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  1. Muzzle
  2. Trigger Guard
  3. Heel
  4. Toe
  5. Magazine Cap
  6. Slide Release (Action)
  7. Ejection Port
  8. Loading Port
  9. Bolt Carrier
  10. Fore-end (Slide)
  11. Front Sight (Bead Sight)
  12. Shell Carrier
  13. Magazine Tube
  14. Receiver
  15. Barrel
  16. Extractor
  17. Grip
  18. Rear Sight
  19. Recoil Pad
  20. Stock
  21. Trigger
  22. Ejector
  23. Comb
  24. Bolt
  25. Butt
  26. Safety
  27. Shell Latches (stops)
  1. a bottom opening on the receiver that live rounds are fed into or removed from the
    magazine tube
  2. b stock's top edge where the shooter's cheek rests
  3. c located on the magazine tube's end and keeps the barrel in place
  4. d "small of the stock," just behind the receiver; the shooter uses the ___ and his or her shooting
    hand for control when firing or carrying it
  5. e part of the frame that protects the trigger
  6. f holds the trigger group and bolt assembly
  7. g located under the barrel and holds rounds
  8. h mechanical device that, when activated, releases the slide
  9. i bead or raised post on the front of the barrel used to bring the firearm into
    alignment for accuracy
  10. j opening on the side or bottom
    of the receiver; spent casings are ejected from it and live rounds are loaded into this port
  11. k wooden or polymer grip near the magazine
  12. l a butt plate, usually rubber, that reduces the effect of the shotgun's recoil or "kick"
  13. m part of the weapon attached to the receiver; a shooter places the ___ on his or her shoulder
    when firing
  14. n long cylinder-shaped tube through
    which the projectile travels from the chamber
  15. o two pieces of steel mounted on each side of the inside of the receiver at the
    magazine's rear; they help hold the cartridges in the magazine and release them one at a time when the
    action operates. They are also used to manually unload the shotgun.
  16. p slightly rounded steel part that blocks the loading port; catches rounds released from the
    magazine and raises them into alignment with the chamber
  17. q metal hook-shaped part mounted on the bolt; the hook engages the rim of the cartridge so
    that when the action is brought to the rear, the ___ removes the shell from the chamber.
  18. r piece of spring steel mounted on the
    inside left of the receiver; when the action pulls a shell to the rear, it compresses and then
    releases the ___ as the bolt goes past it
  19. s flat steel part that fits onto the
    action bars and on which the bolt sits
  20. t mechanical device that prevents a shooter from pulling the trigger and discharging the shotgun
  21. u barrel's front end
  22. v the bottom part of the butt
  23. w cylindrical steel part containing the
    firing pin and extractor, which closes the
    breech end of the barrel for firing
  24. x rear area of the stock that the shooter mounts against the shoulder for firing; normally covered
    with a metal or plastic ___ plate or a recoil pad
  25. y secondary aligning device located on the receiver or barrel that aligns with the front sight
    bead or post to bring the shotgun into alignment for accuracy
  26. z when pulled, this releases the sear (a part that holds the hammer in the cocked position) and
    activates the firing pin
  27. aa top corner of the but