316.192) who is IMMEDIATELY ENDANGERING the lives of other motorists and pedestrians may justify a STOP, even if stopping means abondoning the earlier call.
  95. cq Class E Learners license
  96. cr 1be patient
    2speak clearly
    3show respect
    4 take adequate time when speaking
    5 avoid talking down/deaming
    6listen carefully
    7refer to source in agency if unable to answer all of the violators questions
  97. cs treating them with respect, courtesy, and dignity
  98. ct declared that no state can limit this constitutional right; every person is entitled to be treated the same under similar circumstances
  99. cu FRONT of the driver's license UNDER the EXPIRATION DATE: "Motorcycle Also or Motorcycle Only"
  100. cv ACTIVATE EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT to communicate the stop to the driver
  101. cw SELECT a safe location to stop vehicle
  102. cx similar to a PASSPORT in contrast to a state-issued driver's license
  103. cy officer who wrote the ticket
  104. cz the Agency RESPONSIBLE for ISSUING driver's license, motor vehicle titles, license plates, and vessel registrations, as well as overseeing the Floida Highway patrol.
  105. da law enforcement officer or authorized representative of the department of highway safety and motor vehicles (DHSMV)
  106. db horizontally
  107. dc PARK the patrol vehicle
  108. dd officers to REPORT TRAFFIC DATA, which may include race and gender data on their traffic stops

    -this data assists agencies in investigating possible allegations of bias-based policing.
    -courts and laws: use this to DETECT and ELIMINATE unfair policing