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  1. Infractions
  2. endorsements
  3. speed
  4. front
  5. A permit granting the privilege to drive to a Florida resident who passes the DHSMV test
  6. is illegal and will not be tolerated in law enforcement.
  7. CLASS E-Learner
  8. informational alert
  9. criminal traffic
  10. A traffic stop position where the wheels of the police officer's patrol vehicle should be turned outward (toward the road); to provide cover from potential skipping rounds shot from the violator's vehicle or act as a potential cover position if required
  11. moving
  12. CLASS A
  13. vertically
  14. noncriminal violations
  15. DHSMV
  16. criminal traffic
  17. moving
  18. endorsement
  19. Uniform Traffic Control Law, Motor Vehicle Licenses and Registration, and Driver's Licenses
  20. suspended, revoked, cancelled, or disqualified license.
  21. moving
  22. A bluff safety technique in which an officer, after the suspect(s) and occupant(s) are out of the vehicle, checks for another hidden occupant
  23. bias-based
  24. three
  25. restrictions
  26. non-moving
  27. restriction
  28. horizontally
  29. Class D and E Licenses
  30. non-moving
  31. moving
  32. misdemeanor or felony.
  33. follow agency database requirements to enter the prefix.
  34. moving
  35. moving
  36. CLASS B
  37. Wording printed on a Florida driver license that signals an officer about a person's health condition or public safety status
  38. voluntary compliance
  39. he or she has no right to a trial by jury or court-appointed lawyer.
  40. informational alerts
  41. restriction
  42. non-moving
  43. call the Emergency Medical Services immediately.
  44. older
  45. The temporary detention of an individual in a vehicle by an officer for an investigative purpose
  46. 316, 320, and 322
  47. A designated area of disadvantage to the suspect vehicle driver or occupant often used for searching and securing
  48. criminal traffic
  49. color headers
  50. Class E Learner's License
  51. non-moving
  52. non-moving
  53. criminal traffic
  54. criminal traffic
  55. traffic stops
  56. Criminal Traffic Violations
  57. traffic-related criminal offense.
  58. non-moving
  59. non-moving
  60. non-moving
  61. Used in traffic stops in which the officer calls the driver to the patrol vehicle to acquire information instead of approaching the vehicle directly
  62. criminal
  63. moving
  64. agency policy.
  65. The plastic housing around the column's base that has been popped open, exposing the ignition bars that can be pulled forward to start the car; the key portion of the ignition key area has been removed, exposing the ignition bar
  66. non-moving
  67. similar to a passport in contrast to a state-issued driver's license.
  68. A type of traffic stop in which the potential risk of the situation is not known
  69. moving
  70. Non-Moving Violations
  71. A smaller segment of a population that differs from the majority in some characteristics
  72. moving
  73. criminal traffic
  74. restrictions
  75. Moving Violations
  76. criminal traffic
  77. commercial or government vehicles, while others are assigned based on the owner's status: e.g., state legislator or firefighter.
  78. The language printed on a Florida driver license that may limit a driver from operating certain types of motor vehicles or require that he or she meets certain conditions when driving any motor vehicle
  79. moving violation, misdemeanor, or felony depending on the circumstances.
  80. specialized
  81. violators pay a higher fine and may have points assessed against their driver's licenses.
  82. CLASS C
  83. moving
  84. impaired drivers under the influence of alcohol or chemical or controlled substances

    car theft and carjacking

    minors in possession of alcohol

    illegal weapons

    drug use or trafficking

    criminals fleeing crime scenes

    drivers with suspended licenses

    wanted persons and escaped prisoners

    uninsured motorists

    abused, kidnapped, and runaway children
  85. non-moving
  86. pink/red
  87. black
  88. moving
  89. moving
  90. Non-moving
  91. The unequal treatment of any person, including stopping, questioning, searching, detaining, or arresting a person, solely or primarily because of the person's race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status
  92. The general speed and direction of vehicle or pedestrian movement
  93. traffic stop
  94. CLASS E
  95. restrictions
  96. back
  97. crash or injury
  98. endorsement
  99. Every device, in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, excepting devices used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks
  100. restriction
  101. Commercial Driver License (CDL)-Classes A, B, and C
  102. criminal traffic
  103. public education and safer roads.
  104. A special authorization printed on a Florida driver's license permitting a driver to drive certain types of vehicles or to transport certain types of property or a certain number of passengers
  105. specialized