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  1. holds the bolt to the rear when the charging handle is pulled to the rear and the lower portion is depressed; releases the bolt when the upper portion is depressed
  2. a button assuring that the bolt is locked
  3. provides a path for the fired bullet; its chamber holds the cartridge
  4. enables manipulation of the bolt to chamber a round
  5. metal loops affixed to the rifle/carbine to which a carrying strap attaches
  6. houses the bolt assembly group
  7. blocks the hammer from striking the firing pin; prevents firing (located on the left side of the weapon)
  8. housing for the magazine (internal part)
  9. part that enables shoulder support during firing
  10. contains the magazine release,
    magazine well, trigger housing, and trigger components
  11. attachment on the barrel's forward end that reduces the flash as burning
    powder escapes when the bullet exits the barrel
  12. permits removal of the magazine from the firearm
  13. enables the firearm to fire when pulled
  14. supports the cartridge at rest and during
    firing (internal part)
  15. grips and pulls the shell from the chamber
  16. contains the firing pin, spring, and extractor (internal part)
  17. enables separation of the upper receiver from the lower receiver and allows for
    fieldstripping and cleaning
  18. opening that permits the shell to exit the weapon (internal part)
  19. contains ammunition ready to be
  20. section consisting of the trigger, trigger springs, safety, and all firing mechanism parts
  21. used to support the rifle with
    the support hand; acts as a heat shield from the barrel
  22. expels the shell from the ejection port
    (internal part of the bolt)
  23. used to align the firearm to the bullet's point of impact
  24. part of the frame that protects the trigger
  25. the end of the stock
  26. enables the bolt to return after firing (internal part)